The Wolverzine                             9 4 T H    E N G I N E E R      B A T T A L I O N                       S E P T...
PAGE        2                               Greetings from our Advisors                                                   ...
94TH       ENGINEER             BATTALION                                                                                 ...
PAGE     4                       FSC Spartan Word                       I want to say thanks to all the    in the annual W...
94TH      ENGINEER             BATTALION                                                                                  ...
PAGE     6                       103rd Viper Bytes                       Hello Vipers and the Viper          States. First...
94TH       ENGINEER            BATTALION                                                                                  ...
PAGE        8                               Chaplain’s Blessings                               Selfless service is the new...
94TH       ENGINEER             BATTALION                                                                             PAGE...
PAGE      10                           Advisors cont’d                           give her/him an unusually strong and resi...
94TH       ENGINEER              BATTALION                                                                                ...
PAGE      12                         Relationship Resources                         Check out these great FREE         lon...
94th Engineer FRG Steering Committee                                                                              Mission ...
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The Wolverzine (September 2010)


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94th Engineer Battalion quarterly newsletter.

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The Wolverzine (September 2010)

  1. 1. The Wolverzine 9 4 T H E N G I N E E R B A T T A L I O N S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 0DATES FORYOUR CAL- Command Team MessageENDAR Newcomers Orientation, every 3rd Wednesday, Soldiers, Families, and Friends of Leader, is worth it. Day”. With all of the construc- 0830 at Per- the Wolverine Battalion; CSM We just discussed tion equipment and training we shing Commu- Keel and I want to take a minute the training calen- have, we can do a lot for nity Center, 569 and thank you for all that you do dar for the the post in one day. The -0212. to make this Battalion a success months of Octo- Army 10-miler is a yearly every day. We both continue to ber, November, event and is on a Sunday Community be honored to serve in the 94th in D.C. We will proba- and December Information Engineer Battalion, and we are bly execute our 10-miler with the Brigade Forum, truly thankful for each opportu- on Friday the 22nd. We “Woodworks”, Commander. nity that we have to interact with Here are some of are looking at whether every last you. Do not think for a minute the highlights that to make it open to fami- Wednesday of that either of us takes being a I really want folks lies also…more to fol- the month, 1000 Command Team for to keep in mind: low on that. We have at Pershing. is truly a privilege and we would We will support started planning for a Make a Differ- do if forever if the Army would Joint Task Force-North with two Battalion Ball on the 17th of ence Day, 23 let us. construction projects that will December. We will really try October. The pace of the battalion has start in late September and go and keep the cost low to ensure quickened over the last few through October. One is in we get max participation. It months. Just so everyone is Nogales, Arizona and one is in should be a great event. The ball aware, CSM Keel‟s and my train- Laredo, Texas. All told, there will lead us right into a blockINSIDE ing priorities are platoon sized will be a platoon from 103rd, leave period. CSM Keel and I off post construction missions 232nd, and 77th working on will look at leave balances and weTHIS ISSUE: that last between 30-45 days. these projects. We will also will key in on folks that haveSr Advisors 2 These projects allow platoon have a platoon from the 232nd at more than 60 days in December. leaders and platoon sergeants to NTC with a company from the We never want folks to loseHHC 3 leave. We will really try and work away from the company 5th Engineer Battalion. With all and battalion and make the criti- of these projects, we will not go encourage folks to take the leaveFSC 4 during the block leave times to cal decisions that will follow to Fort Chaffee for our normal them on a deployment. tactical field problem in October. ensure there are no problems77th 5 Whether it is a project in We are pushing that back into with field or construction duties.103rd 6 Laredo, TX or Nogales, AZ, or the January/February timeframe. Keep up the great work WOL- the National Training Center, or Two things that we will focus on VERINES, and ensure you all stay232nd 7 Fort Riley, KS these projects are in October are “Make a Differ- in touch with the battalion by really THE way that we train our ence Day” which is the 23rd of looking at our FACEBOOK page.Chaplain 8 junior leaders to make tough October and the Army 10-Miler The address is: decisions. While we know it is which is on the 24th of October. 