The Wolverzine (June 2010)


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94th Engineer Battalion quarterly newsletter.

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The Wolverzine (June 2010)

  1. 1. The Wolverzine 9 4 T H E N G I N E E R B A T T A L I O N J U N E 2 0 1 0DATES FORYOUR CAL- Command Team MessageENDAR Brigade Change of Command from COL Ris- berg to COL Soldiers, Families, and Friends of Freedom tasks. Every platoon What a great event and all of the Rangel, June 25th the Wolverine Battalion; CSM that went through the training Soldiers and Family Members Keel and I want to take a minute had nothing but seemed to genuinely Wolverine Activ- and thank you for all that you do great things to say enjoy themselves out on ity Day, July 1st to make this Battalion a success and the leaders Colyer Park in the sun- Couples in Arms every day. We are honored to and Soldiers all shine. If you didn’t hear, 5-session rela- serve in the 94th Engineer Battal- came away with the battalion’s sports tionship seminar. ion, and we are truly thankful for an appreciation teams did incredibly Sign up, by July each opportunity that we have to for how intellec- well…we outright won 7 6th. 596-0212 interact with you. Do not think tually difficult that of the competitions, for a minute that either of us conflict is. During came in 2nd in three, and Battalion Organi- zation Day, Au- takes being a Command Team the Fort Riley came in 3rd in 2. At the gust 5th for is truly a privilege training density, end of the day, we were and we would do if forever if the we also had Sol- WAY AHEAD of the Army would let us. diers in Romania and in Germany other battalions, and CSM KeelINSIDE The Battalion continues to exe- supporting other operations. Of and I had the honor of acceptingTHIS ISSUE: cute extremely well. The trip course, they represented the the BDE Dauntless Days Shield that we took to Fort Riley for battalion well and we hope that which we will hold for the nextFRG??? 2 will lead to some construction year until the Dauntless Days training was incredible. We completed a range density and projects in Europe! 2011!HHC 3 followed it up with a very realis- We returned from Fort Riley just As we look forward, we have tic platoon training event mod- in time for the Brigade’s sports eled on Operation Enduring competition: “Dauntless Days”! Cont’d on page 2FSC 4 Greetings from our Advisors77th 5103rd 6232nd 7 Tish and I would like to welcome Best wishes to those Soldiers all those who are new to the who will be leaving the Battalion Battalion. and venturing on to new andChaplain 8 exciting places! Summer is peeking around the corner and I think most of us are GO WOLVERINES!Milestones 9 glad the icy roads are a thing of Tish Anderson the past! It has been a busy year with many more great adven- Sheree Keel 94th Engineer Battalion tures in front of us. Senior Advisors, Tish Anderson & Sheree Keel
  2. 2. PAGE 2 Message cont’d more great training planned. gade Tactical Training Base work they do for our Soldiers At the end of September, we here on Fort Leonard Wood. and Families is awesome. expect to send two platoons For everyone involved in that Thank you for all the “behind out to the U.S. Southern Bor- project, you know how big it the scenes” work that you do; der to build roads for the U.S. is. The battalion is in the proc- don’t ever think it goes un- Border Patrol. One of the ess of building 42 SEAhuts that noticed or is not important. It projects is in Laredo, Texas, the 1st Engineer Brigade will is noticed and it is incredibly and the other project is in use to house initial entry Sol- important! Nogales, Arizona. These pro- diers during field problems. CSM Dewayne Keel jects are excellent training for We will end this entry into the platoons and ensure that we LTC Jeffery Anderson Wolverzine by thanking some are trained in construction and pretty special people. The project management. FRG leaders in each company Also in the Fall, we expect to are some really amazing people complete the 1st Engineer Bri- and the amount of volunteer FRG Leader Contact Info HHC What is an FRG?Tami Hines The Family Readiness Group iency among the members by • A surrogate parent(254)291-4613 (FRG) is an official Army pro- providing information, • A social worker gram established by the com- assistance and mutual concern. mander and run by volunteers. • A taxi or bus service FSC 3. The FRG provides activities The organization consists of all and support that enhance the • A loan agencyAmanda Robinette assigned Soldiers (married and well-being and esprit de corps What it boils down to is that(816) single), DA Civilians, volun- within the unit. the FRG is here to provide you teers and families (immediate The FRG mission is to: with