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The Wolverzine                            9 4 T H    E N G I N E E R      B A T T A L I O N                               ...
PAGE        2                               Command cont’d                               they continue to do it well.     ...
94TH       ENGINEER            BATTALION                                                                                  ...
PAGE       4                              FSC Spartan Word                              Spartan Soldiers and Families,    ...
94TH      ENGINEER            BATTALION                                                                                   ...
PAGE      6                        103rd Viper Bytes                        Hello Vipers and the Viper          ting cerem...
94TH      ENGINEER            BATTALION                                                                                   ...
PAGE      8                         Chaplain’s Blessings                         Two Strong Bonds events                  ...
94TH       ENGINEER             BATTALION                                                                               PA...
PAGE       10                         Adpot a Highway Program                         A Little Time Makes a Big        tic...
94TH       ENGINEER              BATTALION                                                                                ...
94th Engineer FRG Steering Committee                                                                              Mission ...
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The Wolverzine (March 2011)


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94th Engineer Battalion quarterly newsletter.

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Transcript of "The Wolverzine (March 2011)"

  1. 1. The Wolverzine 9 4 T H E N G I N E E R B A T T A L I O N M A R C H 2 0 1 1FRG From the CommandMEETINGS:HHC FRG - 5:30, 1st Tues, CompanyFSC FRG - 5:30, Soldiers, Families, and Friends of Vibrant Response CCMRF exer- great job Vipers! The 232nd 1st Tues, Sto- the Wolverine Battalion: my wife cise. The Soldiers of the com- Engineer Company is busy pre- negate Comm. Tish and I want to take a second pany executed paring for a change of Center and thank all of you for your convoys of over command between CPT support and for your awesome 600 miles each Cassandra McGinnis and77th FRG - 5:30, work over the last two years. way, cleared rub- CPT Dave McKelvin… 1st Tues, Battalion What an incredible honor for us ble from a simu- the Warriors executed to be involved with the fantastic lated nuclear the month of inventories103rd FRG - 5:30, leaders and Soldiers of this bat- disaster, prepared extremely well. Great 1st Wed, Battalion talion! We will always remember a displaced per- job Warriors! The232nd FRG - 6:30, fondly our time here. We want sons camp, and Spartans continue to 2nd Tues, Com- to welcome the Calese family: numerous other support the entire bat- pany Gary and Laura. We wish them engineer tasks. talion well. They just all the best as they start their Great job Out- executed another trip up journey as the Wolverine Com- laws. The 103rd Engineer Com- to St. Louis to pick up some veryINSIDE mand Team. I ask that you do pany assisted the Brigade and the nice shirts and fleece pulloversTHIS ISSUE: for them as you have for us and post by being the “pusher unit” from Operation Home Front. then, as always, everyone will to get all convoys, equipment, Everyone owes the Spartans aACS 2 share continued success. and personnel out of Fort Leo- “thank you” for their efforts. The 77th Engineer Company is nard Wood efficiently. The Vi- HHC continues to execute plan-HHC back from Camp Atterbury, IN pers also “cut the ribbon” on ning and synchronizing in support 3 where they performed extremely Range 12 and turned that new of the battalion and brigade and well in support of this year’s facility over to Range Control… Continued on page 2FSC 4 Greetings From Your Advisors77th 5103rd 6232nd 7 I cant believe March is here al- cated to the 94th EN BN, and ready! Spring is upon us and has always put the needs of oth- hopefully Winter is behind us! ers before her own. This kind ofChaplain 8 We want to welcome all those care and support are not easily who are new and hope those found! Tish is an amazing person who are leaving have a safe and and one to emulate. Thanks forMilestones 9 pleasant journey. Tish Anderson your time, effort, wisdom, and is moving on...and she will really guidance. 94th Engineer Battalion be missed! She has been so dedi- Sheree Senior Advisors, Tish Anderson & Sheree Keel