9 hard to be without your loved CSM Keel and I have asked every sk=2361831622#!/group.php? ones for 30-45 days, the experi- company to come up with a good gid=164253110347&v=info.Resources 11 ence they get from the junior volunteer project that will assist LTC Jeffrey Anderson and CSM Soldier to the Platoon Sergeant/ the post on “Make a Difference Dewayne Keel
  2. 2. PAGE 2 Greetings from our Advisors The Army Spouse There is a Special Place in Heaven for an Army Spouse. The good Lord was creating a model for an Army spouse and was into his sixth day of overtime when an angel appeared. She said, "Lord, you seem to be having a lot of trouble with this one. Whats the matter with the standard model?" The Lord replied, "Have you seen the specs on this order? She/he has to be completely independ- ent, posses the qualities of both father and mother, has to be a perfect hostess/host to serve four or forty with an hours notice, run on black coffee, handle every emergency imaginable without a man- ual, be able to carry on cheerfully, even if she‟s pregnant and even if she/he has the flu, and she/he must be willing to move to a new location 10 times in 17 years. And oh, yes, she/he must have six pairs of hands." The angel shook her head. "Six pairs of hands? No way!" The Lord continued, "Dont worry; we shall make other Army spouses to help her/him. And we will Cont’d on page 10 FRG Leaders HHCAudrey Keglovtiz(573)337-1659 CARE TeamsTami Hines A CARE Team is a casualty CARE Teams are typically set you will always have the option(254)291-4613 response team of volunteers up on the battalion level, but of bowing out if who provide practical assis- can be called to provide assis- warrant it when called upon. tance and emotional support tance to other families in other The next CARE Team Training FSC on a short-term basis to a battalions within our brigade if will be held 28 SeptemberAmanda Robinette family who is dealing with a needed. from 9-12 at ACS. Reserve(816)248-1779 traumatic event so that the CARE Team Training is avail- your spot by 24 Sept. by family can continue to function. able to those that would like ACS at 596-0212. Childcare is CARE Team volunteers are to volunteer and for those that available. 77th trained persons with compas- would like more informationAngie Bryant sionate and generous hearts on it.(573)647-6268 who are focused on others during times of need. Attending training does not obligate The actual support provided you in any way. 103rd depends on family needs, vol- You know yourselfElizabeth Hernandez unteer availability and com- better than anyone.(336)442-9667 mand guidance, but can in- We do not want toJulie Arnold clude: make anyone feel(573) • Call support uncomfortable by • Home care assistance asking them to do a 232nd job that they aren‟t • Childcare support ready for. We‟dSarah Wallace(573)337-4372 • Meal support like to have theMichelle Bishop • Transportation right people doing(949)903-3036 the things they feel • Assistance to visiting family are right for them.232nd • Other family support. Once you sign up THE WOLVERZINE
  3. 3. 94TH ENGINEER BATTALION PAGE 3HHC Headhunter HeadlinesAs the summer heat also supported missions He has the Soldiers in the 562nd onpicked up so did the at Fort Riley by sending a good PT program to keep theiractivities that HHC was Soldiers from the 156 mind and bodies sound and hasinvolved with. SPC Survey Detachment to informed us that most of the Sol-Mclemore and CPT Fort Riley to ensure diers have access to internet toDrake both gave birth that the construction stay in consistent communicationto a very healthy boy projects be conducted with their families. As we close outand girl. If you see by the 77th and 232nd the summer and prepare for the fallthem please congratu- went according to plan. we just want to thank all the fami-late them on this addition to their Soldiers from the 83rd were able lies for being there and continuingfamilies. We participated in the to do some training and