The Wolverzine (December 2010)


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94th Engineer Battalion quarterly newsletter.

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The Wolverzine (December 2010)

  1. 1. The Wolverzine 9 4 T H E N G I N E E R B A T T A L I O N D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 0FRG Command Team MessageMEETINGS:HHC FRG - 4 Jan,5:30 Piney HillsComm. Center Soldiers, Families, and Friends of As I said in the last newsletter, did a great job. We could notFSC FRG - 4 Jan, the Wolverine Battalion; CSM there is no way to replicate the believe how well everything came5:30 Stone- gate Keel and I want to take a minute training that Offi- together, and we thankComm. Center. and thank you for all that you do cers and NCOs all of you that had a hand to make this Battalion a success get during those in making the Wolverine77th FRG - 4 Jan, every day. We both continue to exercises, and we Ball a “First Class Affair!”5:30 Battalion be honored to serve in the 94th will continue to We just discussed the Engineer Battalion, and we are seek these pro- training calendar for the103rd FRG - 5 Jan, truly thankful for each opportu- jects out. We months of January, Feb-6:00 Battalion nity that we have to interact with also are looking ruary, and March with you. As we all head our separate for out of country the Brigade Staff. Here232nd FRG - 11 ways during the Holiday Season, construction are some of the high-Jan, 6:30 Company we want each of you to know missions, how- lights that I really want how much we appreciate your ever as expected, folks to keep in mind: effort to make the 94th Engineer those are a bit more difficult to We will go to Fort Chaffee, Ar-INSIDE Battalion the best Engineer Bat- find. The Battalion Ball was exe- kansas for a 3 week battalionTHIS ISSUE: talion in the U.S. Army. cuted on the 17th of December field exercise in January and Feb- Everyone is back from the two and CSM Keel and I could not ruary. This is our combat fo-GAT 2 have asked for any more. The major construction projects we cused FTX that will also train executed last quarter; Nogales, folks that planned the ball, pre- Soldiers and Leaders on combatHHC AZ and Laredo, TX. Those pro- pared Nutter Field House, and construction. The folks at Fort 3 jects continue to be the corner- executed the different official Chaffee are excited that a con- stone of our training regimen. actions during the ceremony all struction battalion is comingFSC 4 Greetings From Your Advisors77th 5103rd 6232nd 7 It has been a great year shared with many good friends. Please be safe if you are traveling dur-Chaplain 8 ing this time. Tish and I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy NewMilestones 9 Year!! 94th Engineer Battalion Senior Advisors, Tish Anderson & Sheree Keel
  2. 2. PAGE 2 Command Team cont’d down to train there…they struction season, and it will be pages/94th-Engineer- understand the capability we busy like all of the other con- Battalion/167584989929094. bring. The 77th Engineer struction seasons. LTC Jeffery Anderson Company will stay back during Keep up the great work WOL- the battalion FTX because they CSM Dewayne Keel VERINES, and ensure you all have a CBRNE Consequence stay in touch with the battalion Management Response Force by looking at our FACEBOOK (CCMRF) training exercise in page. We moved from a Indiana in the March time- group to a fan page since the frame. We also have numer- last Battalion Newsletter. The ous Fort Leonard Wood and fan page meets our objectives Fort Riley construction pro- better and will be the only site jects in the planning process. we use after the new year. After we get back from Fort The address for the fan page is: Chaffee and recover correctly,!