Effects and processing
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  • 1. EFFECTS AND PROCESSINGCharlie MacArthur Audio Production
  • 2. DELAY“ Delay takes a sound and then plays it back after a period of time, to create the sound of a repeating, decaying echo”. A delay could be used on things like vocals to add a more dramatic intro to a track
  • 3. EXAMPLES OF DELAYI recorded this drum loop in Reason without delay 1. And then with Delay 2.
  • 4. EXAMPLE OF DELAY IN POPULAR MUSICIn this song a delay effect is used on the guitar to change the sound. Jimmy Hendrix – All along the watch tower www.youtube.com/watch?v=bng3agUOYiI
  • 5. DISTORTION “distortion refers to any kind of deformation of a waveform, compared to an input, usually Clipping, harmonic distortion and intermodulation distortion. Distortion as an effect is often used in music for example when makingModulated bass lines artists will often add distortion to give a lower, louder and more aggressive sound.
  • 6. EXAMPLES OF DISTORTIONI recorded this drum loop in Reason without distortion 1. And then with Distortion 2. This effect makes the drums harsher and louder
  • 7. EXAMPLE OF DISTORTION IN MODERN TEENAGE MUSICThe artist “Figure” has created a bass synth sound and then added a distortion so toit to give it a distorted feel and sound if you look at the wave form for his track youcan see that when the bass comes in its stands out massively from the much lowervolume intro and breakdowns in the track.
  • 8. FILTER Filters are used to change a sound to suitexactly what you want for a piece of music.For example you might want a lower frequency sound so that you can use it as bass so you might add a Low Pass filter that only lets through the lower frequencies generated by the sound you have placed the filter on.
  • 9. EXAMPLE OF FILTERI recorded this drum loop in Reason without a filter on 1. And then with a filter on 2.