research to support.Battalion and Company organiza- for crater repair with the Corp of CPT Dennis Hines “Even thoughtional days were Soldiers and family Engineers out of Vicksburg, MS.members were able to spend the From overseas SSG Stanczyk says we can’t haveday together. In addition, HHC that they are all doing very well. all we want, we ought to beFRG Leader’s Nook thankful we don’t get what we deserve”Hello all, I am the new FRG leader. food, playing in the water, and win- counter medications a week. I can‟t - UnknownTami is finishing up school; I volun- ning prizes (Wii, digital book, kid‟s wait to share in the fun at futureteered to help her through this bike and more). We have some meetings.transition. I would like to thank fundraisers planned to get ready for Audrey Keglovitzeveryone for their support and the Christmas party. And we willunderstanding through this change. have a fundraiser to send our de-HHC has been busy these last cou- ployed fire fighters care packages. HHC FRG meetings are typicallyple months. We survived the hot The FRG meetings have been full of held the 1st Tuesday of the monthweather with a company org day at new faces. We had a health promo- at 5:30 at the Piney Hills Commu-Happy Hollow that was a huge tions class that gave over 50 fam- nity Center.success. Everyone had fun eating ily‟s access to 5 free over the
  4. 4. PAGE 4 FSC Spartan Word I want to say thanks to all the in the annual Waynesville duck Soldiers and Families that race. Spartan leaders had the made this quarter a big suc- opportunity to attend the bat- cess. Your support is what talion staff ride to Tippecanoe drives this company to accom- battlefield. We explored a new plish many tasks with seamless PT options by having effort. Our company organiza- “lumberjack” physical tional day was a huge success. training in our motor- We sent numerous convoys to pool. It‟s been a great St. Louis in support of Opera- quarter and look for- tion Home Front which sup- ward to the next fiscal plied the Fort Leonard Wood year. area with book bags and nu- CPT Robinette merous school and baby sup- plies. We sponsored a duck for the 94th Engineers to race FRG Leader’s Nook Families are an important part First, our company organiza- eligible for free generic medi-“I am thankful for of the military world, and being tional day was held on July 1 at cines from the Ft. Leonard involved in Family Readiness the Stonegate Community Wood pharmacy and is an- laughter, except Groups is a great way for fam- Center. Not only did this other way for our families to ily members to be involved in build unit cohesion, it also was save money. when milk comes the company. It is an easy way a great opportunity for family On a final note, I want to out of my nose.” to learn what is coming up in members to meet and start thank everyone who helped the soldiers‟ training and what building relationships. Our with our two fundraisers this - Woody Allen resources are available to second event was the Self past quarter. Your time and them. This quarter our com- Care Class for the pharmacy support are much appreciated. pany had two events that in- card during a FRG meeting. By Amanda Robinette cluded and educated families. attending this class families are Commemorating Patriot Day with children at East Elementary School. THE WOLVERZINE
  5. 5. 94TH ENGINEER BATTALION PAGE 577th Rock Steady ReportDEDICATION: and the Outlaw Family Organizational Day. These actionsDEFINED BY THE Readiness Group. Many demonstrate the dedication theOUTLAW FAMILY hours have been spent in Outlaw family has, both in its Sol-Over the last sev- the burning sun at the diers and its FRG. It is easy to talkeral months, many TTB jobsite, with FRG about making a difference, butthings have changed volunteers at their side much harder to actually do it, andfor the Outlaws. to man the snack shack these Soldiers and volunteers have,Commanders, pla- in the 100 degree heat. and will continue to make a greattoon leaders, and They also provided impact on the success of the Out-platoon sergeants snacks to the Outlaws laws.have come and gone. A platoon during early mornings at the motor CPT Brent Hamiltonhas deployed, and many Soldiers pool while the Soldiers were con-have joined or left the Outlaw Fam- ducting training. The FRG sacrificedily. Through this turmoil, one thing weekends to meet and plan pastremains constant, and that is the and upcoming events, such as thededication of the Outlaw Soldiers spouses‟ party and the Outlaw SSG Eggleston wins the BN Wolverine post level Combatives Family Day Tournament Champion- ship in the light heavy- weight division. Congrats!FRG Leader’s NookThe 77th