The Wolverzine (June 2011)


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94th EN BN's quarterly newsletter

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The Wolverzine (June 2011)

  1. 1. The Wolverzine 9 4 T H E N G I N E E R B A T T A L I O N J U N E 2 0 1 1FRG From the CommandMEETINGS:HHC FRG - 5:30, 2nd Tues, Com- pany Wolverines, We’re off to a slow start this We’ve been working hard in theFSC FRG - 5:30, 1st As this is my first article for the season, but things are going to headquarters to iron out the Tues, Stonegate Wolverzine, I’d first like to say pick up starting calendar for as far our as Comm. Center with our weapons we can. My goal is to thank you for the warm welcome to me and my family. You made qualification at Ft. make our business more77th FRG - 5:30, 1st us feel like one of your own from Chaffee Arkansas predictable so that Sol- Tues, Battalion day one. This is tremendously the week of 11 diers and families know103rd FRG - 5:30, heartwarming. Coming in as an July. In addition to what’s happening a little 1st Thurs, USO outsider, I have to say what an four on-post con- better. Our training awesome organization this is. struction projects, calendar is not a secret232nd FRG - 6:30, we’ve got a big list for as long as we’re here This battalion is comprised of 2nd Tues, Com- of projects to do at in the States, so I have talented and dedicated folks who pany Ft. Riley. The 77th no problem publishing it, give their all. I can think of no better place to be, and no better with a little help from the 103rd so that all can see. The Army is unit to be with than the 94th are headed up to Kansas around a family business; you’ve earnedINSIDE Engineers. Thank you. To top it the first of September to make the right to know what’s goingTHIS ISSUE: off, my penance as a geographic Ft. Riley a better place to train on. Another project in the bachelor is almost over. My for the mighty “Big Red One”. name of information flow is im-Friendships 2 So, if there’s family business to proving the battalion’s official family starts to arrive in late July, with Laura bringing up the rear in take care of, please take care of web page. LT Poole, the Battal-HHC late August. It’ll be nice to be it, as some soldiers will ship to ion S6, is learning web-page de- 3 back together again. projects off of Ft. Leonard Wood sign so that our official page is for weeks at a time. Continued on page 2FSC 4 Greetings From Your Advisors77th 5103rd 6232nd 7 Summer is finally here, no more joying your time in the sun. We snow days for now. Tish Ander- hope all those who are leaving son and her family have moved will have a safe journey to theirChaplain 8 on to the east coast and although new duty station. Thank you to we were sad to see her go, I am Corlee Winkler and Sinlan Mor- excited to WELCOME Laura row for stepping in to help afterMilestones 9 Calese and her daughters!! They Tish left, your efforts are appre- will be here in September for ciated! good! We hope you are all en- Sheree, Corlee, and Laura
  2. 2. PAGE 2 Command cont’d more useful to new comers. If Jenny. CPT Robinette will be like to announce that CSM you’ve been in the battalion a giving command of FSC to Keel has been offered the while, you’ve probably latched CPT Josh Simulcik in July. CPT Command Sergeant Major onto our awesome FaceBook Hines will be giving HHC to position of the 20th Engineer page, but the Soldiers and CPT Aaron Ferguson in July. Brigade at Ft. Bragg next sum- families moving in will likely hit CPT Hines will be moving to mer. If you see him or the official page looking for a the 103rd, so that CPT Brad- Sheree, congratulate them. clue. ford can eventually take com- This is a big deal, and well There’s lots of turn over this mand of the 509th Engineer deserved. summer, as there always is in Company over in the 5th Engi- Please stay safe this summer. the Army. Sadly, MAJ John neer Battalion. Our last There are lots to do around Morrow has moved on to change of the summer will be here, but take the necessary Brigade staff, but in trade we CPT Ashton taking the 77th precautions as you have fun. got the awesome team of MAJ from CPT Hamilton in August. Robert Petty and his wife Thank God the First Sergeants are all staying put! Lastly, I’d Wolverine 6. FRG Leader Contact Info Friendships HHC Making friends can be more warmth and caring tend to table.Tami Hines complicated in adulthood lower the levels of chemicals • Walk or take public than in childhood. It isn’t associated with stress in the tion. Take the bus or walk in- always easy