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Internet marketing
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Internet marketing


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Why Internet maketing is neccasry in today's date

Why Internet maketing is neccasry in today's date

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  • 1. Internetmarketing
  • 2. ContentsThe Internet and the marketing conceptInternet marketing definedWhat business benefits can the Internet provide?A short introduction to Internet technologyHow do Internet marketing communications differ from traditional marketing communications?
  • 3. Key questions for marketersHow significant is the Internet as a marketing tool?How does Internet marketing relate to e-marketing, e-commerce and e- business?What are the key benefits of Internet marketing?What differences does the Internet introduce in relation to existing marketing communications models?
  • 4. INTRODUCTIONHow significant is Internet marketing to businesses?Cisco.Easy-Jet.Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) brands.Companies are spending around 8% of total marketing budget to e-marketing.
  • 5. The Internet and the marketing conceptThe modern marketing encompasses the range of organisational functions and processes that seek to determine the needs of target markets and deliver products and services to customers.The marketing concept should lie at the heart of the organisation, and the actions of directors, managers and employees.The Internet can be applied by companies as an integral part of the modern marketing concept.
  • 6. What is Internet marketing?Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitabilityUse of the Internet and related digital technologies to achieve marketing objectives and support the modern marketing concept.Include the Internet media and other digital media such as wireless mobile media, cable and satellite.Practically include company web site, search engines, banner advertising, direct e-mail and links
  • 7. Why Internet Marketing???Supports the full range of organisational functions and processes.Powerful communications medium.Facilitates information management.Forms part of the vision of a company.Up-to-date, timely and accessible information about the industry, markets, new technology, competitors and customers
  • 8. AdvantagesMarket penetration.Market development.Product development.Diversification.Sales.Marketing communications.Customer service.Public relations.Marketing research.
  • 9. ‘6Cs’ of Internet Marketing1. Cost reduction.2. Capability.3. Competitive advantage.4. Communications improvement.5. Control.6. Customer service improvement.
  • 10. Technical aspects..Internet.Web browsers.Web servers.Uniform (universal) resource locators (URL).www.Internet Service Providers (ISPs).HTML,XMLPlug-ins
  • 11. Internet Marketing ToolsWebsite DesignSearch Engine OptimizationSocial MediaPay Per Click MarketingEmail
  • 12. Web design
  • 13. SEO
  • 14. Social media Communicate with and gain insights from target customers. Social media provides tremendous reach at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing methods. Create awareness and buzz around your brand, service, or product Successful social media marketing campaigns attract links, and as a result, enhance SEO efforts.
  • 15. Pay Per ClickReach people who are specifically searching for your information and productsReceive immediate and detailed feedback on performance of campaignReach thousands of potential customers within minutes
  • 16. Email Marketing