FRG has been busy this events, allowing us to provide food, Book Swap event, provided infor-month planning and raising funds beverages, and activities for both mation concerning new schoolfor Our Company Organizational children and adults at Company policies, and discussed upcomingDay to be held September 2nd at Organizational Day. FTX‟s.Waynesville City Park. On the 13th of August we said We plan to stay busy offering sup-Our fundraisers this month have goodbye to CPT Shiplet, at our port to spouses and families duringincluded; a Bake Sale at the Battal- Change of Command Ceremony the scheduled FTX‟s and beginion Organizational Day and Pie in and welcomed CPT Hamilton and fundraising again to offer; a Familythe Face at Motor Pool. We raised his wife to the Company. Night Event and a Christmas Bash.almost $650.00 between these two At Our FRG Meeting we hosted a Angie Bryant
  6. 6. PAGE 6 103rd Viper Bytes Hello Vipers and the Viper States. First Platoon, following Maintenance has continued to Family! The tempo of this great a well executed mission at the be the class of the battalion, company has been extremely Ft. Wood Ammunition Supply making mission and keeping busy over the last two months. Point, is gearing up to do a the Viper equipment in a high I was very honored to take high visibility construction state of readiness. As the com- command of this great unit in mission in Nogales, AZ, in pany prepares to go to the late July, and believe me, things support of the US Border field at Ft Wood, and to Ft have been happening at break- Patrol. Second Platoon is busy Chaffee, AR next month, we neck speed ever since! Head- preparing to begin construc- continue to appreciate all of quarters Section has done an tion on a range upgrade on- the support that we receive excellent job integrating the post while handling a multitude from our Viper Families. With- few changes involved with a of duties here at home. Third out you, we could never be as new command, as well as run- Platoon recently returned successful as we are! Until ning the day to day business of from Ft Irwin, CA, where they next time...VIPERS, FIRST TO a company with Soldiers did an excellent job during STRIKE!!! ~CPT Bradford spread all over the United their environmental mission. CPT Bradford taunts Solders and Families as they attempt“Some people are to dunk him at the BN Wol- verine Family Day in August. always grumblingbecause roses have thorns; I am thankful thatthorns have roses” - Unknown THE WOLVERZINE
  7. 7. 94TH ENGINEER BATTALION PAGE 7232nd Warrior Review horizontal support to improve everyone‟s hard work….keep it up. medical simulation training, the EFT As long as we BE ALL THAT lane, and to assist in the improve- WE CAN BE (my favorite army ment of the trench warfare area on slogan), and do what‟s right at all Range 53. A great project for both times, we can‟t go wrong. WARRI- the well experienced of Soldiers ORS! and the newly arrived ones into such a rewarding military specialty. CASSANDRA D. McGINNISMISSIONS CPT, EN 3rd Platoon will head on a 30 day CommandingAugust was an extremely busy mission to NTC, 17 Sep, to supportmonth for the 232nd! the 5th Eng Bn‟s NTC rotation. Do2nd Platoon just got back on 31 July great things 2LT Foglia and SFCfrom a 25 day mission at NTC. Keiffer!Where they were successful in UPCOMING EVENTS:their mission: 1) they provided We are currently prepping for ourEnvironmental Control and Safety first Co FTX of the year!to (5) Forwarding Operating Bases(FOB), and 2) and had no issues 2nd platoon will head off to Laredowhat so ever. This says a lot about for a 49 day mission. They will lendthe leadership and their Soldiers. construction to improving a roadThe 1SG and I appreciate all the for the United States Border Patrol. SGT Ford finally got promoted! Thehard work you all displayed during 3rd platoon will head off to NTC for Army decided to make this Soldier anthis mission. 1LT Cain left with a a 30 day mission. They will provide NCO back in June, and everything finallybang! Much appreciation to you, support to the 5th‟s Eng‟s NTC caught up to him. I sincerely apologizeSSG Delaney, and the entire 2nd rotation. for all the mishap and hope we NEVERplatoon. CLOSING COMMENTS: see anything like this again. Congratula-1st Platoon headed off to Fort Riley, tions SGT Ford…and we so enjoyed We will continue to go at a fastKansas on 10 August. 