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Front cover analysis [autosaved]
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Front cover analysis [autosaved]


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Published in: News & Politics, Technology

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  • 1. MASTHEAD SKYLINEThe masthead is one consonant ‘Q’ which is an The skyline is on a black background with white capital writing which are contrastingimpacting name for a magazine because it is so colours and suits the colours of the magazine without being overpowering. Lady Gaga’sshort. The sound ‘Q’ could also be a shortening hair is messy and therefore covers some of the skyline so there is a gap between thefor the word ‘queue’ as it sounds the same and sentence. I think this is really effective as it brings the image to the front and appearcould connote people queuing for the more 3D as well as reflecting Lady Gaga’s different style.magazine.The red background and white writing is verypowerful because it is almost like a warningsign catching the audience’s attention. Thecolour red is often thought as a sexy colour towear and therefore could reflect the image MAIN COVER IMAGELady Gaga and the magazine are trying to This is quite a revealing image compared to thecreate. NME magazine this is probably because the target audience is for slightly older more sophisticated people therefore they would appreciate this for its artiness rather than young boys who would just beMAIN COVER LINE interested because Lady Gaga isnt wearing much.This is in the centre of the magazine almostscreaming out to the audience for attention. The red tones in her cheeks enhance her face andThe main image is wrapped between the make her look more attractive and feminine with‘GAGA’ making her seem more 3D and cheek bones. The red colour is very strong in herhighlighting her body. cheeks and therefore ties in well with the red in the other features of the magazine. She is almostThe ‘GAGA’ is in a bigger font size to ‘Lady’ dressed as a crow with the long fingered glovesprobably because most people can recognise acting like claws and the spikes on her trousersher name by this part of it therefore you acting like feathers. This reflects her outrageousalmost don’t need the ‘lady’. style and therefore helps people recognise who she is. Her messy hair is quite seductive and could reflect a crow that’s just got out of its nest or a female that has just got out of bed which has an appeal to the male target audience.FLASHThis is at the bottom right hand side of the magazine which is a rare place to find it but it The background colour is fairly simple and it showscould be placed here because the ‘Q’ is a similar circle shape and therefore may look too that it has been taken in the proper rooms withmuch all at the top half of the page. I think the flash placed here helps to even out the lighting rather than in a special setting, this ismagazine of what is one each side and reflects the curves in the letter ‘Q’ and in Lady similar with most other Q magazine front covers.Gaga’s body shape.
  • 2. MASTHEAD ANCHORAGEThis masthead is placed in the top left The main image has text that ties inhand corner on top of the main image with it and acts as an anchor to givewhich is a feature I feel doesn’t look as the right message across to theaffective. The masthead is a pink/purple audience. This text is the mostcolour tying in with Rihanna’s eye and dominating to the front coverlip makeup. This creates a theme because it is the biggest and right inthroughout the magazine as well as the middle which I have noticed is adrawing the audience’s attention to common feature in magazinesRihanna’s face. where the main text is found in the middle of the front cover of theThe pink/purple colour connotes females middle of the main image. Thisand therefore reveals Rihanna’s girly helps the audience link the texttemperaments and implies to the with the main image. The messageaudience that the target audience for given from this anchorage text ‘youthis special edition is females. need people who aren’t afraid to tell you when you’re f*****g up this gives the message that RihannaTAGLINE has been through tough times andThe tagline beneath the masthead is giving advice to her fans.reminds the reader what the acronym‘NME’ stands for (New Musical Express)and informs those who are new to NMEmagazine that the music discussed in thismagazine is new.COVER IMAGEThe audience will more than likely know who Rihanna is and what she looks like even if they dont like her music which is good for attracting a wideraudiences attention as more people will be able to relate to her, this is a key feature of the magazine it attracts all different stereotypes of peoplebecause it has lots of different stereotypes of music within it.The shot type is a mid shot revealing Rihanna’s style which is quite unique in society today helping to portray her personality. The positioning ofRihanna is a typical pose showing her attitude. The bird on her right shoulder is almost like a demon on her shoulder protecting her.