  2. 2. PAGE 2 Command cont’d they continue to do it well. less Days and the 4th MEB Ball Thanks Headhunters. are also opportunities for Sol- eerBattalion. The upcoming few months will diers and their Families to LTC Anderson be busy…nothing new there. come out and be a part of fun Wolverine 6 With ENFORCE coming up, events. In early May, every most senior engineers in the company will head out on Regiment will be on Fort Leo- FTXs to train on their tactical nard Wood and there will be tasks, so please plan accord- numerous opportunities for ingly. Soldiers and Families to partici- Keep up the great work WOL- pate. The Battalion Plaque VERINES, and ensure you all Dedication and the ENFORCE stay in touch with the battalion ball on the 9th of April are by looking at our FACEBOOK both great opportunities to be fan page. The address for the a part of ENFORCE. Daunt- fan page is: FRG Leader Contact Info ACS Promotes Family Readiness HHC Because the Army demands that its Soldiers be in a constant state of readiness, Soldiers FamiliesTami Hines must also be ready to handle whatever comes their way 24/7/365. "Family readiness" spouses and dependents can function independently, efficiently and effectively on their own when the military member is gone from the household for long periods of time. It means anything and FSC everything from managing the checkbook and keeping the family car running to handling medicalAmanda Robinette emergencies and school issues.Robin Edwards In 1942, the Army philosophy was "the Army takes care of its own." Today, the philosophy is " Army takes care of its own by teaching its own to take care of themselves." Thanks to the lessons learned by families who have gone before, todays Army families are stronger and more self-reliant 77th than ever.Angie ACS provides a comprehensive range of social services programs that serve to strengthen our soldiers and families. ACS provides assistance and support in some of the following areas: 103rd Information & Referral Assistance:Nyree Bradford - Links soldiers and family members to service providers on post and off post.Amanda Almeida - If you have a question, call ACS, they’ll help you find the Financial Readiness: - Financial counseling and planning for transition (retirement, leaving military service) 232nd - Consumer information (assistance with home, car, insurance, and other major purchases)Mara Tate - Money, debt, and checkbook - Financial planning for relocation (permanent change of station moves) - Credit education - Financial counseling for first term Soldiers Employment Readiness: - Job preparation workshops - Job development and contact with potential employers - Job skill development and assessment Continued on page 3 THE WOLVERZINE
  3. 3. 94TH ENGINEER BATTALION PAGE 3HHC Headhunter Headlines are prepared for our next mission this month which is in perfect time or exercise when it arises. In addi- to let people know if they are ready tion, we completed a company to go to the beach this summer. inspection that went very well and CPT Dennis Hines has shown all the hard work that everyone has put into their job over the last several months. For the rest of the month we will beAs we shake off the last remainders preparing for the battalion changeof the winter we have a lot to look of command where we will sadlyback on and be proud of in HHC. say good bye to LTC Anderson andWe have successfully recovered his family. We will also be taking “Howfrom our FTX at Fort Chaffee and our bi-annual physical fitness test wonderful it is that nobodyFRG Leader Nook need wait a single moment before startingThis month’s FRG meeting was LTC Anderson. 1st SGT Hall’s miss them; however, we most as- to improve theinformative and inventive as we Change of Responsibility will take suredly wish them well!!combined forces with the 103rd’s place on April 5th. He and his family world.”FRG. The ladies from MWR came will be sorely missed but fondlyto inform all of us about what the remembered. LTC Anderson’s Tami Hines ~Anne FrankEDGE! program has to offer to Change of Command will take place (254)291-4613military families year-round and, on March 31st. He and Tish havemany times, virtually free of charge. always gone out of their way forMarch also brings the sad anticipa- the families of our company andtion of the ensuing departure of have always been an exemplaryHHC’s own 1st SGT Hall, as well as example of a team. We will surelyACS continuedRelocation Readiness:- Relocation counseling/advocacy before, during and after moves- Lending closet of basic household items for families during relocation.- Outreach for waiting familiesFamily Advocacy Program (FAP):- Couples communication classes- Parenting classes- New Parent Education and Support Program- Victim AdvocacyTwo other great programs, among others at ACS, are Army Family Team Building and the Army Family Action Planwhich also fall under ACS.So when you need some help or have a question, seek out your ACS office, they’re trained and ready to help. Call596-0212 for more information or go to to locate an office near you.