1LT Nichols sharing such a wonderful moment with pace for the rest of the year, majorand SFC Loveless were quick on your BEAUTIFUL family. Company and Battalion events aretheir feet to deploy within a one coming up….but I know we willweek‟s notice on their new as- come out shining. I appreciatesigned mission. Their will lendFRG Leader’s Nook Six Flags trip was AWESOME, a total of 153 personnel got to enjoy a day out in the Sun on the Army‟sWe have another addition to the but all of our spouses time, and mostly on the Army‟sFRG volunteer family. Mrs. Mi- simply MAKE THINGS [FRG‟s] dime! You can‟t beat that.chelle Bishop has signed on as a Co HAPPEN, and you all-Leader in the FRG. She will be an truly support yourAWESOME addition to the whole Soldiers in such a way,working team. I get so excited that it only makes us stronger.when I see spouses volunteer in theCompany. I truly believe we are as Cassandra D. McGinnisstrong as we are not only becauseof the strong NCOs in the Com-pany (the backbone of the Army),
  8. 8. PAGE 8 Chaplain’s Blessings Selfless service is the new Do you feel friendless? Try for the benefit of the team as a revolution some unselfish giving of your whole. Families, friends and co- Has your concern for self- time, energy and emotion to workers find true success in absorbed career advancement your family and friends. self-sacrifice for a common overruled relationships at Selfless service also demands a goal of the group. home and work? What about look within the workplace. True success is not measured those decisions and actions Mission effectiveness hinges by how distinctly independent that help your image or your upon how you interrelate, you are, rather how contrib- career? Is that your preoccupa- cooperate and collaborate utive. tion? Bottom line, selfless with co-workers in a common When you evaluate team service deserves your reevalu- focus and purpose to effec- members you will find some ation today. You live, love and tively accomplish an objective. with inadequacies, which only work in community, and how If you are a Lone Ranger, per- selfless acts of direction can “It isn’t what you you relate to that community haps you are a good actor, but cure. You must find a way to depends on your success, do- you can‟t be an effective work- restore the inexperienced, have in your mestically and at work. place team member when your gently discipline the erring, andpocket that makes Selfless service addresses your operation is dismally deficient. forgive the offender. Doing relationships, starting at home. Efficient operations include these things takes real humility you thankful, but Those who live with you know making your co-workers feel and real internal fortitude be- you best, so how do you relate like they all are contributors. cause you realize some of what you ave in to your spouse, children, other How much do you sacrifice for those same faults within your- your heart.” family members or room- your team members at work? self. Evaluation, in itself, opens mates? Devotion to mission and occu- you for scrutiny, and fortu- - Unknown nately, change. Are your home relations pation is only effectual when mostly competitive rather than you devote yourself to those As you sacrifice for others, cooperative? If you find your- in the team and the purpose each sacrifice nets the next; self in argument more than for which that team exists. they become a continual wheel agreement and cooperation That dog-eat-dog, step-on-the- of selfless members helping with members in your home, next-head rung, climb to the each other to do better and be those relationships need refin- top of the King of the Hill will better. A transformation revo- ing. find you in a dung pile at the lution avalanches as selfless Are you selfless in service to base, because that motivation service rolls from one person your spouse? Do you sacrifice is all wrong. Taking one for to the next: a friendship into a for your children? What about the team must be brought up marriage, a family into a team, your friends, do you concede to yet a higher level; that‟s a platoon into the U.S. Army, to their needs? Your family and where credit for a job well and a nation into the world. friends need to experience a done is best collected, rather And that‟s who makes this self-denying, unselfish compan- than taking the credit for the revolution reality. You. ion. You need to be willing to job yourself. The team does You are the greatest when you forgo some of your own needs the job! are selfless, sacrificing for the and pleasures for the benefit of Both home and workplace benefit of others. others. teams work best when all indi- Chaplain (CPT) Kevin Daul Do you feel alone at home? viduals sacrifice self-interest THE WOLVERZINE
