The Future of Magazines


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The Future of Magazines

  1. 1. Is there a future for magazines? I personally You can now don’t think read that there is a magazines, future for newspapers, magazines. and books As technology on new is becoming technology.Click iPad for Digital more E.g. iPad, Magazine Video advance, Kindle, PC. people would be able to access their magazines digitally.
  2. 2. How have audiencehabits changed when When I want to know the consuming media? latest news or find the latest music, I tend to go Do you feel consuming digital content has online on my laptop or on changed your reading habits? my phone. I have never in “Yes, many times I feel I’m dealing with my life brought a information overload. I tend to read less books or long in-depth articles – my first magazine. instinct is to scan headlines and check social networking news.” Cheryl, music producer, Singapore Click image for video
  3. 3. What has been the impact of this change on the magazine industry?
  4. 4. Magazi How are audience’s habits going to change the way in which magazines are consumed, produced, distributed today? People in the near future will be purchasing their magazines on the internet. The magazines will be made by the company of the magazine on a kind of software. The digital magazines will be sold on the internet, just like they would be done in a shop. They would be cheaper to sell over the internet as the company does not have to Click the image pay the costs for materials.above for a digital People can now also buy magazine magazines on digitalpublishing website. devices, like the Kindle and iPad.Digital Magazine Software |3DIssue.comwww.3dissue.comTurn any PDF into
  5. 5. What do audi ences thin k of mag azines? Magazine (Digital Copy) Magazine (Hard Copy) People enjoy the advertisements in magazines Most people that buy on digital devices, people say magazines (e.g. NME) are the “ads are much more younger generation. The interesting, and are much more audience read them like a eager to engage”. book, but mainly look for an They are easy to navigate and article they are personally last forever. The only thing interested in. Most people like people are worried about is “what if my device that I amthe pictures and like to read the reading my magazine runs out latest news in magazines. of battery when Im out”. They What most people don’t like is are very trustworthy and the long articles and some reliable. I personally would advertisements. prefer a digital magazine as I could take hundreds of them on just one device (e.g. Kindle)
  6. 6. I think that circulationfigures have droppedas more and morepeople are accessingtheir news on digitaldevices, mostly theinternet. To finish reading the article click on the picture bellow:
  7. 7. What will happen to the advertising in the magazines?As magazines are going digital, so will the advertisements.Video advertisements can be in digital magazines, this can be more fun and interactive for the audience."Readers feel that the ads are much moreinteresting, and are much more eager to engage with them because they are interactive" said Jeanniey Mullen “Digital Magazine Ads Grab More Attention than Print” Douglas Quenqua