to get to know human body. Reaching out to stead of driving. To boost your FSC new people or develop the other people -- at work, in chances of seeing familiar faces,Amanda Robinette trust and affection that make your community, or by mail or stick to a regular schedule orRobin Edwards for a lasting friendship. If online -- can help you gain the you’ve moved recently or if many benefits that enduring your old friends seem less friendships offer. • Join a carpool. If you can’t 77th interested in the activities walk or use public transporta- Friendship often results from a tion, join an office carpool, orAngie Bryant you used to share, you may lucky accident. You may strike volunteer for a carpool wonder how you can find up a fascinating conversation your children’s social or ath- people who share your inter- while waiting for an elevator 103rd ests and values. letic events. or standing in line at the bank.Nyree Bradford • Exercise with others. Do your It’s important to remember While you’re watching yourAmanda Almeida aerobic exercises at your local that there’s a link between child’s soccer game, you Y or a gym instead of at home, friendship and physical and meet a parent who shares an mental well-being. The ability unusual interest that you or swim at the same time each 232nd day or week at a pool. to make new friends thought nobody had but you.Mara Tate throughout life is a key to You can’t plan for events like • Shop selectively. Buy successful aging. The these, but you can make your- equipment or CDs at specialty stronger your ties to other self available for them. Here stores instead of by mail, and people, the happier and are some tips: check the stores’ bulletin healthier you are likely to be. • Spend time outdoors. Read the boards for events for sports or Some studies have found that newspaper in a park on your music lovers. solid friendships even lunch hour, not at home, or • Get a dog. Walk your dog at strengthen the immune sys- open your mail on your front the same time each day, and tem because feelings of steps instead of at the kitchen you’ll probably find that people Continued on page 10 THE WOLVERZINE
  3. 3. 94TH ENGINEER BATTALION PAGE 3HHC Headhunter Headlines have taken part in multiple ranges -bye to all of you great Headhunt- and started preparing for our Range ers on 7 July. We have both en- Density at Fort Chafee, AR that will joyed working with each of you and happen during the second week of we will miss you all greatly. You July. Late spring also brought about have all been a blessing to us and several births within the company; we want to thank you for the op- congratulations to all of those HHC portunity to serve with you. Fi- families on their new additions. At nally, I want to introduce the newSummer is fully upon us now and our last FRG meeting, we all met at incoming commander whom manywe are all adjusting to the warmer the horse stables here on post and of you have already met. CPTweather in HHC. Over the last several of you were able to bring Aaron Ferguson, his wife Lindsayfew months, your Soldiers have your kids to ride the Winkler fam- and their four children will be com- Tami hasgone into the field, here at Fort ily’s horses. We were also able to ing on board and they are veryLeonard Wood, where they trained vote on our next Org Day and we excited to meet all of you; please done aon basic Soldier skills that are nec- are looking forward to going to take a moment over the next few wonderful jobessary in the event they were ever LORA in late July. On a sadder months to get to know them.called to deploy. In addition, they note, Tami and I will be saying good CPT Dennis Hines as the FRG Leader of HHC. ThankFRG Leader Nook you for all your hardAs June comes to a close, and the fact doesn’t make it easier, but it lies for taking part in the FRG and work!upcoming change-of-command makes it more commonplace and, for making this last year so enjoy-becomes a closer reality, I must tell therefore, it makes all of us more able!the families of the HHC how much resilient. I saw that resiliency in the Tami Hinesof a pleasure it has been to serve, families of the soldiers that unex- (254)291-4613first, as your FRG co-leader, and pectedly transferred and deployedultimately, as your leader. I’ve come with the 5th and I see that resil-to know familiar faces of spouses, iency in our firefighter families assoldiers and children, and I never they stand by awaiting the impend-knew what a joy that could be. ing return of their loved ones.Change is a way of the Army; this Thank you to all of my HHC fami-