  9. 9. 94TH ENGINEER BATTALION PAGE 9Farewell My FriendSo Long, Farewell, auf Wiedersehen, quinones, SPC Jimenz, SSG Lucus, Parker, SPC Spaarga-Good-bye. To all of you who are leav- SFC Pacheco, SPC Templeton, ren, SGT Stutzman,ing to move on to bigger and better CW2 Boggess SPC Sutton, SPCthings we wish you good luck in your 77th Vaiau, SPC Williamslife and career. 232nd SGT Bradshaw, SPC Clark, SPCHHC Cooper, SPC McFarland, SPC Pina- SPC Dill, SPC Monday, SGT Peles,SSG Adams, SPC Dunz, SGT les, SSG Richerson, SPC Salvador, SGT Ribultan, SPC Shoemaker, SPCMcDole, SPC Peters, SGT Nieren- SPC Torres, SSG Wing Tipton, SPC Whitfieldberger, SPC Nicholson, CPT Slack, 103rdMAJ Sutton SGT Beauharnos, SPC Burnash,FSC SGT Calder, SPC Clay, SGTSPC Acevedo, SPC Aycock, SPC Garrett, CPL Hanson, PFC James,Blevins, SGT Bunn, SPC Franceschi- SPC Ketchum, PFC Knapp, PFCSpecial Deliveries HHC - Drake family FSC - Pate family, Pacheco family, Kejeergard family, Wisler family 77th - Benvignati family, Ponce family, Bradshaw family, Donaldson family 103rd - Brandon family, Deans family 232nd - Wright family, Cardona family, Shoemaker familyWelcome Wolverines!We welcome into the ranks of the and MAJ Winkler & family. field & family, SPC Gray & family,Wolverines the following Soldiers FSC SPC Afualo Robinson & family, PFCand Families: Kabus, PV2 Sargent, SGT Snook & CPL Gibson & Family, PFC Wine & family, SGT Moran & family, PFCHHC family, SGT St John & family, SPC Mean & family, SPC Saubert & fam-PFC Raymond & family, SGT Po- Badeaux, SPC Nunez & family, SGT ily, SGT Enns & familybaanz & family, SPC Woodside & Whittle & family, PV2 Cummings,family, PV2 Agular, PV2 Rawson, PFC Glass 232ndFPV Leonard, SFC Jones & family, 77th SPC Gore & family, SGT Espinoza &SPC Tester & family, SGT Crist & family, SGT Hart & family, SGTfamily, PFC Mullens, PV2 Haynes, SPC Gunter, SPC Gilmore, SPC Lee Jones, SGT Munoz, PV2 Guy &PFC Harsell, SGT Oats & family, & family, SGT Vanvorce & family, family, SGT Hudspeth & family, PFCSFC Miller & family, PV2 Grosso & SFC Jones, SGT Benjamin & family Joyce & family, SFC Loveless &family, SPC Estradarios, PFC 103rd family, 2LT Johns, SGT WegnerOwens, CPT McKelvin & family, SGT Eskridge & family, SGT Setch-
  10. 10. PAGE 10 Advisors cont’d give her/him an unusually strong and resilient heart so it can swell with pride in her husbands or his wife‟s achievements, sustain the pain of separations, beat soundly when its over-worked and tired, and be large enough to say I understand, when she/he does not, and say I love you, regardless." “Lord,” said the angel touching his arm gently, “Go to bed and get some rest. You can finish this tomorrow.” “I can‟t stop now,” said the Lord. “I am so close to creating something unique. Already this model heals herself /himself when she/he is sick. She/He can put up 6 unexpected guests for the weekend, wave goodbye to her husband/his wife from a post, depot, or airport, and understand why it is im- portant that he/she leave.” The angel circled the model of the Army spouse, looked at it closely and sighed, "It looks fine, but its too soft."94th Engineer Battalion "She/He might look soft," replied the Lord, "but she/he has the strength of a lion. You would notSenior Advisors, Tish believe what she/he can endure."Anderson & Sheree Keel Finally, the angel bent over and ran her/his finger across the cheek of the Lords creation. "There‟s a leak," she announced. "Something is wrong with the construction. I am not surprised that it has cracked. You are trying to put too much into this model." The Lord appeared offended at the angels lack of confidence. What you see is not a leak," he said.“Blessed are those "Its a tear." that can give "A tear? What is it there for?" asked the angel. The Lord replied, "Its for joy sadness, pain, disappointment, loneliness, pride: a dedication to all the without values that she and her husband/he and his wife hold dear."remembering and "You are a genius!" exclaimed the angel. receive without The Lord looked puzzled and replied, "I didnt put it there." The Lord paused for a moment and then smiling he told the angel: “Take note! Our Army forgetting.” Spouse is well read in My Word. She/he emulates James 1:2-4: „When you have many - Unknown kinds of troubles, you should be full of joy, because you know that these troubles test your faith, and this will give you patience. Let your patience show itself perfectly in what you do. Then you will be perfect and complete and will have everything you need.‟ ” The angel exclaimed, “Well done!” Thank you Wolverine Spouses!!! We may not really run off coffee or be prepared to host 4 or 40 unannounced, but your hearts are pure and resilient. You are appreciated for all of the unseen sacri- fices that you make. Again, thank you for your faithful service to this GREAT BN and to our GREAT Nation. Wolverines! Tish and Sheree THE WOLVERZINE
