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  1. 1. CONTENTS PAGEPOST-PRODUCTION Bradley Gale (Eggleton)
  2. 2. The first thing I did was the title/skyline type thing. I added my mastheadfrom the front cover to link the front cover and contents page together sothe look like they are from the same magazine. I also showed this by makingthe contents text white on a black background (like I did on the front cover).I have also used the same font.
  3. 3. I then added the issue number, the date, and the text ‘Inside This Week’. Ihave used the same font, and made the issue number and date white as it ison a black background. The text ‘Inside This Week’ I have made bold andblack to show contrast between this and the text ‘Contents’.
  4. 4. I Then added one story for my contents. I decided to have a large picture inthe middle as I wanted it to stand out, also I loved the colours (Greengrass, Red bricks). I made the main title for this story bold and larger than theinformation below it. I have also added a line down the page where I wouldlike my other stories to go. The page number ‘10’ I have done like theHeader (Contents) at the top of the page (White text, black background).
  5. 5. For the next article/story for the contents, I used a pull quote. I have laid itout the same as the other story on the contents. I used the pull quote frommy double page spread, so it would link it together. The quote is bold so itstands out. There is a brief description about the article/story below thequote. I have done the contents number ‘16’ just like the other one (Whitetext with a black background); links to the text ‘Contents’.
  6. 6. Then I added the next story/contents. I have tried to make it symmetrical tothe one on the opposite side of the page. I’ve made the page numberwhite with a black background (like the rest) to help it stand out and matchthe header ‘Contents’. I have also used a pull quote for this story/article/content to make it seem personal to the audience. I have also added abrief description about the story/article below.
  7. 7. I then added another medium sized story/content. I made the page number‘14’ white on a black background, this links to the front cover and the text‘Contents’. If you noticed I have made all the people in the pictures faceinto the middle of the page to keep your eye on the page. This picture Ihave used I have made fun, as it related to the story (fun facts about him).
  8. 8. I then added another large picture and some more lines to divide everythingup. The page number is white with a black background like the others. Ihave not used a pull quote this time as I wanted to make it look similar to theother large picture. The description on this story/content is a bit larger thanthe others as I wanted to fit a tad more in.
  9. 9. I added this small contents ‘PLUS’ section to make it seem different. I haveplaced a page number above each section of the content, e.g. I added’27’ above ‘UK TOP 40’. The page numbers are bold so that they stand out tothe reader/audience.
  10. 10. This is my own little subscribe section. I got this idea when I was doing myresearch. I made the background red as it matches my masthead (MFT). Ihave also added a small picture of the front cover as it is a magazinesubscription. I have made the text ‘Subscribe’ white with a black outline tohelp it stand out, and also to match the page numbers. I have also madethe text bold so it stands out.
  11. 11. This is the competition I advertised on the front cover. I have made thebackground yellow as it goes well with all the other colours on the page. Ihave added a small picture of the prize (iPhone 4) which I took myself (likeall of the other images). ‘WIN’ is in a white text with a black outline to linkwith all the other things like the page numbers. I have even added a littleApple logo as it is the brand of the prize to be won.
  12. 12. This is the completed contents page, overall I am quite happy with it. Ipersonally like the layout of it. The colours of the two little advert type thingsreally stand out and catch the eye. All the page numbers are clear and areall the same size (except those in the ‘plus’ section). My favourite part is thetop ‘NME CONTENTS’; very bold and eye-catching.