/ we will start our Spring con- FRG Leader Contact Info Comprehensive Soldier Fitness HHC I’m sure you have all heard sions of Strength: Physical, rectly with the Soldier FitnessAudrey Keglovitz about Comprehensive Soldier Emotional, Social, Family, and Tracker. All they need to doTami Hines Fitness Global Assessment Spiritual. The program uses is give their social Tool (GAT), but do you know individual assessments, tailored numbers once. Participants what it is? Did you as a Family virtual training, classroom are verified through the De- FSC member know you could take training and embedded resil- fense Enrollment EligibilityAmanda Robinette it too? ience experts to provide the System. Visit the followingRobin Edwards critical skills you need as a website to log in https:// The Comprehensive Soldier, Family member or or Fitness program represents the Army’s investment in the Army Civilian. visit 77th for more info on the Compre- readiness of the force and the The vision of this program is toAngie Bryant hensive Soldier Fitness pro- quality of life of our Soldiers, produce an Army of gram. Family members, and Army healthy, self-confident Soldiers, Civilians, to provide the critical Families and Army Civilians 103rd skills they need to take care of whose resilience and totalNyree Bradford themselves, their Families, and fitness enables them to thriveJenn Tollison their teammates. in an era of high The program can be used to tempo and persistent conflict. 232nd help you maximize your poten- Doesn’t this sound like some-Tiffany Rice tial and face the physical and one you’d like to be?!Michelle Bishop psychological challenges of Army Family members sustained operations. By par- now use the tool and all its ticipating you will enhance online self-improvement mod- resilience and coping skills ules without having a spon- enabling you to grow and sored Army Knowledge Online thrive as a part of todays account. Family members can Army. now get their own, unique ID, The focus is on the 5 Dimen- user name and password di- THE WOLVERZINE
  3. 3. 94TH ENGINEER BATTALION PAGE 3HHC Headhunter Headlines have met each challenge head on. are the best at what they do. Re- In late October the entire company cently we had our company Christ- participated in a three day field mas party where Santa paid a visit training exercise here at Fort Leo- to all of the children that were nard Wood. This was in prepara- there. And most importantly SGT tion for our BN training event com- Leonard out of the 562nd Firefighter ing up in January. While we were Detachment returned home from in the field the Veliz family was Afghanistan. If you see SGT Leo- blessed with a child and if you see nard in the area be sure to shakeThe winter months are finally here them be sure to congratulate them his hand and thank him for his hardand we are all preparing to have a on their new addition. During work as he prepares to take themuch deserved break during the November the staff worked dili- next step as he leaves the season. The last couple of gently to prepare for the Division CPT Dennis Hinesmonths have kept the entire BN inspection, which went very well “No goodbusy and the Soldiers within HHC and many sections proved that they decision was ever made in aFRG Leader Nook swivel chair.” George S. PattonAs the year comes to an end, I had Santa, a bounce house, home be the headhunters FRG leader. Ireflect on all the great events HHC cooked food, and opportunity can’t wait for next year. ~Audreyhas done this year. The past three prizes galore. The party is a smallmonths have been busy for us. We gift that we can give back and thankhad a very successful Make a Differ- our hard working soldiers and their Audrey Keglovitzence Day at the animal shelter in spouses. (573)337-1659Crocker. We worked to put up I want to thank all the soldiers infencing and donated an entire van HHC for their continued support. Tami Hinesfull of pet food and supplies. A FRG is only as good as the sol- (254)291-4613We have done enough fundraisers diers and spouses that participate into have a great holiday party. We it, and ours is great! I am proud to
  4. 4. PAGE 4 FSC Spartan Word Thank you to all the Spartan FSC received a Certificate of first place overall. Soldiers and families for a safe Appreciation from the COL CPT Steve Robinette and well executed quarter. Webster, commander of the Some of the noteworthy 1st Engineer Brigade, events that took place that for our efforts in stand out are our company transporting sup- FTX, make a difference day, St. plies to and from James Veterans Home visit, Cunnigham gym. chili cook-off, Officers defeat- Our cooks also got ing the NCOs in the Turkey honorable mentions Bowl, and our company for assisting in win- Christmas party. Thank you to ning the Fort Leo- everyone who volunteered nard Wood their time and money this Thanksgiving com- season to help make these petition; where our Cooks SPC Hamilton and SPC Santarinala events successful. dining facility