  4. 4. PAGE 4 FSC Spartan Word Spartan Soldiers and Families, same path and we will do just Thanks for another safe and fine. successful quarter. Our com- CPT pany Soldiers and Families have Robinette endured another battalion FTX, reacted to the tornado on post, held an outstanding FRG meeting in March about resiliency, executed a road cleanup, battalion change of command, and much more. All this was done safely and exe- cuted flawlessly. As we con- tinue to head into a busy next quarter let’s continue on the Spartan Soldiers on the M249 Range at Fort Chaffee.“Volunteers don’t FRG Leader Nook get paid, not At our March FRG meeting, other spouses and families are going to help support you we had JP Flores, from Army make them more bearable. during your career as a military because they’re Community Service, attend One of the best ways to build spouse. our meeting to brief about the these connections with other Thank you to all you attended worthless, but Master Resiliency Training spouses is within your FRG our last meeting, and I hope because they’re course. He was full of informa- and events sponsored by the you found this information just tion, but the one thing that Battalion. This is a great way to as valuable as I did. We look priceless.” stuck out for me was how find a battle buddy and find forward to seeing you at the important connections with people who can offer advice next FSC FRG meeting on ~Sherry other people were in order for and share their lessons learned April 5 in the Motorpool!! Anderson someone to bounce back when about the military lifestyle. life gets tough. As military Whether it is a neighbor who Amanda Robinette spouses, each day offers a new is just starting his/her military (816)248-1779 challenge, whether our sol- career or a spouse who has Robin Edwards diers are home or not. The nineteen years experience, (870)688-3833 connections we make with these are the friendships that SSG Essington assist the 193rd with M88 SSG Bevins and Soldiers from distribution support after the tornado came through platoon clear a building during the mounted FSC got some great recovery operations their motorpool and overturned vehicles. land navigation course at FCAR. training during the FCAR FTX. Below are SPC Collard and SSG Bullock recovering THE WOLVERZINE HQ 5.
  5. 5. 94TH ENGINEER BATTALION PAGE 577th Rock Steady Report incident on domestic soil. Army Corps of Engineers. Mission preparation required train- A month of preparation culminated ing for all sections of the company. in a week long exercise at Camp The mission required that the Engi- Atterbury, Indiana. The successful neer Company, having already execution of missions, ranging from proven themselves on several con- construction of a FEMA base-camp struction missions, familiarize them- to route clearance, and even to selves with radiological environ- humanitarian efforts brought praise ments. The company reviewed from all branches. The 77th Engi-The 77th Engineer Company, part of procedures for applying pro-masks, neers’ ability to think outside of thethe 94th Engineer Battalion has CBRN first aid, and using equip- box showed the US Army Jointspent the past month participating ment to measure radiological dos- Task Force the true meaning ofin a Joint Task Force Operation ages while out of the FOB. Com- “Essayons!”(Vibrant Response 11.1) designed pany Warrant Officers dry-ran theto train for and assess the US “Nobody can Tele-engineering kits, a reach backArmy’s ability to manage conse- tool to obtain advice from the do everything,quences following a catastrophic but everyone can doFRG Leader Nook something.” ~UnknownThe 77th FRG said our farewells at THANK YOU to all the 77th Sol-the Change of Responsibility Cere- diers and Families, as well as LTCmony to First Sergeant Skillings Anderson and Family, who steppedand welcomed new First Sergeant up and provided donations to thisBarkefeld on January 16th, 2011. cause, it is an honor for us to workWe offered a Health Promotions alongside all of you!! We are pre-class and the turn out was amazing! paring for the Company FTX, anDuring January we provided relief ACS Financial Class, and we’ve alsoeffort, food and beverages, to all starting the planning Our Companythe Soldiers performing recovery Organizational, due to the tornado damage. Angie Bryant, (573)647-6268