  4. 4. FSC Spartan Word PAGE 4 This last quarter was very fast command an enjoyable and paced and productive. We learning experience. I have safely executed numerous FRG learned so many valuable les- events, company field training sons that will follow me for the exercise, and change of com- rest of my career. I was hon- mand inventories. As we tran- ored to have served with you sition into next quarter, the and thanks for volunteering Distro platoon working on dismounted schedule is full with change of your time and efforts to make infantry operations. command, range density, and the FSC the best company in the battalion and company the Army. organizational days. Thanks for CPT Robinette all your support and keep up the motivation. Spartans! Sus- tain Glory I want to take this opportunity to thank all the Soldiers and Families of FSC that made this Cooks raising morale for all the companies FRG Leader Nook during the two week FTX. One of our goals as a FRG was to give families a taste of what Lastly, I want to thank all the to find ways for families to feel it looks like when they are families and people who have more connected to the Army working in the field. There helped make the past 15 and to understand what the were a variety of military vehi- months as a FRG Leader very The Families and soldiers actually do for a job. cles for families to get a closer successful and full of fun. It has To help achieve this goal, CPT look, as well as to pretend to been a blessing to work with Volunteers of FSC Robinette suggested we hold drive. Also, the kids partici- the families.thank Amanda for an FRG meeting in the motor- pated in an Easter Egg Hunt. Amanda Robinette pool, where many of the FSC We also had several successful (816)248-1779 all she has done soldiers work. The cooks set fundraisers. The money raised up the MKT to cook hot dogs Robin Edwardsover the last year. will go towards the Company (870)688-3833 Organizational Day in August. She helped to create a very successful FRGFamilies wanted to participate in! THE WOLVERZINE
  5. 5. 94TH ENGINEER BATTALION PAGE 577th Rock Steady Report Battalion during the event. Those construction season. A number of winning teams hope to lead the 4th projects exist this year, including Maneuver Enhancement Brigade to work in Fort Riley, Kansas; Fort a win during the Victory Week Leonard Wood, Missouri; and po- competition at the end of June. tentially in Laredo, Texas. For the After Dauntless Days, the Com- coming month the Company will pany conducted its final Field Train- continue preparing for the upcom- ing Exercise focused on its CCMRF ing projects, looking forward to the mission. The FTX tested both hard work on the horizon.The 77th Engineer Company has soldiers and leaders on their ability CPT Brent Hamiltonbeen busy the past month. The to perform the multitude of tasksCompany contributed multiple that they spent the past ninesoldiers to the 94th Engineer Battal- months learning and mastering.ion’s sports teams for Dauntless After recovering from the field, the Volunteers areDays, resulting in the great, how- Company began preparing soldiers needed! If youever unrecognized, success of the and equipment for the upcoming are interested in gettingFRG Leader Nook involved contact Angie for more info!77th FRG has been busy fundraising had an amazing turn out for Org current.and planning Company Organization Day and everyone enjoyed a cook- Were planning a July Family GetDay. out, bouncy house, sporting events Together (during the FTX), moreFamilies donated items for Our and daycation style door prizes. information to follow, hope to seegarage sale and Soldiers participated The FRG is currently working to you all again soon!in Pie in the Face at Motor Pool. provide Baby Showers for expec- Rock Steady!!There were record breaking fund- tant Soldiers and their Spouses.raisers for us! Change of Command Inventory and 77th FRGCompany Org Day was held on upcoming FTXs will be keeping the Angie BryantJune 9th at Colyer Park. The day Soldiers busy for the next several (573)647-6268started off with Scavenger Hunt months. Please ensure Power ofFamily P.T. and snow cones. We Attorneys and auto repairs are
