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Styles and techniques for Music Video


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  • 1. POPULAR MUSICPopular music is a genre in which you can have any genre of musichaving wide appeal normally for a short period of time.Example: Psy Gangnam Style. This was a popular song yet for a shortamount of time. The music video helped the song a lot due to the factthey had dance moves and the audience was able to join into it. Verysoon everyone knew the song and dance moves.
  • 2. IN CONCERT AND AS LIVE FOOTAGEWhere artists record live at concerts or gigs and then show footage in theremusic or even throughout there music video.Example: Wiley can you hear me. This has clips not only promoting theartist but also showing them in concert.
  • 3. ANIMATIONUsing fast movement showing a series of pictures and frames.Example: Blur coffee and TV this they have a milk cartoon moving. This is a great example ofanimation as it’s a still object moving by using different frames.
  • 4. INTERPRETIVEHow the viewer interoperates the music video.Example: The streets Blinded by the lights you listen to the music video you interoperate in different ways to themusic video.
  • 5. NARRATIVETo show the way in which the story is told.For example Beyoncé irreplaceable. show what she is going through when hes leaving and have a basicstory of how it happened. Also relates back to the lyrics.
  • 6. IMPRESSIONISTMaking a fantasy taking the audience away from reality.Example:
  • 7. SURREALISTVery similar to impressionist dream like and unreal elements :Example: Foo fighters Ever long
  • 8. PASTICHEIn a musical form consisting of a series of songs and other musicalelements and pieces from many sources.Example: Geri Hallowell its raining men
  • 9. PARODYParody is a creative way of making a humorous song by ‘making fun’ of theproduct. This can be used with an original piece of work an artist or atopic.Example Taylor Swift – I knew you were trouble.
  • 10. REFERENCINGTo reference a piece of music in a film.Example: Samantha Jade Step up
  • 11. HOMEPAGETo show respect to someone and something.This was shown in Chris Brown She aint you he wears and uses the same dance moves as Michael Jackson.
  • 12. LYRIC INTERPRETATIONHow the audience interoperate the music video.Example Drake started from the bottom:
  • 13. EXTENDING OR CONSOLIDATING A SONGS MEANINGChanging a song to become more suitable for one listener.Example: Britney Spears and Wil.iam scream and shout(clean version) makes it more appropriate for younger viewers.
  • 14. ALLUSIONWhen the audience is under allusion that something willhappen but the story changes at the end so its not as itfirst seemed.Example:Beyoncé if I were a boy
  • 15. LINKS TO OTHER ARTISTSReferencing other artists by using visuals or using them inthe lyrics.
  • 17. CUTTING TO THE BEATWhen shots are cut in time with the beat.Example: Offspring :Pretty fly for a white guy
  • 18. MIMING AND LIP SYNCINGPretending to sing the music by wording the lyrics to make it look like youare singing it.Example: Tynisha Kelli – I wish you loved me