  6. 6. PAGE 6 103rd Viper Bytes Hello Vipers and the Viper ting ceremony, officially hand- much to both the Soldiers and Family! The cold has finally ing over Range 12 to the instal- families! Once again, I am very lifted, but not before the com- lation. Job Well Done! We thankful for all of the support pany deployed to Fort Chaffee, said goodbye to some key that our Viper families provide Arkansas for a field exercise. leaders this quarter, 1LT Mike for us. Our FRG leadership has Through snow, rain, sleet and Tollison and SFC Jaime Lopez changed over, and I am sure wind, the Vipers conducted have moved on to other places that they will continue to plan tactical training, weapons quali- in the battalion. Both served and execute great events for fication, and redeployed with the Viper Company with dis- all the families! Until next an unmatched success rate. I tinction, and will be missed! time…VIPERS, FIRST am so very proud of their This quarter also brings to an STRIKE!!! ~CPT Bradford execution during the exercise, end an era for the Wolverines. and am thankful for the sup- LTC Anderson and Tish will be port the families provided leaving us. That team has been while we were gone. 2nd pla- an institution, and will be toon conducted a ribbon cut- missed, as well. They meant so FRG Leader Nook“Volunteers do not So Spring is around the corner, have finished the event. Come which means more sun and out and support us, we would necessarily have beautiful weather. The FRG appreciate to have dona- will be planning an Egg Hunt tions and any suggestions.the time; they just for the children and parents ~Viper FRG have the heart.” during the month of April, more information will be put ~Elizabeth out soon. Also during the FRG Leaders month of April we will be sup- Nyree Bradford Andrew porting all of the soldiers dur- (573)528-0575 ing their 100% PT test. We will be holding an FRG Breakfast at Amanda Almeida the company after the soldiers (239)826-4419 THE WOLVERZINE
  7. 7. 94TH ENGINEER BATTALION PAGE 7232nd Warrior Review and wet but we all made it through your hard work and dedication….I safely. appreciate everything you do, and We also had a couple of promo- continue to be ALL THAT YOU tions! CPL Williams advanced to CAN BE! WARRIORS! the rank of SGT and SPC Reich Cassandra D. McGinnis advanced to the rank of CPL. Good CASSANDRA D. McGINNIS Job and Well Deserved! CPT, EN CommandingMISSIONS:Recently we just returned from along trip to Ft. Chaffee Arkansas, “Every action23 January 2011 – 9 February 2011.We put our OEF/OIF Battle Drills in our livesinto action, learned much more, touches onand overall had a much needed UPCOMING EVENTS:bonding experience for all the new The 28th of March we will be hav- some chordSoldiers, new lieutenants, and the ing a change of command ceremonyCompany as a whole. It was cold that will vibrate for CPT MCkelvin’s arrival and CPT McGinnis’s departure. in eternity.” CLOSING COMMENTS: ~Edwin With my last and final Hubbel Chapin words as your Com- pany Commander, thanks to all the Sol- diers, Spouses, and Family members for allFRG Leader NookHello to everyone! My name is are a few interesting facts about happy to be part of this companyMara Tate and I am the new FRG your new FRG leader...I have B.S. and FRG, my goal is to supportLeader for 232nd Company. We Degree in Business and Finance and families and encourage everyone tomoved here in January from Hawaii. a Masters in Education - even get involved. During our tour inWe originally are from St. Louis, so though I’m not working I utilize my Hawaii my husband deployed toyes we are used to this crazy win- degrees in everyday living. I am half Iraq for 14 months