  6. 6. PAGE 6 103rd Viper Bytes Hello again to the Viper and even while being short handed. grateful to have had this op- Wolverine Families! This past I cannot put into words how portunity, and would like to quarter has once again been proud I am of these Soldiers say a heartfelt thank you to all extremely busy. From Field and NCOs; they are truly the the Viper family for giving me Training Exercises to small best! We have sent some Sol- such great support during the construction projects, your diers to the 509th Engineer past year. As the Viper creed Vipers have been showing why Company for a deployment to states: “I am and always will be they are the “go to” company Afghanistan. Please be safe and a Viper.” Thank you to the for the battalion! The line pla- we will see them when they Soldiers and families, and I toons have kept up the high return. This past quarter has wish you the best of luck in tempo of garrison operations been bitter sweet for me, since the future! while maintenance platoon it is my last full quarter as Vi- ~CPT Bradford continues to do more work on per 6. We will change com- the equipment than expected, mand in August, and CPT Den- keeping the company’s readi- nis Hines will take the reins of ness level above the standard, this outstanding unit. I am so News & Noteworthy! SPC Ghadi was pro- FRG Leader Nook A warm summer “Hello” from 232nd. We are preparing for can be! Hope everyone stays moted to SGT the Viper FRG! We have been our Back to School BBQ in cool and has a great summer! very busy this quarter. We July, and the theme will be a ~Nyree Bradford and Amanda SGT Pelech was pro- have conducted numerous “Viper Luau!”, to include a luau Almeida fund raisers, to include: motor- style roast pig. There will be FRG Leaders moted to SSG pool BBQs, a PT test breakfast games and prizes, and the kids and food sales during Daunt- will love the water activities Nyree Bradford less Days. Our family Easter and shaved ice at the Sto- (573)528-0575 SPC Rickett was re- Egg Hunt was a great success negate Community Center. Amanda Almeida cently married with the face painting and a Once again, we are always (239)826-4419 surprise visit from the Easter looking for volunteers from Bunny! Thanks to all that the families to help out and helped, to include HHC and make our events the best they SSG Pelech and SGT Lake inspecting the BBQ equipment before the Motorpool fundraiser (special thanks to SPC Bishop too!) SPC Robinson enjoying the Easter Egg huntFamilies having fun searching for Easter Eggs THE WOLVERZINE Vipers standing tall for BN Change of Command
  7. 7. 94TH ENGINEER BATTALION PAGE 7232nd Warrior Review diers being awarded the Brigade’s Fort Leonard Wood and began Dauntless Discipline patch, a 5-man implementing new training in prepa- team of Warriors who competed at ration for our new upcoming the 13th Annual Marine Corps Chemical, Biological, Nuclear, and Volkslauf (a 10K mud run) and Radiological mission starting 1 Oc- placed 1st place overall, PFC Benja- tober 2011. We have continued to min Raymond, our medic, who won support the community as well the Battalion’s June Soldier of the through our PIES event with East Month Board, and two Soldiers Elementary which continues to be a who participated in the Annual Best great opportunity for both theTo the Soldiers, Families, and Sapper Competition and placed Soldiers and the students. I thankFriends of the 232nd Warriors: within the top 20. While accom- you all for your continued supportSince my Change of Command back plishing these various feats, the and invite everyone to attend ourin late March, the Warriors have Warriors remained busy on Ft. FRG meetings every 2nd Tuesday ofbeen busy accomplishing several Leonard Wood with our Range 11 the month and our Spouse’s Nightoutstanding feats while conducting construction, Range 6 construction Out once a quarter.awesome training and construction and starting a road maintenanceopportunities. Some noteworthy CPT David McKelvin project at training area 244. Inaccomplishments over this last May, the Soldiers conducted some News & Noteworthy!quarter include: the Warrior Sol- outstanding squad-level training on Re Enlistments SPC GoudyFRG Leader Nook SPC Foster SPC LongTo the 232nd Friends and Family, lies to come to work with their soldier was a great way to incorpo-The past few months have been spouses. The kids were able to join rate family and fun.great. We are currently fundraising in on PT and see what the “army Looking forward to our nextto support our Soldiers and their vehicles” looked like up close and events!families for a trip to Six Flags. The watch how they moved. Our Sol- diers demonstrated a few pieces of Mara Tatefundraisers we have participated in 232nd FRG Leaderincluded a garage sale, pancake equipment and the families really enjoyed it! We ended the day with (314)496-7719breakfast, car/truck show and abake sale all throughout this past another pie in the face and raisedquarter. In June, we did something over $1000 for our trip. We all hada little different at our fundraiser by fun and have an appreciation forhaving a hot dog lunch at our mo- what our Soldiers do every day!tor pool and invited the 232nd fami- Our time spent at work with our Kids on the equipment Jacobs on the grill