information and to help 77th and extended) that together you find the resources that you provide mutual support and • Act as an extension of the need. The more volunteersAngie Bryant unit in providing official, accu-(573)647-6268 assistance and a network of FRGs have the more programs communications among the rate command information and social activities FRGs family members, the chain of • Provide mutual support be- offer. In turn these resources command, and community tween the command and the and activities provide opportu- 103rd resources. FRG membership nities for Families to build ef-Elizabeth Hernandez The FRG assists the unit com- • Advocate more efficient use fective support systems around(336)442-9667 mander is three ways: of community resources themselves.Julie Arnold(573)452-2346 1. The FRG conducts activities • Help that enhance the flow of infor- solve problems at mation between command and the lowest level. 232nd families. It provides feedback The FRG is not: -Tiffany Rice on the state of the unit’s fami-(573)765-3658 lies to the command and dis- • A part of theSarah Wallace seminates information to fami- Casualty notifica-(573)337-4372 lies received from the com- tion team232nd mand. • A babysitting 2. The FRG encourages resil- service THE WOLVERZINE
  3. 3. 94TH ENGINEER BATTALION PAGE 3HHC Headhunter HeadlinesHello to all the family Soldiers within the BN the Rear D for the entire family.and friends of HHC, received the best train- We would love feedback from the94th EN BN. The last ing that could be pro- families about this so that we canfew months have been vided. We would like continue to provide you thevery busy for everyone to thank all of the fami- needed support while your Soldierwithin the BN and that lies that were impacted is away from home. Finally weincluded many of the by this and thank each would like to thank everyone forSoldiers within HHC. of you for your contin- helping make the transition be-Over the month of May ued support while we tween myself and CPT Drake verythe entire BN rotated up to Fort deploy to the field to prepare for smooth, and we wish her and herRiley to participate in a field training deployments. In addition, to de- husband a happy farewell as theyexercise to prepare us for a tactical ploying a large portion of the staff get ready to move on with theirenvironment. Many people on staff to Fort Riley an equal amount of military career. “To the worldwithin HHC spent the entire month people stayed back here at Fort CPT Dennis Hinesup at Fort Riley to ensure that all Leonard Wood to assist in running you may be just one person, but to one personFRG Leader’s Nook you may be the world.” - Brandi SnyderTaking up the position as FRG that no one outside the realm of what it was meant to be: a group ofleader was not a decision that I the military could possibly under- friends who can actually understandmade easily. The FRG, for me, was stand. So, as the year rolls along, what the person next to themunfamiliar and unknown and, there- and as our military families continue might be going through. We arefore, to be its leader, seemed to be to live, love, and learn together, my planning a bake sale so that we maya daunting and ambiguous task. hope, as the new FRG leader, is to raise funds for a Company OrgGrowing up in the military as I did, build friendships within our circle of Day/BBQ during either the monthshowed me the amazing dynamics soldiers and loved ones. I hope that of July or August. I look forward tothat military families possess. How- we can spend our meetings laughing meeting you all!ever, military families must also and learning about one another so Tami Hinesendure hardships and heartaches that we may utilize the FRG for
  4. 4. PAGE 4 FSC Renegade Remarks First off, I want to thank the Engineers making it a success- that were on rear detachment Soldiers and Families of For- ful field training exercise. Our that kept us ahead on mainte- ward Support Company for company overcame many nance while sustaining the your continuous support. I am shortfalls with personnel and Cont’d on page 11 honored to serve as your com- equipment and still made the mander and as LTC Anderson mission happen. Our always preaches, I treat it as a Soldiers received realistic gift every day. Right after tak- training to include react- ing command, we started to ing to IEDs, sniper fire, plan for the Fort Riley Field small arms fire, media Training Exercise. From April engagements, and many 25th to May 22nd, more than 35 other exercises to train Soldiers from the Forward for Operation Enduring Support Company deployed to Freedom. Fort Riley, Kansas providing Thanks to the Soldiers logistical support for the 94th SPC Haislip works on a MMWV before it redeploys to FLW. FRG Leader’s