  • 3. MASTHEAD TEASERS COVER IMAGEThe masthead is large and in capital ‘Free’, ‘hot’, ‘new’ are words that entice the This is placed in front of the titleletters this stands out to the reader in as they want to get as much as they can which is an effect that i think makes itaudience and helps grab their for their money and be in the know. clear to the audience this is a wellattention. The bubble like font known and therefore good magazinereflects the title itself ‘blender’ as because its as though you dont evenblenders chop things up and need to know what the mastheadtherefore the title looks like the says because you already know theedges have been chopped off and name of the magazine.rounded. The black colour also helpsdominate the audiences attention The black hair tones in with the titlebecause black on white are and therefore doesnt overpower thecontrasting colours which is eye masthead. Katy Perry’s outfit helps tocatching. structure a colour scheme on the front cover with pinks and black tones for the writing which are colourCALLOUT picked out from her outfit soA callout is used which helps draw everything ties in.the reader in and make them readmore because they are intrigued by PUNwhat is further in the magazine. ‘Keeping it wheel’ when it is supposed to say ‘Keeping it real’ thisSKYLINE draws the reader in because it isThis skyline isnt placed in a box humorous and the audience want towhich is a different way of read more to then find out how torepresenting skylines as they can also keep ‘real’ and up to date as this punbe put in a box to make them stand suggests this magazine can tell theout more, but as this magazines audience how to keep ‘real’.background is simple it stands out onits own.
  • 4. SKYLINE PLUGS COVER IMAGEThis helps to sell the magazine as it is telling The plugs are only at the far left hand side of the The cover image is a mid shot of Eminemthe reader what is inside the magazine. It is magazine probably because the cover image is the most likely because the main article in theat the top of the page which after the right more and the producer didn’t want to over magazine is about Eminem and mostmasthead and main image the audience may power the cover image. The plugs have hanging people would know who he is. His outfitlook there next as it is more chronological to indents making it easier for the audience to read reflects his personality and perhaps thelook at the top of the page first. because it is almost split into sections to read with dress code of some of the target audience’s the different colours. dress sense, helping the audience to relateThe words used in the skyline such as ‘FREE’, to him. His facial expressions represents‘NEW’, ‘HOTTEST’ and ‘BEST’ are puffs him singing and could also connote theworking with the skyline to try and audience’s face when he ‘stunned theencourage the audience to buy the magazine world’. Often magazines choose their coverbecause it is suggesting this magazine has the image to have the person looking into the‘best’ of everything. camera so the audience feel more involved with the person however Eminem is not looking at the camera, this could beMAIN COVER LINE because they are trying to make theThe main cover line on the front cover gives audience feel as though they were at hisinformation to the reader about the main concert, especially as it is a low angle shotarticle in the magazine. This main cover line implying him to be on a stage and theis placed in the middle of Eminem’s body audience watching him.which is quite a powerful place to put itbecause it helps the audience relate the text The background is black to help the artistto his face and also is a more informal place stand out however the black is not a blockto put a main cover line because generally colour which suggests it could be hisyou only see cover lines at the sides of pages, background on the stage. I think this isalthough this layout is more popular in a lot more effective than a block colour as thisof magazines. can look boring. I think this affect looks more arty reflecting the singers and theirEminem’s name is in a red text box different styles.highlighting his dominance and making thecover line even more obviously that it is a keyarticle in the magazine. DATELINE AND BARCODE This is placed at the bottom left hand side of the magazine which is not overpowering of the other features of the magazine as this is not particularly important to the reader.
  • 5. TEASERS COVER IMAGE‘I feel so alone’ This is a quote from an article I like this image as it is a close up so theinside the magazine used to encourage the audience feels more involved with thereader to read more it is a quote that magazine and the artist, it shows they are notinvolves emotions ‘feel, ‘alone’ suggesting hiding anything and therefore connoting thatthat this magazine is targeted at women the magazine reveals all truth. Although thisbecause they feel more open about their is a close up the image has been carefullyemotions and find it interesting hearing other used so that the text doesn’t get in the waypeoples problems. of her face or hair. The use of her hands makes the image seem more personal andANCHORAGE with more emotion because hand gesturesThis text relates to the main image so the can symbolise emotion.audience can relate the image to the text andthe real life article. The text is obvious that it HANGING INDENTis anchorage text because it includes the Quite uniquely this front cover has hangingartists name and is bold and in capitals. indents but they are the same colour as the rest of the text. Usually they are different colour so they stand out more. However theFLASH hanging indents are in a larger font sizeThis is placed towards the bottom section of which draws their attention well. I think thatthe magazine which seems to be a common with this magazine front cover there is nolayout for ‘Q’ magazine helping to keep the need for different coloured hanging indentsmagazine individual reflecting and making because it would look to much and overthe magazine more attractive and noticeable power the cover image, sometimes less isto its target audience. The blue colour used more and this is the case with surround the flash makes it stand outmore as blue isnt a common colour used I will bare in mind when coming to make mythroughout the magazine. However the magazine cover that all the text on the pagecolour isnt completely out of the blue is capital letters which makes the writing(excuse the pun) because it ties in with her more have more attention and seemeye colour and some of the much smaller important and clear to read.features in the magazine. The use of thiscolour draws the attention to Florences eyesand therefore making the audience feel moreof a connection with her and thereforeencourage them to buy it through thepersuasive technique of emotion.
