Music Video Creation


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Music Video Creation

  1. 1. Creating my music videoThroughout the process of making my music video, I took screen prints to showexactly how and what I was producing. I learnt how to use Premiere Elementseffectively having used it before, but it is good to see my progress throughout themaking of it. I began by inserting my music track (Super Duper Love) into the “Audio 1 frame”. I checked that the music played clearly before I did anything else, this was all fine. I then uploaded all of my clips into “Organize” and began to place them into the video 1 and audio 1 slot. It was difficult at first to get the timing right to the beat of the music but I soon got the hang of it. I then did a right click on the clip inserted and deleted the audio. This muted the sound from my original clip so that on top of the music was just the video. This made it easier to fit the clips into the video.
  2. 2. I continued to do this, adding in clips to the timeline and editing them to fit to the music. This was just a matter of concentration and commitment! I was getting my clips and dragging them across into the timeline from the Organize step, as I had uploaded them into here earlier on in the process. The editing process took some time. I used the scissors button to cut pieces of the clips out in order for them to fit into the music.All of the clips were safely in the timeline and editedto fit the music.
  3. 3. Now that the editing was finished it was time to edit! I experimented with the effects for the video by dragging them onto the clip in the timeline. It was important to not go too overboard with transitions and effects as it would lose the professional feel about it. There were all sorts you could do with the effects. For example- I looked at the spotlight effect, split screen effect and vintage effect. The only one I used in my video was the split screen. I also used colour enhancements too.When I was happy with my video, Ifirstly transported the file to mycomputer to be saved but then I alsouploaded it to you tube to then place inmy blog.