Nook“A good memory is When I volunteered for the greatly impacted how I see the hosted a spouses’ night out at Forward Support Company role of the FRG within a mili- Sweetwater BBQ, held multiple one that can (FSC) FRG leader position last tary community. As the FSC fundraisers, presented hand- March, I had only had a vague FRG continues to grow and outs from ITR, had monthly remember the idea of what holding this posi- develop, we are hoping that FRG meetings, and created aday’s blessings and tion would all entail. At first it the family members will be- Meal Team. Our next meeting was overwhelming, but as I come more involved, more is an ice cream social on July 6, forget the day’s began to meet the families informed, and more self reliant. 2010 from 5:30-6:30 at the within the company, I knew To meet these goals, we or- Stonegate Community Center. troubles.” that this position was a bless- ganized a family picnic at Co- Amanda Robinette ing. The people I have met lyer Park while the soldiers these past three months have were at the Ft. Riley FTX, Raising money for our FRG events at the Brigade Org Day THE WOLVERZINE
  5. 5. 94TH ENGINEER BATTALION PAGE 577th Rock Steady ReportOn the 13th of May, separated from our take place. There were trying timesthe 77th Engineer garrison responsibilities. to be certain, but through every-Company made the Had we conducted the one’s efforts, some critical adjust-trip back home. For same training at Fort ments were made.the two weeks Leonard Wood, many The last days of the exerciseprior, much training issues would have called were allocated for the “capstone”was conducted. Soldiers from the exer- event, in which a compound mis-Ranges on the cise. sion was externally and formallyM249, M240b, M2 Individual Soldiers gained evaluated. I think that all the OC’sand convoy live-fire the benefit of seeing the did a great job in being objective inmake the list of familiarity and pro- refinement of small unit tactics, their evaluations. Some great com-ficiency ranges. Most of the period techniques and procedures, better ments and recommendations forspent in Kansas was reacting to known as TTP’s. improving our tactical skills cameexternal missions, allowing the It was obvious in the first week of out of the capstone event, and theplatoon leaders, platoon Sergeants, the exercise that changes would OC’s are deserving of much of thisSquad and team leaders to hone have to be made, and it was largely credit.many of their tactical leadership thanks to the support, cooperation Rock Steady Outlaws.skills. In this regard, effectiveness of and motivation within the platoonstraining was capitalized due to being that allowed this critical step to 1SG Gaa delivers PMI to SPC Lariver and PV2 Alcazar on the M240b.FRG Leader’s NookHaving just arrived from Ft. spouses / Family members and to of Command (Cpt Hamilton), andRichardson, AK, this is the first step make sure that community re- August 20th Spouses my personal philosophy; “The sources are understood and avail- I can’t wait to meet everyone atkey to my Soldier’s success is to be able. I would like to see the number these events and be sure to checkan active and informed spouse”. of volunteers and participants in- your E-Mail for future details onThis is why I have chosen to be the crease and for us to work as a team these events!new FRG Leader for 77th. with a common interest. Angie BryantMy goals for this FRG are to main- Upcoming Events; July 16 kids PT,tain an open forum, maintain rumor July 23rd Company Organizationalcontrol, distribute information to Day, August 13th Company Change
  6. 6. PAGE 6 103rd Viper Bytes As we complete another great and we rose quite a bit of Vipers on 31July at the quarter of training and mis- money for future events. We Waynesville Park in the shelter sions I would like to take a got together again for Daunt- across from the splash park. minute to acknowledge a few less days where there were The money we have raised will of the things that have been sporting competitions and a fund this fun event for all. happening and also look for- BBQ. We again had a lot of First platoon has been working ward to some planned events. fun and raised some money at the Ammunition Supply We have accomplished many with the dunk tank. We also Point on Fort Leonard Wood. great things and the future continued to have our monthly They have improved the secu- looks to be as busy as ever. meetings in the battalion con- rity of this facility by increasing The FRG came to the motor ference room on the first the stand-off around the pe- pool and held a pie in the face Wednesday of each month at rimeter. Second platoon fin- fundraiser that allowed us to 1800. (There will be no July ished the earthwork for a fu- vent some of our frustrations