took serve the Battalion chow during the field train- ing exercise in October. “Don’t be FRG Leader Nook conspicuous. In We are so thankful for all the Day. Not only that, but it is Operation Home Front, we FSC families that have stepped getting easier to find people were able to throw a success- the combat zone, up and have gotten involved in willing to volunteer to help at ful celebration for our com- the different Battalion, com- our FRG functions, like the pany. it draws fire. Out pany, and FRG events this past Turkey Bowl fundraiser, put- Thank you for sharing your of the combat quarter. Many of our spouses ting together goody bags for time and talents with our FRG. that participated in the BN 10 the single soldiers, and wrap- It is greatly appreciated. zone, it draws miler got a taste of what eve- ping gifts in the PX. The final Happy Holidays! ~Amanda ryday PT is like, and families gathering of the year was our sergeants.” volunteered alongside the company Christmas party on 3 Amanda Robinette soldiers at the FLW Animal Dec. With help from various (816)248-1779 Murphy’s Laws Clinic for Make a Difference people and resources, like Robin Edwards (870)688-3833 PFC Mason, PV2 Bonham, and PV2 Wiggs ran the toy walk event for kids during theFSC Volunteers help out at the FLW Vet Forward Support Company Holiday Party.Clinic on Make a Difference Day in Oct. FSC Volunteers wrap gifts at the P/X to raise money for the FRG. THE WOLVERZINE
  5. 5. 94TH ENGINEER BATTALION PAGE 577th Rock Steady Report ings who took over OCT 6th. A know the finer points of Missouri’s Platoon deployed to Laredo, TX to weather, working countless freezing assist in building a road for Joint days last winter and many more Task Force-North to help border broiling days during the summer. patrol access difficult to reach areas Needless to say that everyone was on the border. This was a difficult relived to get the monkey off our mission that involved coordination backs and turn it over to the 1st with several agencies and a work ENG BDE for new trainees to use. environment that pushed soldiers This was a very enjoyable time toThese past few months have been to their limits. be a member of the OUTLAWbusy for the OUTLAW Company. Another milestone that was community, and we are lookingThere is a new Company Com- reached was the completion of the forward to continuing the tradition “The truth ofmander, CPT Brent Hamilton, who tactical training base, which had of success that the OUTLAWtook over on AUG 13th. We have been the Company’s focus for over Company is becoming known for. the matter isa new 1st Sergeant, SFC Jaason Skill- a year. The soldiers really got to that you always know the rightFRG Leader Nook thing to do. The hard part is doing it” mentary. We are working on build- NormanThe 77th FRG has been busy con- ing Our Volunteer Base, and we areducting fundraisers at the Motor also working on making sure that all SchwarzkopfPool every Monday to raise funds of Our Families are prepared for afor the Holiday Get Together on potential CCMRF Mission. Our15th December. We also supported next FRG Meeting will be 4 Januarythe Company during Make A Dif- 1730, at the BN Conference Room.ference Day, by providing drinks Angie Bryantand snacks, while the Soldiers (573)647-6268painted Play Equipment and cleanedup the grounds at Partridge Ele- Laredo Mission
  6. 6. PAGE 6 103rd Viper Bytes Hello Vipers and the Viper providing better security for area land fill project before Family! We have nearly made our nation’s southern border, Christmas. With the other two it through another quarter, and not only complete the platoons engaged in large pro- and things have yet to slow project ahead of schedule, but jects, we have been leaning on down a bit. The company has pushed 20% beyond the origi- 3rd platoon to do numerous conducted construction in nal plans! 