  8. 8. PAGE 8 Chaplain’s Blessings We’d like to take a moment to welcome our new Chap- lain, CPT Chad Davis. He is coming to us from Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD. We hope that he and his family are settling in and will enjoy their tour here with us! 4th MEB Bible Study Wednesdays 1130-1230 Specker Chapel Chaplain Davis Lunch providedhas the same cell phone number as the previous Chaplain, MWR Satisfaction Surveys (573)433-1672 American Forces Press Service | by The survey includes 135 ques- tailor it to our multigenera- Terri Moon Cronk tions that address a range of tional force,” Gordon said. Defense Department officials offerings from fitness centers Recognizing the differences in intend to use input gained to libraries, and automotive multigenerational needs is from customer satisfaction services to leisure activities. essential to members of the surveys to bolster Morale, Officials hope to have survey armed forces, he noted. Welfare and Recreation pro- data returned in about three grams and meet the up-to-date The MWR survey does not weeks, Gordon said. include data from family mem- needs of service members and their families, the deputy assis- “If [service members] can turn bers since valid contact infor- tant secretary of defense for it around quickly, we can soon mation was not available for military community and family understand how we’re doing them. Because of this, Gordon policy said today. and see how we can get bet- emphasized that service mem- ter,” he said. Sent randomly, bers should keep their families Officials are electronically the survey takes about 20 in mind when filling out the sending 600,000 surveys to minutes to complete, he survey. military installations world- added, and the answers are wide, Robert L. Gordon III “If you get it, please fill it out kept confidential and anony- quickly, and know that your said. The survey is the first of mous. its kind to collect input from opinion counts and will make all components of the U.S. “We want to get a sense of MWR better for you and your military, including National exactly what our service mem- family members,” he added. Guardsmen and reservists, he bers and their families are “Quality of life is important to added. using [at MWR] so we can us.” THE WOLVERZINE
  9. 9. 94TH ENGINEER BATTALION PAGE 9Farewell My FriendSo Long, Farewell, auf Wiedersehen, SGT Lancaster, SGT Greer, SPC Herridge, PVT Bar-Good-bye. To all of you who are leav- Willis, SPC Jones, SPC Pate, SPC nett, PVT Taylor,ing to move on to bigger and better Raby PFC Mean all trans-things we wish you good luck in your 77th - SGT Mcmahon, SGT Cole, ferred to 509th ENlife and career. SFC Malkin, CPT Hamilton & wife, CO to deploy.HHC - MAJ Morrow & family, CPT 1LT Cain 232nd - SGT Williams, PV2 Mathis,Powell & family, Seda, CPT Hines & 103rd - SSG Coleman, SGT Lake, SSG Veliz, SPC Goudy, SPC Johns,wife, SSG Lanier & son, and PFC SGT Snook, SGT Arnold & family, SPC Foster.Haubold & wife. SGT Klein, PV2 Wilson, and SGT SPC Green, SPC Houston, SGTFSC - CPT Robinette & family, SSG McAnally. Hibburd, PFC Campbell, SGT Sim-Vong, SGT Church, SGT Pritchard, SSG Taylor, SGT Watson, SGT mons all transferred to 509th EN CO to deploy.Special Deliveries HHC - CPT & Mrs. Ashton, baby boy Michael James on 8 April; SPC Butler, baby boy Branson McKay on 23 May; SGT Pearson, baby girl Kyndil Malia on 24 May; 1LT & Mrs. Sullivan, baby girl Lily on 24 May; SSG & Mrs. Lawton, baby boy Damian on 25 May; 1LT & Mrs. Presley, baby boy Anthony on 30 May; and PVT Harris, baby girl London Rose on 12 June. FSC - 1LT & Mrs. Moore, baby girl Saiya; SGT & Mrs. Mills, baby boy Jayden on 17 May; SGT & Mrs. Weston baby girl Abigail; SPC & Mrs. Sigman baby boy Zadyn; PFC & Mrs. Collins baby girl Kylee. 77th - SGT & Mrs. Luteyn, baby girl Audrina Lilianna; SPC & Mrs. Mclendon, baby girl Evan. 103rd - SPC Fahl, SGT Eskridge, SPC Lewis. 232nd - SPC & Mrs. Glenn, baby boy Bryson on 22 June.Welcome Wolverines!We welcome into the ranks of the CPL Bell, SPC Cooper, PFC Risely, PFC Lesniewski, PFC Marquez, PV2Wolverines the following Soldiers and PFC McNeil Arnott, SPC Bartlett, PVT Daigle,Families: 77th PV2 Rosato, SPC OrnotHHC SGT Duncan and family, PVT Ny- 103rdCPT Aaron Ferguson & family, CPT berg, PV2 Diamond, PFC Bolden, SSG Brown, PFC Carson, SPCChad Davis & family, CPT Troy SGT Oats, SPC Boose, PFC Ne- Chaffin, PFC Evans, SPC Hackney,Miller, and MAJ Robert Petty gron, PV2 Thomas, SPC Guffey, SPC Huffles, and PFC Nelson.FSC SPC Jones, L., SPC Crissey, SGT 232nd2LT Sybert, WO1 Choate, SSG Taylor, SGT McQueen, PFC Russ, SPC Singer, SGT Harky, SFC Matte-Smith, SGT Smith, SGT Sweger, PV2 Murry, SGT Alcala, PVT son and family, SPC Cobb, SPCSGT Thorne and family, SGT Mills, Rucker, PV2 Keeler, PVT Bennett, Hearn