meeting). There is a back to ture motor cycle safety course. on others. It was a fun event school BBQ planned for all of the Soldiers and Families of the Cont’d on page 10 FRG Leader’s Nook Hello Viper Family, again was very successful. In gifts for the kids at Waynesville “Dream as if What a great past few months August we are looking forward Park. FRG meetings are held we have had. Over the months to the Spouses Cookie Ex- the first Wednesday of every you’ll live forever, change and Bake sale at the month at 1800 in the Battalion we have had several fundrais- Motor Pool. The FRG partici- Conference Room everyone is live as if you’ll die ers. In April we did a Company Pie in the Face which was a lot pates in and puts on fundrais- welcome to attend. We look today.” of fun and raised substantial ers in order to give back to forward to seeing all Vipers amount of money. Thank you the soldiers and their families currently a part of the Com- - James Dean with events like the upcoming pany and all new Vipers. to all those who so kindly took a pie in the face. In May we Back to School Bash that is Elizabeth Hernandez & Julie participated in Dauntless Org planned for late July. We will Arnold Day with a Dunk Tank and have a BBQ with activities and Photos from our Dunktank and Pie-in- the-FaceFundraisers. THE WOLVERZINE
  7. 7. 94TH ENGINEER BATTALION PAGE 7232nd Warrior Review To the 232nd Family, It has been a very busy quarter for us. Many have left, and many newcom- ers have taken their place. This quarter has been quite rewarding with our involvement in the PIES East Elementary event (Partners In Education), Fort Riley exercise, and our crazy Family Focused Pie-in the- Face event. CPT Cassandra McGinnis SSG Delaney and SSG Miranda grading SGT Corp being pied by his 5 yr old high aptitude placement tests for East daughter, Dakota. Elementary children. SPC Whalen doing arts and crafts with children. SPC Cardona being pied by his lovely wife, Carlotta. SPC Hammond engaging in an educa- tional board game to enhance math skills.SFC Hightower cheating, but still got it SSG Wright and SPC Conrad preparinggood! material for paper projects. Cont’d on page 11
  8. 8. PAGE 8 Chaplain’s Blessings The Wolverines Strong Bonds Our next events: Families, Couples, and Singles 30 July - 1August for Families weekend retreat is designed to at 1000 Hills Resort, Branson. strengthen relationships inspire hope and rekindle marriages 26-28 August for Singles - even start the journey of “How Not to Marry Jerk” at healing for relationships under Chateau on the Lake in Bran- fire. son. Talk to your spouse, friend, Chaplain Kevin Daul and supervisor about Strong (573)596-5439 Bonds. BOSS The mission of BOSS is to issues on quality of life, and to Iowa Ave, 1530. continually progress and im- be involved with leadership Upcoming Activities prove the quality of life for developing activities. single service members July 4th - 4th of July Celebra- Single Service Members are tion & Army Soldier Show (bonafide bachelors, geographi- encouraged to voice their con- cal bachelors and single par- cerns to their unit BOSS rep- July 10th - Paint Ball ents) on Fort Leonard Wood. resentative who will in turn July 17th/24th AquaPalooza /94th BOSS Rep - And to provide and participate express the issues at the Night at LORASGT Ribultan in social, recreational, and weekly BOSS meetings. Aug 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th Op- educational events, to partici-FLW POCs - pate in community service BOSS meetings are held the eration Rising StarTristan, 596-4398 projects, to voice concerns and 1st & 3rd Wednesday of theAndrea, 596-4862 month at USO, Bldg 805 Summertime Fun Here are five programs/links to check out as 3. The Armed you plan your summer vacation fun. Forces Vacation Club 1. Armed Forces Recreation Center Resorts is a space available program offering week long stays for only $329 per unit at locations around - Shades of Green, Orlando FL the world. - Hale Koa, Honolulu, HI 4. Information, Tickets, and Recreation (ITR) offers discounted tickets to many local and - Cape Henry Inn, Chesapeake Bay, VA favorite attractions. 2. The largest collection of military travel dis- 5. Vacation Rewards is a travel discount pro- counts can be found at gram which has recently added cruises to their list of discount opportunities. THE WOLVERZINE
