Oppo N1 review in pictures


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Oppo N1 review in pictures

  1. 1. Oppo N1 Review in pictures
  2. 2. Fab phablet, intelligent innovations • The first smartphone to boast a swivel camera, which doubles up as the main shooter and front cam for video calls • Innovative touch panel at the rear • Comes with O-Click, a tiny Bluetooth device that enables phone finder functions and also works as a remote shutter release
  3. 3. Premium is its middle name • It’s big, really big • Looks gorgeous in matte white • Feels solid in the hand • The standout design is sure to make heads turn when you fish it out of your pocket (provided you can get it inside in the first place)
  4. 4. Large display • The full HD 5.9-inch IPS screen offers a pixel density of 373ppi • Great viewing angles but sunlight legibility isn’t its strong point • Very crisp and produces natural colours • Contrast and brightness levels are very good
  5. 5. Great selfies, decent cam • 13-meg selfies, here we come! • Camera app is fairly basic, but covers all the main features, including HDR, burst mode and panorama • Image and video quality is very pleasing, especially in daylight • Can throw up inconsistent results on occasion, mainly with respect to colour saturation
  6. 6. Softer side of things hit hard • Custom skin called ColorOS running atop Android 4.2.2 • Tons of customisation options, including themes • Support for gestures, including a drop-down gesture panel which you can use to launch apps, open the camera, play music, call or text contacts or launch a website • Supports double-tap-to- wake
  7. 7. Really a lot packed in there • The camera and flashlight can even be turned on using gestures when the screen is off • The rear touch panel, called O-Touch, can be used to launch an app, scroll pages and lists, launch the shooter, click pictures, start audio recording and control music
  8. 8. …but there are a few quirks too • Supports USB OTG, but no way to eject flash drives safely • O-Touch can be triggered inadvertently • Sometimes broadcasts blank audio messages on WhatsApp groups when you try to type
  9. 9. Fast is its last name • Quad-core Snapdragon 600 chip running at 1.7GHz and 2GB of RAM keep proceedings smooth • Loaded with connectivity options, including NFC
  10. 10. Battery life is long, really long • Sealed 3,610mAh battery keeps the Oppo N1 going for more than a day even with heavy usage • You may only need to hunt for a power socket after a couple of days if your usage is light
  11. 11. At a glance • 6.9-inch, 1,920 x 1,080 screen • 13MP swivel camera • 1.7GHz quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor • Adreno 320 GPU • 2GB RAM, 16/32GB internal storage • 3,610mAh battery • Dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, DLNA, USB OTG, NFC
  12. 12. - • Massive size • Non-expandable storage • Camera can be inconsistent on occasion Pros and cons + • Good screen • Fast performance • Sturdy build and standout design • Tons of innovations and party tricks • Gesture support and plethora of custom shortcuts
  13. 13. Rs 39,999 (16GB) Pricing and verdict “The Oppo N1 stands out as a unique and innovative phablet that packs in a lot. The swivel camera, O-Touch functionality, gesture support and the O-Click accessory are the main highlights, adding to a well-performing device with long battery life. Despite all this however, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 trumps it as a well-rounded option at a similar price.”