and during thatter weather. My husband is prior Sicilian, and I love to cook, espe- time I was actively involved in ourservice and in 2007 decided to go cially a good homemade Italian dish. FRG and loved every minute. I can’tback into the Army after a 10 year Our faith is very important to us express to you how much I lovebreak in service, so we have been and plays a major role in our family being an Army wife, if there is any-active for 4 years. We have been life. I am actively involved in thing you may need please contactmarried for 8 years, and we have 2 PWOC which is Protestant me. Thank you all and I look for-children. Our daughter is 4.5 and Women of the Chapel and would ward to getting to know everyone!our son is 2. I am at stay at home encourage anyone who is inter- Mara Tatemom - and love every minute! Here ested to contact me. I am very (314)496-7719
  8. 8. PAGE 8 Chaplain’s Blessings Two Strong Bonds events were recently conducted for the 94th. One was with mar- ried Soldiers and their Families and another was for our single Soldiers. Strong Bonds events provide relationship education and skills training held in a retreat setting to help enhance Soldier and Family Readiness by build- ing stronger Families. We have another one sched- uled for July, date to be deter- mined. In the meantime here are some other opportunities for Soldiers and Families:“There is no "I" 4th MEB Bible Study Marriage Enrichment Lunch- Stress Management Seminar Wednesdays 1130-1230 eon Mondays 1800-1900 in Team but Specker Chapel Mondays 1130-1230 Specker Chapelthere is a "u" in 94th EN BN S-3 Conference Lunch provided Room volunteer.” Lunch Provided ~Unknown Relocation Tools The Department of Defense and Plan My Move are stream- Military Installations allows you has several relocation tools lined, interactive, reliable and to view articles, photos, major available for your use. Two of up to date moving applications. unit listings and contacts for the tools, Military Installations Plan My Move provides you programs and services at in- and Plan My Move, reside on with access to information stallations worldwide. the MilitaryHOMEFRONT and about your entitlements and Our local ACS also offers Military OneSource websites. benefits, to points of contact, classes and information pack- These tools allow for utiliza- checklists, planning tools, and ets for those preparing to tion of advanced technology information on education and move. Classes include moving and reliable internet informa- employment. Plan My Move to an overseas location and tion coupled with 24/7 services will put you and your family in budgeting for a PCS. Call 596- available from Military One- charge of a smooth relocation 0212 for more info. Source. Military Installations to your new duty assignment. THE WOLVERZINE
  9. 9. 94TH ENGINEER BATTALION PAGE 9Farewell My FriendSo Long, Farewell, auf Wiedersehen, ter, SGT Church, and SPC Raby 232ndGood-bye. To all of you who are leav- 77th CPT McGinnis &ing to move on to bigger and better none submitted family, 1SG Ellis, 1LTthings we wish you good luck in your Molloy, SFC Lepine,life and career. 103rd SPC Ayotte, SPC Cardona. SPC Durgin, SPC Harriman, SPCHHC Lobdell and family, SSG Vanderlugt,None submitted SGT Kaehr, SGT Hernandez andFSC family, SPC Santiago, PFC Brandon,SPC Badeaux, SGT Mingo, SPC SPC Smith, CPL Weiler, SPC Sto-Pate, PFC Rosales-herring, SPC baugh, SGT McNealy.Jones, SGT Pritchard, SGT Lancas-Special Deliveries HHC - Mr. & Mrs. Myers, Sura Isis Meyers born 22 December; SGT & Mr. Crist, baby boy Bentley Crist born on 9 January. FSC - SSG and Mrs. Wallace, baby girl Jocelyn Jo Wallace, born 7 February. 103rd - PFC & Mrs. Arzu, baby boy Christian Young; SPC & Mrs. Waldorf, twin girls Teegan and Taylor; SSG & Mrs. Barnes, baby boy Avery Barnes; SGT & Mrs. Young, baby boy Avery; SPC & Mrs. Lewis, baby boy Troy Lewis. 