KINGA MULLER - Social Housing Reconstruction Camp

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Ponencia impartida por Kinga Muller, voluntaria en el proyecto Social Housing Reconstruction Camp (Hungria), el 5 de julio de 2013 en la II European Summer School of Social Innovation

Ponencia impartida por Kinga Muller, voluntaria en el proyecto Social Housing Reconstruction Camp (Hungria), el 5 de julio de 2013 en la II European Summer School of Social Innovation

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  • 2. College for Advanced Studies in Social Theory 2O09, Nagykanizsa
  • 3. College for Advanced Studies in Social Theory 2 - Corvinus University of Budapest Hungary (University of Economics) - 60-100 active members - organise lectures, courses, workshops - strong links to Civil Society Organisations, volundteering, social responsability - also a community
  • 4. College for Advanced Studies in Social Theory 3 Actovism - Cooperate with NGO-s - Participate in social movements for minoriry rights - “ Food not bombs” - serving free vegetarian food to homlesses on weekly basis
  • 5. The problem- local level 2009 Visiting Nagykanizsa (city) with a group called “People of the streets” (activists) „Citromsziget = Lemon island” (big social housing unit)
  • 6. The problem- local level 2 Multi faced problem: - 30-40 families in a big unit - House in bad condition - Negative perception - Unemployment of tenants - Arrears (non-paid bills)
  • 7. The problem- national level - Big factories close in industrial towns - Unemployment increases (11% registered) - Social benefit for active aged people decreases: 22.800 HUF/ month = Euro 76 - Unemployment benefit- just for 3 months after 10 months working
  • 8. The problem- national level 2 - Poor people live in social housing - More flats needed than habitable and rentable, many sosial housing are empty, unhabitable - Flats without comfort, or not energy- efficient so heeting and electricity costs a lot
  • 9. „Ligetváros” = “Grove-city” - Slum of 110 council flats - Buildings built for military hospital barracks - Later minimal reconstructions - Sewer and plumbing system built at the time of the political system change /1989)
  • 10. Concept Complex problem -Unemployed and indepted local people - Derelict buildings - Segregated, slumified area - Apathy
  • 11. -Provide an opportunity for disadvantaged families living in social housing units and struggling with rent arrears to do something for themselves and for their surroundings - We carry out renovations involving tenants of these units and the municipality reduces the participants rent arrears by the increase in value of the renovated houses Solution ?
  • 12. Achieve the first reconstruction camp - Start: 4-5 members of College for Advanced Studies in Social Theory - Develop the concept to a working plan - Apply for grants – Norvegian Civil Fund - Invite professional cooparating partners: • - Habitat for Humanity Hungary • - College for Advanced Studies in Architects - Organise and coordinate volunteers and tenants - Knocking on 200 doors
  • 13. Implementation - Challenge to win the local municipality and convince them that the maintenance of their property is economic and It will increase in value - From HFH We had a construction supervisor so We could reach the expected quality of reconstruction with unskilled locals and volunteers
  • 14. Partners and organizing of the reconstruction - Found raising and sponsorship : Austhrotherm (cheaper heat insulation), DeWalt, Black and Decker, Makita, OBI, knauf (old/ unused or cheaper tools and machines) - Plan the reconstruction process - Get the building materials - Double target groups: volunteers and locals together
  • 15. Insulation and painting
  • 16. Benefits - Opening up - Experiencing the power of their community élmény - Positive media representation - Empowerment -Tenants: - Had a chance for a strong positive self- presentation - Could see the results of their work - Renovated and made more sustainable part of their surroundings
  • 17. Statistics 2 section: April and August of 2010 Flats renovated: 18 and 9 People who decreased their depts: 38 and 27 Volunteers from college: 40 and 35 HFH volunteers 35 and 24 (from USA) Decrease of depts alltogether: almost 3 million HUF = Euro 10 000
  • 18. The IDA program - We were cooperating partner with Autonomia Foundation and Habitat For Humanity - 3 villages of 25 of the program • 6 families participated • - Focus: self- care Savings – Supports - Credit
  • 19. The reconstructions in “Valleys” • Civil volunteers and volunteers from coorporation E-on (energy supplier) • Different kind of reconstructions  painting, repair of windows and roof and walls, …
  • 20. Camp for children- side project • Programs for a week for localchildren • Creative games • Community- building games • “Festival” with local musicians and with jugglers, fire jugglers
  • 21. -Reconstruction of 1 9- flats building, roofinsulation -Renovation of windows and doors - Foundraiser campaign to get more money for roof insulation and decrease heating cost for more people Ligetváros 2012
  • 22. -1 m2: Euro 2 -Results: 90 people donated - 675 000 HUF = Euro 2250 - 33 families could get insulation and will have lower pricesof bills “Donate 1 m2 insulation”
  • 23. Budapest- 2013 - Cooperation with “The city is for everyone” - Working with volunteers for 4 homeless people living in forest move to social housing - Model program for municipalities
  • 24. Sustainability 1. Economic - Moving from rent arrears toward increase in value of houses - Improving the condition of socialhousing units - Obligation of maintenance 2. Environmental - Energy efficiency
  • 25. Sustainability 2 1. Organisational - Realising side projects - Spreading the idea of social housing reconstruction camp and tenant involvment
  • 26. Thanks for the attention brochure-2012/