  11. 11. 94TH ENGINEER BATTALION PAGE 11Quick Tips for Spending LessHere are some ways to make small, Buy at outlet stores. Buy store line.everyday changes to cut back on brands. Buy in bulk. • Carpool, ride a bike, or use publicexpenses: • Conserve. Turn off the lights when transportation.• Understand your budget. Start to you‟re out. Turn off the tap when • Barter. Trade babysitting, chores,think and talk more openly about washing dishes or washing your yard work, and other services withyour money goals. This will help hands. Turn off the air conditioner neighbors and get on track to living within or turn down the heat when you‟re • Before making a purchase, askyour means. out. Keep window shades down during the day in hot weather. yourself three questions. Can I re-• Cut back to one credit card. pair it instead of replacing it? Do I• Pay down credit cards as quickly • Raise the deductibles on car and really need it? Is this the best price?as you can. Ask to have the interest home insurance to lower the premi- Written with the help of reviewer Melanielowered on your card or switch ums. See if you qualify for insurance Hardie, MA, CFP®, AFC, LADC. Ms. Hardieyour balance to a card with a lower discounts. is a senior financial consultant who has been • Take advantage of what’s in your providing financial services at Ceridian for 12 “Kindness israte. years.• Make it hard to get to your money. community. Take your children to difficult to give This article is provided to service membersLeave your credit card and ATM public parks. Read the community and their families as part of the Militarycard at home. calendar in the newspaper to find OneSource program, which offers informa- away because out about free events. Use your tion and support on a wide range of family• Shop from a list and stick to it. local library for movie rentals and and personal issues. To access the program it keeps online visit or callPlan purchases based on need. Internet use. Military OneSource today. From the United coming back.”• Don’t go food shopping when States call 1-800-342-9647. Military One- • Share purchases with others. Buy a Source is brought to you by the Departmentyou’re hungry. neighborhood lawnmower or swing of Defense at no cost to you. - Unknown• Eat out less. Bring lunch to work. set. © 2004, 2010 Ceridian Corporation. All rights reserved.• Don’t pay full price. Buy used. • Combine errands to save on gaso-Additional Help AvailableThe Financial Readiness Program at ageable budget you can follow. If classes on learning how to save andACS not only offers budget and you are in need of more assistance invest, preparing financially for adebt management classes but also they can help you with consolidat- move and buying a car or a on one counseling. They are ing debt and making a plan to pay it To find out more about these FREEavailable to help you set up a man- down. The program also offers services call 596-0212 today!Things to Do in Our Communities ATV Rodeo, 25 September at  Frogtober Fest, 9 October  Halloween Bash - 23 October Shady Dell Park, Richland, MO. Waynesville City Park. Experi- from 6:30-9:30 at the Pulaski Gates open at 12:00, admission ence the Middle Ages through County FLW Shrine Club (exit is $3.00. (573)765-4421 arts, crafts and demonstrations. 153 off I-44). Safe trick-or- treating, haunted houses and a Journey Stories, 2 October - 13  Haunted Hayride, 15-16 Octo- hay ride. $2.00 donation. November. The Smithsonian ber at FLW‟s Lake of the Ozarks Traveling Exhibit will be at the Recreation Area from 7:30 pm -  Parents Night/Day Out 2nd Old Stagecoach stop downtown 10:00 pm. Bring your marshmel- Sunday 12-4pm and 4th Friday 6- Waynesville with lots of events, lows for the bonfire! 789 Olney 10pm for ages up to 5th grade. activities and displays. FREE Cir, Linn Creek. 573-346-5673 Cost is $4.00/hr. 596-0200 FREE
  12. 12. PAGE 12 Relationship Resources Check out these great FREE long you‟ve been together. On ture and opportunity. But they materials from Military One this recording, psychologist can also be stressful. How do Source to help enhance and and researcher Dr. John Gott- you know you‟re making the strengthen your relationships! man talks about the common right decisions? This CD The Five Love Lan- challenges couples face and features Alexandra Robbins, guages By Gary how to get through those author of Conquering Your Chapman challenges and grow closer as Quarterlife Crisis: Advice from partners. twentysomethings who have This book teaches been there and survived talking ways to express Fighting for Your Marriage: Positive about getting through the hard