  10. 10. PAGE 10 Godspeed 509th Deployers! Not quite two months ago 18 PFC Arnold Aguilar SGT Roger Herridge of our Soldiers were trans- PFC David Haubold SGT Jeremy Watson ferred to the 509th Engineer Company, 5th Engineer Battal- PFC Troy Owens SSG Gregory Taylor ion to deploy to Afghanistan in SPC Frederick Hogrefe SPC Jerome Green support of Operation Enduring SPC Adam Hamann SGT Harry Simmons Freedom. SPC Andrew Burd SPC Allen Houston June 16th the unit headed out for year long mission clearing SSG Adam Johnson SPC Jason Campbell roads of mines. SPC Cristina Ortega We pray these Soldiers com- PVT Stephen Barnett plete a successful mission and PFC Scott Taylor return home safely to their Families. SPC Veasna Mean Welcome Home Firefighters!SGT Michael Fleming As we say good-bye to one group we welcome home an- SGT Daniel Lane other. The 562nd Firefighting SGT Paul Smith Detachment will be returning to the 94th Engineer Battalion SPC Brian Hessler after almost a year of service in Afghanistan, ironically at SPC Mike Stoke FOB Wolverine. SPC Adam Rex Job well done Soldiers and we’re glad to have you back! SPC Cory Henning Friendships cont’d love talking to the owner of a ple. If you don’t have a com- easel to the park, the play- friendly pet. puter, most local libraries pro- ground, or a nature preserve • Use the Internet. If you have a vide free access to the Inter- that attracts a lot of visitors. computer, visit the Web sites net. for your town and for local • Remember that you can share Written with the help of Jeff Krause, M.S., L.M.F.T. Mr. Krause colleges to stay up to date on solitary activities with others. If is a clinical supervisor at Ceridian community activities. Or con- you love to read, find out if Corporation and has over 20 sider joining a networking site your public library or book- years of clinical experience in a like LinkedIn, store has readings by local variety of settings, which includes which can help you reconnect authors or a book discussion over 10 years in the employee online with former acquaintan- group. If you like to draw or assistance program field. ces and get to know new peo- paint, take your sketchbook or © 1998, 2008 Ceridian Corpora- tion. All rights reserved. THE WOLVERZINE
  11. 11. 94TH ENGINEER BATTALION PAGE 11Sarges List ClassifiedsR&B Communications is proud to to connect utilities and lastly, how over 100 years ofannounce, a new to connect with other military per- collective experi-website that provides free classi- sonnel in the area. To fulfill many ence in the Infor-fieds for military members to con- service areas, SargesList has part- mation Technol-nect worldwide. The site is the first nered with companies such as Willi- ogy industry andof its kind that serves all military amPaid for paying rent, building serves a widebranches, reserves, guard, DoD credit; MyFico for credit scores; range of clientscivilians and military retirees at transportation and lodging partners; from local government, businessbases around the world. Sarges- Allconnect for comparing and con- and non-profits to nationwide or-List™ includes everything in one necting local utility and home ser- ganizations and federal governmentplace: users can buy and sell house- vice plans; InsWeb for one-stop agencies. Some of SargesList’s teamhold items, vehicles and real estate, insurance rates comparison; and members are former military whileas well as browse listings for jobs, FloorPlanOnline for cutting edge others have served the militarypets and local services. marketing media related real estate housing industry since 2000 and Check outIn addition to buying and selling, virtual tours and floor plans with have been the technology team forSargesList is content rich in local room planners for homes for sale the Automated Housing Referral these two freeinstallation information for PCSing, and rentals. Network (, performing system development and hosting resources forsuch as welcome videos, directions, SargesList is owned and