2nd Platoon began a things, and they have not dis- Arizona and Fort Leonard range upgrade project here on appointed me! Headquarters Wood, as well as helping out Ft. Wood in early October, and maintenance platoons have the community, all while con- and should be complete before been even more busy this ducting numerous activities Christmas. They have been quarter than last, if you can and normal operations here at doing great work, and Range believe it! Maintenance has home. 1st Platoon returned 12 will be a great addition to revamped their operations, from a very successful mission Fort Leonard Wood for years and are postured to initiate a in support of the US Border to come. 3rd Platoon has con- maintenance plan that will be Patrol in Nogales, AZ. They ducted two DPW projects, upgraded the border road, and will complete a training Continued on page 11 “A hero is no FRG Leader Nook Happy Holidays from the Viper 15. We had a very successful Moran, Kori Lopez, Julia Culp braver than an FRG. This quarter has been “Trunk or Treat” in October and Amanda Almeida, Thanks very busy, yet productive. We that was great fun for all who for Volunteering! Thanks alsoordinary man, but have transferred our leader- participated. All of the deco- to all of the spouses and family ship over due to numerous rated cars looked great, and members that have volun- he is braver five change of station moves, and the kids all seemed to have a teered their precious time to minutes longer. the new volunteers have been great time. A special thanks go all of our fund raisers and working hard to keep up with out to Elizabeth Hernandez, events! The FRG hopes that Ralph Waldo all of the events taking place Crystal Lobdell and Julie Ar- everyone has a great holiday during the holiday season. We nold for their massive help in season! ~Nyree Bradford Emerson have conducted numerous keeping the Viper FRG running Nyree Bradford fund raisers: bake sales, pie in well. Without you ladies, we (573)528-0575 the face and gift wrapping, all in wouldn’t be where we are preparation for our annual today! To all of our new offi- Jenn Tollison Holiday Party on December cers: Jen Tollison, Londa (573)202-9521 PVT Andesilich operates a bucket loader during 3RD PLT’s Haul mis- SPC Gonzales (driving) and SSG Vanderlugt PFC Matheson operating the D7G sion in December on Fort Leonard laying a gravel bed for a culvert at Range 12. Dozer to create a Troop Trail at the Wood New Barracks on Indiana Ave THE WOLVERZINE
  7. 7. 94TH ENGINEER BATTALION PAGE 7232nd Warrior Review nent world class training lane that raised money for the Company will be used by all future NTC rota- Christmas Party, with two platoons tions. gone, we still raised $1,035.00 The 48,000 square meter training BATTALION BALL set for 17 De- area consisted of: cember, Nutter Field House at - An Iraq/Syria point of entry 1830 hrs. - Emplacing five all weather roads UPCOMING EVENTS: - Installing one culvert The Company is preparing for the - Emplacing two pre-fabbed steele BN FTX in FT Chaffee.MISSIONS guard towersThe past Quarter has been very - 18 pre-fabbed wooden structures. CLOSING COMMENTS: “The battlefieldbusy for the 232nd Engineer Com- ….And TA 239 is finally complete, As the Holiday season approachespany. and leaves, we as 232nd will con- is a scene of both the horizontal (232nd) and2nd Platoon recently returned vertical teams (77th) did a spectacu- tinue to give our best every day, I constant chaos.back from Laredo on November lar job! Well done! 3rd Platoon, appreciate each and every one of you….and remain very proud of The winner will20, from a 49 day mission. A com- you provided a stable ground forplex mission for the US Border these seahuts to be build upon. you all. be the one whoPatrol consisted of: MORALE EVENT FOR THE As long as we BE ALL THAT controls that- Emplacing 3,000 ft of all weather QUARTER WE CAN BE (my favorite armyroad with associated drainage fea- slogan), and do what’s right at all chaos, both his MAKE A DIFFERENCE DAY times, we can’t go wrong. WARRI-tures own and the- 6 Low water crossings 232nd went out to help tear down a ORS! roof and remove playground equip- enemies.”- 1 Large culvert installation with 2 ment at Crocker Park. Cassandra D. McGinnis80’ headwalls capped with Slab Napoleon COMPANY CHRISTMAS PARTY CASSANDRA D. McGINNIS3rd Platoon returned from NTC set for 15 December, Pershing Club CPT, ENon 15 October from a 30 day rota- at 1830 hrs. Commandingtion providing support for the 5thEng Bn and constructing a perma- PIE IN THE FACE for this quarter TA 239 Laredo Mission