232nd - SGT & Mrs. Jackson, baby girl born16 November; PFC & Mrs. Kelly, baby girl born 14. February. ♥Welcome Wolverines!We welcome into the ranks of the 77th non, PV2 Barnett, PFC Steffl, SGTWolverines the following Soldiers and SSG Good and family, SGT Holliday Kean, SPC Sordahl, 2LT Con-Families: and family, PFC Zhounbrovich and ger, SFC Jaime and family.HHC family, SPC Sankovich and family, 232ndCPT Ashton and family, PFC Banas PFC Hughes and family, PVT Aubin CPT McKelvin and family,and family, and family, SPC Boose and family, SFC Lopez and family, 1LT SGT Williams and family. Tollison and family, SFCFSCSSG Smith, SPC Cooper, PFC 103rd Brown, SPC Cady, SPCMcCaskill, CPL Bell and family, SPC PFC Sundan and family, SPC Kear Coyne, SPC Gifford, SPC Frey andMcGuirk, and SSG Vongphachanh, and family, SGT Wofford and fam- family, 2LT Brooks and family, SFCSSG Burton and family, SPC Coo- ily, SPC Ghaidi and family, SGT Bulman and family, SPC Taylor andper and family, PFC Risley and fam- Jenkins and family, SGT Taylor and family, SPC Tate and family.ily, SGT Thorne and family. family, SGT Dickens, SGT Matlock, SPC Elliott, PVT Haung, SGT Ze-
  10. 10. PAGE 10 Adpot a Highway Program A Little Time Makes a Big ticipate, and encourage families Transportation provides trash Difference! Volunteer To- & friends to make a difference bags, safety vest, caution signs, day! in your community. It only Highway signs and collected Since adopting a highway FSC takes a little time! For more bag pick up. To get started has collected 25 bags of trash information, paperwork, and today contact Missouri De- and several bags of aluminum. other ways to help during the partment of Transportation at The aluminum collected is No MO Trash Bash visit their 1-888-275-6636 or visit their donated to the Waynesville website at website Animal Shelter to help offset . You click on the “Service” tab, then their expenses. In only 5 can be entered for special “Community Service” and hours utilizing approximately prizes for this event and also lastly the “Adopt A Highway” 55 volunteers over the span of receive No MO Trash Bash tab. It is just that simple! a year FSC has made a big lapel pins for all your volun- A special thanks to all the vol- impact on the community. teers. unteers from FSC this past You can too! Adopting A Highway only year! Your service is greatly April is No MO Trash Bash takes a once a quarter com- appreciated! month for Missouri. This is a mitment to clean up at a mini- time for you to educate, par- mum. The Department of"Often we set out tomake a difference in the lives of others only to discover we have made a difference in our own."~Ellie Braun-Haley THE WOLVERZINE
  11. 11. 94TH ENGINEER BATTALION PAGE 11Month of the Military ChildWanting to honor military kids for Piney Valley Golf Course - Free aways,their sacrifices and courage, in 1986 small bucket of range balls during and freeDefense Secretary Casper April, Tuesday-Friday.1 per day. food.596-Weinberger designated April as the Child must be accompanied by an 0238Month of the Military Child. Since adult. Free Con-then, military installations, organiza- Outdoor Adventure Center - No cert - The group All Star Weekendtions and communities have created paintball field fees. $2 off paintball will be performing 10 April, 5pm atspecial events to pay tribute to rental package.10% off all retail Waynesville High. They are a Radiothese little military heroes. items in the shop. Disney Top 10 Artist. Free. 596-Here’s what’s in store for our kids Lake of the Ozarks Rec Center - 6913here at Ft. Leonard Wood! Free fishing pole rental for kids. Youth Talent Show - 23 April fromDaugherty Bowling Alley - Dollar Community Fun Fair - 2 April from 1pm-4pm at the Pippen Youth Cen-Days: $1 bowling/$ 1 shoe rental 11am-3pm at the CDC, bldg 615. ter. Event is free. To sign up toMon-Thurs 11am-10pm Lots of activities, door prizes, give- perform call 596-0209. “The world is hugged by the faithful armsVeterans Affairs Services Alert of volunteers.” ~Terri GuillemetsAn organization called Veterans approached or called, do not offer something similar sounding, hang upAffairs