  • 6. MAIN IMAGEMASTHEAD The background of the image is a faded blackThe mast of this page has a very unique colour which could suggest there is a light shininglayout. The word is separated over on the model which draws the attention to her.three different lines which is a good There is a very subtle ‘V’ shape behind the modeltechnique to guide the readers eyes which symbolises the name of the magazinedown the page and to go on to read ‘Vibe’. This is not too over powering but doesn’tthe txt and look at the image next. The let the reader forget what magazine they areuse of bold, capital and clear writing reading as they can identify where the ‘V’ is from.makes it easy for the reader to read. It The models legs are then incorporated in with thealso shows what contents page they V shape and making her legs look longer as the Vare on ‘1/3’ which helps guide them to follows the line of her legs.know whats coming next in themagazine. The pose the model is doing is very revealing and is probably chosen as a model for other femaleHANGING INDENTS readers to follow her ways. She is looking into theThese help the audience identify what camera again making the audience feel athey are going to be reading further on, connection and making them read further to findthey are made bold and a different font out more about her. The colours used are sepiato catch the audiences attention first tones and this helps create the modern style ofbefore they read on and get confused the magazine. However the shoes do add a purplewith what they are reading. colour to the magazine and catch the audiences eye, the shoes are close to the writing which isI have noticed that the writing in this probably a direction for the audience to read it.contents page is mainly all lowercase Also the slightly brighter colour shoes would alsocompared to the front cover. This is imply that this is more a magazine targeted atprobably because the magazine feels women as they are well known for loving shoesmore like they have the audiences and therefore they have chosen for the shoes toattention now and no longer need to be stand dominating with capital letters. But italso informs the reader that this m=partof the magazine may not be as The name, page number and date is placed at theimportant and you could just read on to bottom of the page so the audience can keepfind out what is going on rather than track of what issue they have last read or if theyreading the contents page. are collectors they can put the magazines in chronological order. It also means readers can stop reading and go back to the page number they were on if they remember the number. The title is a constant reminder to the audience of what they are reading and helps the audience gain popularity as the audience can remember what it is called and tell there friends about it.
  • 7. This is a typical layout of a contents MASTHEADpage however it reminds me of the The masthead is very simple and to thelayout for gossip/celebrity magazines I point with the clear black on whitefeel it is slightly less classy than the writing and bold capital letters makingcontents pages with less on them it easy for the audience to know whathowever sometimes they can look they are looking at. It covers the pagebare. from left to right which is less common recently as now they are more commonly placed in more strange places to stand out from the crowd.MAIN IMAGE COLOURSThis is of girls aloud which were The colours are used areprobably more popular at the time this complimenting to the pictures whichmagazine was published. They are also tie in with the blue tones. Toprobably chosen to use as a role model brighten the page they have used afort he readers. They are all wearing contrasting colour (orange) in some ofthe same coloured clothing but the texts and boxes that text is in.different styles which helps remind theaudience they are singers as this is acommon way of representing singers The text is all contrasting colourson stage to show they are part of one depending on the background colour ofgroup and follow one style. the text. The page numbers are different colours to the text making itThis takes over the page and makes the seem easier to read for the reader.writing seem not so over powering as if The use of hanging indents helps thethere was lots to read. The page audience to identify the mostnumber is included in every image so important parts of the articles and thenthat the reader can easily access the if they are interested they will readthings they are interested in reading onto the smaller writing.about.All the images are different in size andshot type making it more interestingfor the audience to look at.
  • 8. MASTHEAD PULL QUOTEThe masthead is in a bold bubble like The pull quote is used to attract thefont which reflects the blown up audiences attention and intrigue thembubble like mushroom. The black to make them want to read more.contrasting on a very light pinkbackground makes the mast easy toread. The mas is again at the top of thepage across the hole page which I thinkworks for this magazine because anediting skill has been used to make itdifferent with the mushroom in front ofthe mast.DATELINEThe dateline is just placed below themasthead and reminds the reader whatissue they are reading. The fact that itjust has the month and not the daynumber suggests to the audience thatthis is a monthly magazine andtherefore they may look out for thenext issue in a months time. Next tothe dateline is the features. Everythingis grouped into one and helps keep themain focus on the main image.‘Features’ is written in a contrastingcolour to the red in the main imagewhich helps the text stand out a littlebit so the audience don’t ignore ittotally but the main focus is still on themain image.