  8. 8. PAGE 8 Chaplain’s Blessings Look at the nativity scene in place of birth in Bethlehem and men and women wise today. Matthew with Mary and Joseph Christ’s mission, to rule Israel Modern faith leads you and me surrounding the central figure, but there is no scriptural men- into a saving relationship that Jesus in a barn focused rever- tion or even an honorable lasts eternally. ently on Jesus, wrapped in mention recommending them We don’t need to find a star in cloth, sleeping in a feeding as wise. the east to worship in Bethle- trough. Generations in Israel Scripture identifies the Wise- hem; rather, we find the pres- longed for Messiah to rescue men as wise because they ence of the Messiah every- them, and now prophecy was were true worshipers of God. where and at any time; access fulfilled. All of this attention In contrast, Priests, Scribes, to God has no geological, eth- on one baby, the theme of and Herod jealously affixed nic, educational, political or salvation. Yet there are still attention on the Messiah, not financial boundaries. more figures to mention — worshipping rather envying. the Wisemen, Arabian philoso- As you go about your daily Worship requires commitment experiences, think of the phers who studied the Scrip- to time, which the wise men tures and found the star over Wisemen’s focus. Fame, for- spent lavishly on Christ with a tune, or even mediocre profes- Bethlehem and the Christ very long and costly trip. The child. Their presence shows sion winds up in a life like gifts of gold, frankincense, and Herod, selfish and lonely. True that the birth of Christ was a myrrh were fit only for the global event, not exclusive to faith-filled worship changes highest of honor. lives and makes us wise be- the Hebrews only. Most importantly, these wise cause it’s not ours, it’s God’s. What made the wise men so worshipers required faith. Worship God always, now wise? Was it their knowledge Studying the Hebrew Scripture that’s wise.“If everybody is of the Hebrew Scriptures, required dedication, yet fol- CH(CPT) Kevin Daul stately position, wealth, or thinking alike, lowing a star took more — a charisma? If that were so living faith in God’s Biblical 94th Engineer Battalionthen somebody Priests and Scribes were ex- promises. What made ancient pert scholars quoting Christ’s wise men wise makes modernisn’t thinking.”George S. Patton Military One Source Libraries Did you know Military One Source at http:// able to guarantee any titles will Source (MOS) has a library be replenished or available. you can order free books Click on the tab labeled MOS also has a large online from? They do! “Tools” and then “Library listing of collections available Current titles listed include Books” under the section la- to authorized users. These Become a Better You, The Book beled “Libraries”. collections vary from books Thief, Crazy Busy: Overstretched, Each service member or mili- for kids to Do-It-Yourselfers. Overbooked, and About to Snap! tary family/household will be They can be accessed by click- and Eat, Pray, Love, with many limited to 10 paperback and/or ing on “Online Libraries” on more to search through. Playaway books in a one year the homepage of MOS. To access the list of available time period. The year will paperback books or Playaway begin when you order your books log in to Military One first paperback or Playaway book. Be aware, they are not THE WOLVERZINE
  9. 9. 94TH ENGINEER BATTALION PAGE 9Farewell My FriendSo Long, Farewell, auf Wiedersehen, son, SFC Regino, SFC Blash & fam- McNealy, SPC Smith,Good-bye. To all of you who are leav- ily, SFC Gregory & family. SSG Kannenburg,ing to move on to bigger and better FSC - SFC Pacheco, SPC SGT McAnally, PFCthings we wish you good luck in your Franchesci, WO1 Pilgrim, PFC Li- Wood, SFC Lepinelife and career. zano 232nd - 1LT Nicholas, 1LT Foglia,HHC - SGT Green & family, SPC 77th - SSG Russell, SPC Phillip, SSG Taylor, SGT Dixon, SGT Li-Town, SPC Henry, SGT Hilliard, SPC Sanders vengood, SPC Whalen, SPC Bishop,SPC Todd & family, SPC Rachau & SPC Shoemaker, SPC Sullivan, SPCfamily, PFC Bagley, SPC Duff, PFC 103rd - PFC Parker, PFC James, Labelle, SPC Lambert, PFC Wine-Montoya, SPC Espejo, SPC Heesh & SPC Stobaugh, SPC Sutton, SPC gar.wife, PV2 Janowski, SSG Lanier & Clay, CPL Hanson, CPL Weiler, SPC Ketchum, SPC Croddy, SGTSpecial Deliveries HHC - CPL & Mr. McLemore, baby boy Justin Scott born 1 August; SGT & Mrs. Veliz, baby girl Renee Azucena born 25 October. FSC - SPC & Mrs. O’Callaghan, baby boy Madoc born 13 November; PFC & Mrs. Hanson baby boy Austin born 3 December; 77th - SPC & Mrs. Ponce, baby girl Ada Eva; SPC & Mrs. Harney, baby girl Madison; Joshua & Ashley Bittner, baby boy Noah Lee, SPC & Mrs. Vosick, baby boy, SPC & Mrs. Selzer, baby boy. 103rd - PFC Brandon, baby boy Edward Lamar Brandon, Jr. born 2 August; SGT Snook, baby girl Kyndrah Anjellica Janice Snook born 27 August. 