operatedlodging and rental information, how by R&B Communications who has since 2003. our Soldiers and Families!Free Caregiver Access for Military Connect with your FRG to find out aboutAmerican Forces Press Service | by Elaine care providers will be highly benefi- military life, trusted communityWilson more! cial to our servicemembers and resources are often difficult toMilitary families have free access to their families," said Tommy T. Tho- identify and locate," he acknowl-an online network of quality care- mas, deputy undersecretary of edged. "These online tools will helpgivers who can assist with every- defense for military community and service and family members attainthing from babysitting to dog walk- family policy. the best match between resourceing. The paid membership enables mili- and need." Sittercity is the nations largest tary families entry to a custom-built Thomas said servicemembers andonline source for local babysitters, Defense Department Web site their families can rest assured thatnannies, elder care providers, dog portal where they can match up theyre being provided with top-walkers, housekeepers and tutors, caregivers to their situation; gain notch care. The site "links militaryand contains more than a million instant access to caregiver profiles family members with somebodycaregiver profiles, officials said. that include background checks, that the Department of DefenseMilitary members and their families references and reviews; and find says, Weve entrusted you to pro-can activate their membership by military-certified care providers as vide this service to our people,"going to well as caregivers who are military- Thomas said. "If that military mem-dod. subsidized and authorized access to ber is out on the front line knowing a military installation. that the family back home has aThe Sittercity Corporate Program, sense of ease and comfort, life isfunded by the Defense Department, The site will help meet the unique needs of military families as they good for everybody," he added.offers military families -- includingactive duty, Guard and Reserve -- face deployments, long hours at While the membership is free, ser-with a paid membership to the site. work and assignments to remote vicemembers will be responsible for locations, Thomas said. the hiring and payment of caregiv-"We believe that access to Sitter- ers, officials said.citys nationwide network of quality "Because of the mobile nature of
  12. 12. 94th Engineer FRG Steering Committee Mission Statement: We will listen to and handle Family member concerns and issues with respect, understanding, and kindness.94th Engineer Battalion We will provide the necessary, appropriate communicationsStephanie D. Leary and resources to help Family members stay informed, knowl-Family Readiness Support Assistant edgeable, and educated.Bldg 1022 East 20th Street We will reach out personally to all Family members withFort Leonard Wood, MO 65473 genuine concern and appreciations in order to sustain, sup-Phone: (573)596-0131 ext 6-3968 port and motivate them throughout their Wolverine tours.Cell: (573)837-8086 We will act responsibly with the financial assets and re-E-mail: sources of the 94th Engineer Battalion and promise to use Join us on Facebook! these monies to benefit the Wolverine Family members as Battalion whole. “Building Firm Foundations” FRSA Note The last minute request for volun- need to take care of ahead of time. terest or hobby. Getting connected teers to deploy with the 509th Engi- Finding a support group is another with others builds lasting relationships neer Company is a great example at good idea, not only in case of a de- and connections that get us through how unpredictable life in the Army ployment but also for your everyday the day. can be. While our battalion tries its well-being. This can be found in many Family Strong! best to ensure our Soldiers and Fami- different places depending on your Stephanie lies are familiar with Missions, TDYs, lifestyle. Some find support through field exercises and other events, their church, others the FRG or things do pop up unexpectedly every through a group with a common in- once in awhile. Ensuring you are prepared beforehand will help relieve some of the stress of these surprises. Ask your FRG Leader or myself for a copy of a ’pre- deployment’ checklist that can help give you an idea of what you should have or The inclusion of some unofficial information in this FRG Newsletter has not increased the costs to the Government, in accordance with DoD 4525.8-M, Official Mail Management Manual.