love. What speaks times and figuring out what volumes to you Steps for Prevent- ing Divorce and you want and how to get it. may be meaningless to your spouse. The key to Preserving a Last- These books, CDs and even understanding a loved ones ing Love by How- more resources are available needs is learning the right ard Markman to you at no cost through way to say "I love you," The new and updated edition Military One Source at whether through quality time, of this bestselling book on physical touch, acts of service, marriage enhancement and Just do a search for the title or gifts, or words of affirmation. divorce prevention offers in- browse for others through the valuable advice on achieving Find Information tab on the“Difficulties are Staying Strong as Web site. a Couple CD better communication andopportunities to problem-solving skills. Conflict and compromise, Changes and Choices: Cre- better things; ating the life you want in understanding your 20s and 30s they are and trust. Stay- ing strong as a couple is a con- Your twenties and thir-stepping stones stant challenge no matter how ties can be full of adven- to greater experience.” - Unknown Edge! Program October classes Edge! is an exciting new pro- that appeal to them in each gram that provides out-of- category each month. Some of school activities for children the past activities offered have and youth. The Army-wide been Archery, Canoeing, program was made possible Framing, Cooking, Golf and through an Army Family Cove- Auto Maintenance. nant initiative and cooperation The program is free for sixth- between CYSS and several to 12th-graders and available MWR departments. for a small fee to first- to fifth- Edge! stands for Experience, graders. For those enrolled in Develop, Grow, and Excel. School Age Services (SAS) The four primary categories of before/after school program it EDGE! are Adventure, Art, Fit is also free. and Life. Children and youth Contact Tiffany Harris for may sign up for those activities more information at 596-0200. THE WOLVERZINE
  13. 13. 94th Engineer FRG Steering Committee Mission Statement: We will listen to and handle Family member con- cerns and issues with respect, understanding, and kindness.94th Engineer Battalion We will provide the necessary, appropriate commu-Stephanie D. Leary nications and resources to help Family members stayFamily Readiness Support Assistant informed, knowledgeable, and educated.Bldg 1022 East 20th Street We will reach out personally to all Family membersFort Leoanrd Wood, MO 65473 with genuine concern and appreciations in order toPhone: (573)596-0131 x63968 sustain, support and motivate them throughout theirCell: (573)837-8086 Wolverine tours.E-mail: We will act responsibly with the financial assets and Join us on Facebook! Search for resources of the 94th Engineer Battalion and promiseour group, 94th Engineer Battalion to use these monies to benefit the Wolverine Family members as a whole. “Building Firm Foundations” FRSA Note FAMILY READINESS. It‟s a term classes on Army 101; Spouse Bat- system. used often when speaking to military tlemind Training provides information When should you be ready? Family Families. When you first heard this on the emotional stages of separation; Readiness is a permanent responsibil- phrase did you ask yourself ready for Strong Bonds provides relationship ity, emergencies can happen at any what? building skills; and Army Community time. Being ready means having the Family Readiness is the preparing and Service (ACS) offers real-life classes in knowledge, skills, and courage to take equipping Army Families with the a variety of areas. care of yourself and your Family when skills and tools needed to successfully Knowing who and where to turn to in your Soldier is home or away - no meet the challenges of military life. any situation whether it is during a matter the situation. It does not By meeting this goal through informa- deployment, TDY, or normal work begin or end with deployment. tion, training and experience, success- schedule is important also. Your Are you ready? ful Army Families are fully prepared Family Readiness Group Leader is to meet that challenge. trained and prepared to provide you Stephanie Leary How do you become ready? There referrals if you need assistance. Addi- are many programs available to help tionally FRG meetings often provide prepare and educate you. Army Fam- information and resources and an ily Team Building (AFTB) offers opportunity to build your support The inclusion of some unofficial information in this FRG Newsletter has not increased the costs to the Government, in accordance with DoD 4525.8-M, Official Mail Management Manual.