232nd - PFC and Mrs. Duncan, baby Boy Brian born 25 October; SGT and Mrs. Wegner, baby boy Dylan born 23 September; SPC and Mrs. Goudy baby girl Naomi born 25 September; PFC and Mrs. Jones twin girls Rylie & Laramie born 4 November.Welcome Wolverines!We welcome into the ranks of the Helmick, PFC McCullum, PFC PFC Brown, PV2 Andesilich, PV2Wolverines the following Soldiers and Wine, PFC Thorton, PFC Ochoa, Bolich, SPC Bishop, PV2 Ly, PFCFamilies: SGT Oats, SPC Diouf, SGT Roberts Lizano, PVT Lemmons, PVT Bowen,HHC - SPC Ahlawat, SPC Beck- 77th - PFC Brocker & family, PV2 PVT Garcia, PVT Bryce, SSG Taylorholt, SPC Duffie and family, PVT Mainard, PFC Gulasa & family, PFC 232nd - 2LT Johns, 2LT Cooper,Evans and family, SGT Garcia and Martinez & family, PV2 Chalk, PFC SFC Lepine,SGT Rice, SGT Be-wife, SPC Hamann and family, PV2 R. Jones, PFC Toupin, PFC nolken, SPC Wilson, PFC Gen-Haubold and family, SPC Hogrefe McCaskill & family, PV2 Hoeser, wright, PFC Galloway, PFC Reid,and wife, PFC Lenior and family, SPC Maldonado, PFC Chair, CPL PV2 Gonzales, PV2 Weiher, PV2PV2 Moskvicheva, PV2 Farrell, PFC Porotesano & family, PV2 Clark, Ou, PV2 Chism, PV2 Jandro, PV2Crabtree, PFC Lorenz, SPC Wood- PV2 Rivas, PVT Flores, PV2 Sullivan, Morales, PVT Moran, PVT Jacobs,side and family, SPC Ballijepalle and SSG Stover & family. PVT Conner, PVT Armstrong. PVTwife, SGT Sullivan and family. 103rd - SGT Gonzales, SFC Love- Pitzer, PVT Ruge, PVT Weinschen-FSC - PV2 Hayman, PV2 Wiggs, less, PV2 Boswell, PV2 May, PV2 ker, PVT LeipertPFC Norris, SGT Weston, SPC Nugent, PFC Bond, PV2 Courtney,
  10. 10. PAGE 10 AUSA Leaders Pledge Continued Support The Chief of Staff of the Army, sides a rare opportunity for in the programs we really General George W. Casey Jr., total frankness. “I’m not going need. Access to quality health and other top leaders were to stand up here and tell you care was both criticized and hammered with questions, all the great things we’ve done praised and seemed to vary by concerns and compliments at under the Army Family Cove- installation, as did respite care the first Family Forum at the nant. I need to understand for exceptional Family mem- Association of the United how it’s impacting on you all,” bers, housing and education. States Army Annual Meeting. he said, adding that the current It fell to General Casey, who spending level of $1.7 billion spoke following his wife, to on Family programs will be find out exactly what is and is sustained over the next five- not working from the hun- year spending plan. Family dreds of Family members at members can help identify the forum. He conducted the redundancies in those pro- third annual vote on the Army grams, so that the money can Family Covenant, giving both be used even more effectively“Being in the Army Services Locator App Soldiers and Family members locate all nearby services. Or like being in the can find Army programs and enter a new services and get directions to location and tap Boys Scouts, these services on their iPhone “Search.” From or iPad, thanks to a new appli- the search re- except that the cation developed by the U.S. sults you can Boy Scouts have Army, Family and Morale, Wel- easily add the Program or fare and Recreation Command Service to your contacts andadult supervision.” (FMWRC), Family Programs you can even get directions. Directorate. The user experi- For those of you without an Blake Clark ence is incredible! Zoom into iPhone or iPad this service is your location on the map and always available to you at P/X Revs Up Rewards for Safe Bikers The Exchange is supporting the tection Equipment (PPE) item 2009. The test was so suc- military’s mission to reduce to cyclists who successfully cessful that the program was motorcycle related injuries and complete their locally required expanded throughout the deaths among motorcycle safety United States, the Pacific and Servicemem- riding course. The Europe in 2010. bers by offer- Exchange PPE pro- To locate online PPE items, ing a one-time, gram was first tested please visit 20 percent at Ft. Hood, Ft. discount off Campbell and Eglin Personal Pro- AFB in the spring of THE WOLVERZINE