Services (VAS) is providing them any information concerning the phone. Do not respond tobenefit and general information on yourself or data on other veterans. emails which suggest that they areVA and gathering personal informa- The Department of Veterans Affairs from the VA. The VA never con-tion on veterans. This organization does not randomly call veterans, ducts official business nor asks foris not affiliated with VA in any way. nor does it ask veterans for infor- personal information by email.Websites with the name "VA ser- mation which it does not already VA CENTRAL OFFICEvices" immediately after the "www" have. If you have not dealt with the Office of Security and Law Enforce-ARE NOT part of the Department VA previously and in person, then mentof Veterans Affairs; the real VA you receive a call from someonewebsite ends If saying they are with the VA orKC Royals Military Child AppreciationKansas and Missouris National Section Regular Price You Pay Free Activities Include:Guard Teen Councils are joining Field Box $34.00 $10.00 Sprint Fun Run (Kids runtogether to sponsor a special event the bases after the game!)- Month of the Military Child - to Field Plaza $27.00 $10.00celebrate our unsung heroes at the Face Painters Hy-Vee ReservedKansas City Royals games Sunday, $19.00 $9.00 Caricatures & Balloon BoxApril 3, 2011 and Sunday, April 17, Artists2011. Purchase tickets and receive Hy-Vee Infield $17.00 $5.00 Live Entertainmenta special discount in honor of local Hy-Vee Box $14.00 $5.00military children. April 17th is Autograph Afternoon.
  12. 12. 94th Engineer FRG Steering Committee Mission Statement: We will listen to and handle Family member concerns and issues with respect, understanding, and kindness.94th Engineer Battalion We will provide the necessary, appropriate communicationsStephanie D. Leary and resources to help Family members stay informed, knowl-Family Readiness Support Assistant edgeable, and educated.Bldg 1022 East 20th Street We will reach out personally to all Family members withFort Leonard Wood, MO 65473 genuine concern and appreciations in order to sustain, sup-Phone: (573)596-0131 ext 6-3968 port and motivate them throughout their Wolverine tours.Cell: (573)837-8086 We will act responsibly with the financial assets and re-E-mail: sources of the 94th Engineer Battalion and promise to use Join us on Facebook! these monies to benefit the Wolverine Family members as Battalion whole. “Building Firm Foundations” FRSA Note Last August the chairman of the Joint authorized ACS and unit officials may of war fighting readiness. Our Sol- Chiefs of Staff sought to eliminate the contact Family members without the diers and Families must be kept in- “yes-no” box on Family information Soldiers consent when relaying Fam- formed of available services and pro- forms that determined if the unit ily readiness information. grams and how to access and use could contact the family. Commanders can also leverage the them. “There are just too many spouses resources of existing readiness affili- A ready Family is a Army Strong Fam- whose spouse deploys where that ated programs such as Family Readi- ily. box is checked no” Navy Admiral ness Groups, Family Readiness Sup- Mike Mullen said. He wants to pre- port Assistants, and Army Commu- vent that type of isolation and ensure nity Service. families are better informed. Official Family readiness information Therefore, the Chairman of the Joint includes information related to sup- Chiefs of Staff recently initiated five port services and social, informa- Integrated Process Teams (IPTs) to tional, caretaking, and morale-building resolve Family support problems. activities aimed at enhancing prepar- The Assistant Chief of Staff for Instal- edness for the Total Army Family. lation Management determined that Family Readiness is the cornerstone The inclusion of some unofficial information in this FRG Newsletter has not increased the costs to the Government, in accordance with DoD 4525.8-M, Official Mail Management Manual.