  • 9. REFLECTION AND PERSONAL LEARNING ON RESEARCH INTOSIMILAR PRODUCTS AND AUDIENCE RESEARCH – Front CoversFrom researching different magazine front covers I have learnt that there are lots of differenttechniques and strategies to draw an audiences attention to a magazine, there tends to be a fewcommon things that do this whilst other magazines choose to use less common techniques because itsuits the style of their magazine and target audience better. The main feature of a magazine is itsbackground image which is often a mid shot with the famous person looking into the camera to create aconnection with the audience. The person on the front cover should be famous because then morepeople are familiar with the singer/artist/band for example Rihanna because she has had many numberones therefore more people can talk about her. The picture has to reflect the persons personality andmusic genre well. Most magazines use a buzzword like ‘new’ because it attracts the audiences attentionand makes them think this magazine is better than another and therefore they go on to rad the rest ofthe magazine. The masthead is often covered up by the main persons head I think this effect shows amore artistic skill and represents the different unique genres of music it also gives the impression tofirst time buyers that this must be a good magazine because people can recognise the magazine withoutthe full title, these mastheads can be recognised on music channels, websites, blogs, banners etc. A rarefeature that I discovered that werent generally found on music magazines were skylines this could bebecause they don’t want to hassle the reader of advertisements inside the magazine or it could bebecause they want to leave their audience in suspense of what is inside the magazine. I noticed thatstrong contrasts of colours were used on front pages to make an extreme impact on the front cover sothat it is noticed by an audience. All these features work together to make a magazine more popularand stand out on the shelf.
  • 10. REFLECTION AND PERSONAL LEARNING ON RESEARCH INTO SIMILAR PRODUCTS AND AUDIENCE RESEARCH – Contents PagesAfter researching different music magazine contents pages I have realised they play a keyrole in keeping the audiences attention on the magazine because it is the second page afterthe front cover. It needs to give the audience a feel for what is inside the magazine andencourage them to read further otherwise the magazine will struggle with bored customerswho will go to another magazine. I feel that contents pages look better when they aresimple but the features and images can connote lots of different messages to the readerbecause this way it leaves them in suspense and doesn’t give too much away. Whencoming to do my magazine I need to make sure that the images I use are of a brilliantquality otherwise this sets a very bad standard and impression for the rest of the magazine.The font used on a contents page has to be clear and easy to read as well as bold so thatthe audience want to read it. I feel that often the contents pages that have the best positiveimpacts are those who have little writing and one main image that takes over the whole ofthe A4 page because this way the audience can look at the main image and make their ownopinions on the image yet the text isnt too over powering and doesn’t give too much away.A style must be maintained through the magazine for example the front cover should followa simple colour scheme and font style as the contents page otherwise the magazine looksmessy and inconsistent. I feel that the contents page plays a strong role in holding themagazine together and providing the audience with enough information too keep theminterested but not too much that they’ve found everything out that they want to.
  • 11. REFLECTION AND PERSONAL LEARNING ON RESEARCH INTO SIMILAR PRODUCTS AND AUDIENCE RESEARCH – DPSWhen researching into DPS’s I realised that they are vital in that they have to be targeted atyour predominant target audience otherwise they are not going to be interested. You cankeep them interested by keeping up to date with the latest news on current artists and byfollowing a style throughout your magazine that generally speaking suits their stereotypefor example you would be less inclined to put a baby pink colour in a rock magazinebecause this just doesn’t suit the audiences personality. A double page spread can lookquite daunting if there is lots of writing or no title to inform he reading what this article isabout therefore I think techniques like drop caps is important to not scare the audienceaway and to help the page look good. There need to be something to catch the audienceseye for example a main image which I think looks effective when it takes over the whole A4page because the size is more lifelike therefore the audience can feel more of a connectionwith the person in the main image. I think it is important that this image is edited well andthe colour scheme suits the text or the text suits the colour scheme of the pictureotherwise it can look like too much is on the DPS and the reader wont know where to lookat first. It is important to have a leading text whether it is a pull quote or highlighted namebut this attracts the audience in further so that they get dragged in by the storyline of thetext even more until finally they read the big block text. By keeping this style, targeting yourmain target audience and using special advertising techniques this helps keep the flow ofthe magazine strong.