  11. 11. 94TH ENGINEER BATTALION PAGE 11Free Tax ProgramThe Military OneSource Tax Pro- *An Important Note: Please do not 17th, when the customized MOSgram will begin on Monday, January create a user account on the public version is made available via a link17, 2011. The program will provide H&R Block Web site. You will incur on the Military OneSource Webfree access to a customized version a fee if you file using the public site to create your account.of the basic H&R Block at Home® H&R Block Web site/product. If www.militaryonesource.comelectronic tax filing product. This you create an account on the publiccustomized product allows for free H&R Block Web site, regardless offederal filing and free state filing (up how you access the account in theto three states). In addition, free future, the H&R Block system willtelephonic tax consultations are view you as a public user (the sys-available to help with tax related tem tags the account when it isissues. Please see their website for created, according to the version of “Discipline is thea list of Frequently Asked Ques- the product being used at that soul of an Army.tions to learn more about the pro- time).gram and filing your 2010 taxes. Please wait until Monday, January It makes small numbers formidable;Free Music Downloads procures success to the weak, and esteem to all.”Musician John Ondrasik and 13 Kearny, Brandi Carlile, Our Lady Georgeother artists are thanking U.S. mili- Peace, 12 Stones, Ingrid Michaelson,tary members for their service in a Barenaked Ladies, Gavin DeGraw, WashingtonCD called "For the Troops IV." The Rocket Club, Finger 11, Ryan Staralbum is available for free download and John David active duty service members, You can access the downloads byveterans and their families world- logging in to AAFES online andwide with a valid military ID. going to artists on the CD are Ondra-siks band Five for Fighting,Matchbox 20, Wynonna, Mat103rd Viper Bites cont’dthe envy of the Battalion! Head- erations. I feel blessed to have had STRIKE!!!quarters remains the busiest opera- a great 1SG, and then get another ~CPT Bradfordtions section in the Battalion, and one! Believe me, it doesn’t alwaysthe coordination and resource happen like that. I truly appreciatework they do on a daily basis con- all of the support that we receivetinues to impress me! We have from the Viper families, and re-welcomed a new Viper 7: 1SG member, we could never be asMiller took the reins from 1SG successful without your supportMetzgar and has thoroughly im- and understanding. I hope everyone Constructing one of five low wa-pressed everyone with how quickly has a blessed holiday season! Until ter crossings utilizing Armorflexhe integrated himself into our op- next time…VIPERS, FIRST articulating concrete mats.
  12. 12. 94th Engineer FRG Steering Committee Mission Statement: We will listen to and handle Family member con- cerns and issues with respect, understanding, and kindness.94th Engineer Battalion We will provide the necessary, appropriate commu-Stephanie D. Leary nications and resources to help Family members stayFamily Readiness Support Assistant informed, knowledgeable, and educated.Bldg 1022 East 20th Street We will reach out personally to all Family membersFort Leonard Wood, MO 65473 with genuine concern and appreciations in order toPhone: (573)596-0131 ext 6- 3968 sustain, support and motivate them throughout theirCell: (573)837-8086 Wolverine tours.E-mail: We will act responsibly with the financial assets and Join us on Facebook! Search for resources of the 94th Engineer Battalion and promiseour Fan page, 94th Engineer Battalion to use these monies to benefit the Wolverine Family members as a whole. “Building Firm Foundations” Dear Lord, Give me the greatness of heart to see the differ- ence between duty and his love for me. Give me understanding that I may know, when duty calls him he must go. Give me a task to do each day, to fill the time when hes away. And Lord, when hes in a foreign land, keep him safe in your loving hand. And Lord, when duty is in the field, please protect him and be his shield. And Lord, when deploy- ment is so long, please stay with me and keep me strong. Amen The inclusion of some unofficial information in this FRG Newsletter has not increased the costs to the Government, in accordance with DoD 4525.8-M, Official Mail Management Manual.