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Fashion & social media Audit / Fashion 2.0 conference Verona
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Fashion & social media Audit / Fashion 2.0 conference Verona



Social Media Audit based on 20 fashion UK brand. Some consideration about the future of digital influence, co-creation and social graph analysis.

Social Media Audit based on 20 fashion UK brand. Some consideration about the future of digital influence, co-creation and social graph analysis.



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Fashion & social media Audit / Fashion 2.0 conference Verona Fashion & social media Audit / Fashion 2.0 conference Verona Presentation Transcript

  • Fashion & Social Media Report 2010 Europe’s Social Media Partner
  • We are.. • We are a global network of leading social media specialists. di specialisti dei socialStretegic Consulting, Marketing 2.0, Siamo un gruppo La nostra esperienza copre diversi ambiti: media multiculturali, multilingue. • Our backgrounds are Marketing, PR, Research, Brand Gli strumenti del Web 2.0, la Comunicazione, le Digital PR e Ricerche di mercato attraverso i social media. Planning, Business Consultancy & Web Development Presenti in diversi Paesi (Europe, USA, ME), possiamo aiutarvi localmente e globalemente • We help departments or whole-businesses locally or ad analizzare, segmentare e ascoltare il social web al fine di adattare la vostra impresa e internationally adaptad ingaggiarsiin social media riuscine nei social media and win con la propria community. I nostri metodi di co-creazione permettono di adattare i vostri prodotti, servizi e strategie di comunicazione ai bisogni dei clienti, aiutandovi allo stesso tempo ad aumentare la vostra visibilità e produttività del vostro business CONFIDENTIEL – Page 2
  • Case | Fashion 2.0 Burberry Art of Trench Jimmy Choo 4square
  • Case | Fashion 2.0 Lafayette and Grazia goes Street Style Involve blogger and urban influencers
  • Lots of fashion brands are now into Digital PR and social communications … with some positive results, mainly increasing their online awareness. and for some it looks amazing !!! But are these brands exploiting the large quantity of data (in the social conversations) to improve their consumer engagement, their competitive advantage or their products?
  • Is this enough? Buzz = Influence? Having thousands of fans on your Facebook fan page doesn’t mean you have a good engagement! Good Reach isn’t means Good Engagement
  • Social Media Monitoring 1. Where are your customers online? 2. What are your customers’ social behaviors online? 3. What social information or people do your customers rely on? 4. What is your customers’ social influence? Who trusts them? 5. How do your customers use social technologies in the context of your products.
  • Social Media Audit Data Audit Operations Audit Asset Audit Data Archive Audit Crisis Management Audit Website Audit Data Gap Analysis Sales / Acquisitions Audit Content Audit Data ROI Audit Customer Services Audit Social Profiles Audit Data Source Analysis Advocate Engagement Audit Official Communities Audit  Unified / Converged  Engagement Guidelines Presence  Data Reporting  Escalation protocol  Improved User Experience Standardisation  Improved Customer  Improved Platform  Improved Data ROI Satisfaction Effectiveness  Improved Data Flow  More efficient response  Reduced post campaign  Improved Customer Insights management waste  Improved Market Insights  Departmental and supplier  Greater ROI on Media alignment Spend
  • Introduction to Research We took inspiration from Fashion 2.0 Social Media Awards by The Style Coalition but felt there were many gaps in how brands were assessed choosing to focus rather on: effectiveness over innovation 19/09/2010 9
  • Intro | Brand Categories Brand Categories Luxury Retailer High Street Jimmy Choo ASOS All Saints Burberry Oli.co.uk French Connection Yves Saint Leron Liberty Top Shop Coach Harrods Levis D&G Selfridges H&M DvF House of Fraser Warehouse Stella McCartney Westfield GAP 19/09/2010 10
  • Retailer High Street Luxury 5000 4500 4000 3500 3000 Video 2500 Twiter Mainstream 2000 Blog Forum Posts 1500 Forum Replies Website 1000 Aggregator 500 0
  • Audit| Website Website • We looked at all websites to see how well they had integrated social media into their presence. Across all categories integration was generally poor usually with small Twitter / Facebook icons above or below the fold on the Homepage. • 33% of websites had no social media integration, 57% had some kind of above-the-fold and 33% below. • 78% had Facebook & Twitter combined (those that didn’t just had a blog) • The average site had at least 2 kinds of social media listed with 1 above and 1 below • All High Street brands (excluding Levi’s) had some kind of social integration with 62.5% of it being below the field. • The worst category was, unsurprisingly, Luxury with 58% not having any integration 19/09/2010 12
  • ABOVE FOLD Aka if you have to scroll 13 BELOW
  • Top 10 Top SMO Websites 19/09/2010 14
  • H&M don’t directly link to SM they point to a newsroom which aggregates their content but is in above-fold / top right which as the eye reads is premium space Top Shop give prime space to their blog but have their offsite SM links in the bottom right hand corner of the site 19/09/2010 15
  • Social Newsrooms are great to show transparency, confidence in your product, community spirit and reduce the need for you to create all the content on your site. 19/09/2010 16