  9. 9. 94TH ENGINEER BATTALION PAGE 9Farewell My FriendSo Long, Farewell, auf Wiedersehen, 77th 232ndGood-bye. To all of you who are leav- Seibert, Kotas, Rose, J., Rose, V., PFC Beemer,ing to move on to bigger and better Cotto, Wallace, Hoffman, Williams, SPC Evangelista,things we wish you good luck in your P. Meskauskas, Pilago, Douglas, SGT Ferguson,life and career. Narvaez, Thompson, Braselton, SPC Kitchen, SGT Ritte-Bradshaw, Stone, Milis, Missler, Jones, Cole- SFC Street, SGT Corp, SGT Ribul-FSC man ton, SPC Shamblin, S., SPC Sham- 103rd blin, M., SGT Culbreath, SGT Olter,SPC Lyons, SPC Blythe, SPC Schel- SPC McAlister, SPC Hammond,has, SPC Richard, SGT Crouch, SFC Kirkman, SGT Ellis, SGT Mon- SGT BurkeSGT Dingey, SSG Chillers, tanez, SGT Quick, SPC Capps,1LT McIntyre SPC Cowley, SPC Miller, J., SPC Miller, L., SPC ShibleySpecial Deliveries HHC - Robert Danger Keglovitz FSC - Jenna Grace Stone , Joseph Robert Pack 77th - Michael Robert Benvignati, Jada Renee Williams 103rd - Vincent Javari Wayne Gonsalves, Georgia Violet Baas, and Keagan Marshall VanWinkle 232nd - Kaitlyn Grace Anderson, twins Payton Marie and Isaiah David EdwardsWelcome Wolverines!We welcome into the ranks of the family, SSG Bullock & familly, SFC Garrett, SGT Haynes & family, SGTWolverines the following Soldiers Wallace, 2LT Howard, 1LT Moore Morris, SGT Young & family, SGTand Families: & family Amato, PFC Eady and PV2 Branan,HHC - SPC Ramos & family, SSG 77th - SFC Gonzales & family, Alca- SSG Edmondson & familyMasters & family zar, Bankhead, Bryant & family, 232nd - PFC Fulmore, SGT Crow-FSC - PVT Minoske, PVT Snow, Debona, Johnson, W., Jones, J. & ley & family, SGT Clem & family,PVT Collins, PVT Gonzales, PVT family, Moseman, Sutton, Vaimauga, SGT Gifford, SGT Mooradian &Engelsman, PVT Bonham & family, Williams, M., Olsen, Bitner, Carter family, PV2 Rembert, PVT Smith,PVT Kjergaard & family, PV2 Lizano & family, Eggleston & family, Hall & SPC Sullivan & family, SGT Kellogg& family, PV2 Kellogg & family, PFC family, McMahon & family, Scroggins & family, SSG Abney & family, PV2Tukes, PFC Pascual, PFC Poltorat- & family, Upchurch, Vosick & family, Tate & family, PV2 Osterreich &skiy, PFC Jones, SPC Rosales & Woods family, PV2 Acosta & family, SFCfamily, SPC Ortega, SGT Quick & 103rd - SGT Enns & family, SGT Kieffer & family.
  10. 10. 94TH ENGINEER BATTALION PAGE 10103rd cont’dThe weather was a constant battle of the Families at Fort Leonard Wood. The week of 7-10 Septem-on this project, so it was great to Wood made this a very successful ber is scheduled as a Companyget it finished. Third platoon also training event. Field Training Exercise (FTX). Wefinished a very long project at the As we look forward to next quar- will stay in the field and focus onFORSCOM Tactical Training Base. ter, we will continue to be busy. tactical training during this time. AsThey expanded the size of the area The Vipers will welcome CPT Todd you can see, the summer is packedand it is a better training facility Bradford and his Family as he as- full of great training events sobecause of their efforts. The me- sumes command of this fine organi- please take advantage of the maxchanics have continued to labor zation. We will have a week of leave period and prepare for theaway and get all missions accom- ranges and a week of equipment busy schedule.plished despite being short handed. cross training in July. The end of As Stephanie, Whitney and I leaveWhile you may think your efforts July and early August is a time when the Vipers and move on to the nextgo unnoticed, they don’t, and we we encourage Soldiers and Families chapter in our lives I would like toknow your work is what keeps us to take a much needed break and thank all of our dedicated Soldiers “Kindness isrolling. The headquarters section enjoy some time off with a max and Families for you support andhad continued the exciting day-to- leave period. During the month of efforts. It has been an honor to difficult to giveday tasks that keep the company August and September we will serve with you all. The Army life isrunning. They have also responded likely have a platoon doing a con- not an easy one and I appreciate away becauseto all of the last minute requests struction project in Fort Riley, KS your selfless service. While youfrom the 1SG and me. The entire it keeps and a platoon at Ft. Irwin, CA serv- are all exceptional, no one can docompany moved over 1000 miles to ing as the environmental clean-up everything alone. Please remem- coming back.”and from Fort Riley, KS and con- team and working on a construc- ber to lean on each other when inducted some very good training tion project. We will also be work- need and use the many resources - Unknownwhile we were there. The hard ing on Fort Leonard Wood and that are provided to us of the Soldiers at Fort Riley preparing for future constructionand the selfless service and sacrifice CPT Wade Welsh missions on and off of Fort Leonard Vipers getting ready to run during the APFT 2nd Platoon working on the MotorM2 .50 caliber machine gun night fire! Cycle Safety Course 1st Platoon working at the ASP 3rd Platoon spreading gravel at TA 246 (FORSCOM TTB).
  11. 11. FSC cont’d PAGE 11 Battalion. Our Family Readi- ness Group is in full swing and is providing great family sup- port to the FSC. We are con- ducting numerous fund raisers to raise money for a fun com- pany organizational day on 1 July. Thanks again for every- one’s hard work and support. Renegades! Distribution Platoon conducts an after action review after CPT Steven Robinette just reacting to an Improvised Explosive Device (IED). “I have not failed. I have just found Distribution Platoon conducts OEF related operations. 10,000 ways SPC Collard is an asst. gunner for SSG Es- sington during Fort Riley’s Range Density. that it will not work. 232nd cont’d-Thomas A. Edison 2nd platoon executing Company Led Train Up. 1st platoon executing CAPSTONE. 3rd platoon executing Company Led SFC Henney hard at work. Train Up. THE WOLVERZINE
  12. 12. 94th Engineer FRG Steering Committee Mission Statement: We will listen to and handle Family member con- cerns and issues with respect, understanding, and kindness.94th Engineer Battalion We will provide the necessary, appropriate commu-Stephanie D. Leary nications and resources to help Family members stayFamily Readiness Support Assistant informed, knowledgeable, and educated.Bldg 1022 East 20th Street We will reach out personally to all Family membersFort Leoanrd Wood, MO 65473 with genuine concern and appreciations in order toPhone: (573)596-0131 x63968 sustain, support and motivate them throughout theirCell: (573)837-8086 Wolverine tours.E-mail: We will act responsibly with the financial assets and Join us on Facebook! Search for resources of the 94th Engineer Battalion and promiseour group, 94th Engineer Battalion to use these monies to benefit the Wolverine Family members as a whole. “Building Firm Foundations” FRSA Note My name is Stephanie Leary and I am job was not created to take the place check out the Opportunity Locator the new Family Readiness Support of the FRG leader, but to help them under the Become a Volunteer link at Assistant (FRSA) for the 94th Engi- in their volunteer position. After all, and neer Battalion. I am a military MP FRG leaders are a very valuable asset click on your unit. spouse of 20 years, mom to three and within the unit, and we don’t want to One of my favorite quotes is “Some an active volunteer. I’m very excited lose any of them due to burn out or people want it to happen, some wish to be working with the Wolverine stress from the day to day operation it to happen, others make it happen”. Soldiers, Families and FRG Volun- of a volunteer organization. Which one are you when it comes to teers. Please feel free to stop by my All our FRG leaders truly care about our FRGs? cubicle and say hi any time! the Families in our units and they As an FRSA I serve as a liaison be- each have some great ideas. I am Stephanie Leary tween the battalion and the unit level here to support them, but they can FRGs. I do this by providing the com- always use your help and support too. manders and FRG leaders administra- If you are interested in helping out tive support, compiling and dissemi- please don’t hesitate to contact them nating information, and by providing or myself to get started. To get an guidance, support and referrals. This idea of what you can do to help out The inclusion of some unofficial information in this FRG Newsletter has not increased the costs to the Government, in accordance with DoD 4525.8-M, Official Mail Management Manual.