  • The most integrated into the site content was D&G and the site design Stella McCartney 19/09/2010 17
  • ASOS Life: Ideas & Forums Wider Community ASOS life – wider community Co-created model. Active discussion. 19/09/2010 18
  • They openly surface what people do and don’t like about ASOS live. Builds trust and allows them to easily indentify and fix problems 19/09/2010 19
  • Audit| Blogging Blogging • Only 28% of all brands blogged none of which were Luxury • 50% were High Street & 50% retailers • The average blog had 4 posts and 2 comments a week. Top Shop and Warehouse had the highest number of p.w 4 • Topshop received the most comments with 10 per post • French Connection through Facebook Like integration received more Likes in place of comments. We believe this will be a growing trend. Posts will be increasingly more discussed Facebook and with time Twitter over the coming year. 19/09/2010 20
  • • ASOS blog doesn’t get many comments because very short and feels rushed. • Rich media (image, video) showing what they are up to • Doesn’t stimulate debate • Top Shop is more thought through and more lifestyle focused 21
  • Inbound Links: Warehouse 77 19/09/2010 22
  • Inbound Links: Top Shop 635 19/09/2010 23
  • • Even though they average a good 4 posts a week they receive almost no comments • Doesn’t look like their tagging blog-posts to get picked up in search engines • As posts are generally good although due to drop down menu onsite its difficult to find. •Facebook Like buttons may help improve virality but we think the main reason is because they are in the bottom five on both Twitter & Facebook for activity and there is nor RSS feeds to grab easily 19/09/2010 24
  • Audit| Twitter Twitter • Most brands had their account registered on average for at least one year. They have carried out 2 Tweets per day (low against other sectors), been listed 777 times, 32,951 tweets • The average number of tweets was 893, 2 per day, following 452 & followers 32,951. • Consistently underused features is #hashtags which massively help attract new audiences 19/09/2010 25
  • •Lots of RT’s and @replies and Tweet Pics • Very conversational •Asking questions to users not just broadcasting info • Although no team members mentioned 19/09/2010 26
  • • Lots of @replies • DVF personally tweeting ‘DVF’ • Inspirational words to women • No pics / hashtags or Follow Fridays 19/09/2010 27
  • •Stella McCartney whilst with the most prolific tweets per day 5.2 most were filling noise and wouldn’t inspire conversation • Good use of Tweet Pic, the occasional RT •But it is Listed once again with them having the 2nd highest number 19/09/2010 28
  • Levi Guy •A grad interested in social media. •Good use of #hashtags, @replies and RTs but relatively low following and poor reach • Much better as an exclusive brand / team effort 19/09/2010 29
  • Audit | Facebook Facebook • All brands had a Facebook Fanpage of sorts. • The average page had 378,935 fans, 1,254 Fan Comments (if frequently updated) • The average page has 15 official posts per week, and a total of 551 Official Pics uploaded, 364 Fan Pics, 15 videos • In the Top 10 the most successful categories were Luxury (50%) & High Street (40%) with just one retailer ASOS coming 9th 19/09/2010 30
  • •H&M’s Facebook Page is more for customer service •So it had the highest number of posts but most were comments in response to others comments 19/09/2010 31
  • • Loads of Rich media in stream, that gets shared /’Liked’ a lot • Live Facebook Streaming Events • Good link through and up with other environments 19/09/2010 32
  • Levis UK • More lifestyle focused (music) • 1-in-3 music related • Raw video files dumped on Facebook (no sharable maybe - rights related) • Low number of comments although high number of Likes 19/09/2010 33
  • Audit | Social Reponse Social Response We tested response times to enquiries made directly to Facebook, Twitter accounts if available. We posted on a member of the 90:10 teams fashion blog (cupcakeandheels.com) mentioning all brands terms in copy and tags, and that we were conducting research into who was listening to the blogosphere and none replied over a week period. None responded. • Only 4/21 responded by Twitter, 9/21 on Facebook • Reply on Facebook it took them on average 1,409 minutes (23 Hours) although most within the hour. All Saints and ASOS being in best with 12 & 13min,. • On Twitter of the four that did reply (Levi’ Oli, Coach Liberty) Levi was best within the minute and the only High Street! • Luxury brands continue to take distance with 86% not responding at all on Twitter. They were also the worst category on Facebook with 59% unanswered. • Retailers and High Street both failed with 43% not responding on Facebook however. • Overall the tone of response was strong; 46% were Very Positive (Extra Mile), 46% Positive (Helpful) with one Neutral (Matter of Fact) 19/09/2010 34
  • High reach Low High engagement engagement Low reach
  • We believe in Open Business • At the heart of everything we do is Open Business • We believe in business open to it’s stakeholders. • By product and service development, to marketing and customer care, the consumer becomes more deeply engaged. • They become involved in the decisions that matter to them • They care more about the outcomes • They become more loyal • You, Your products and marketing are more likely to become more successful • Social media means there are thousands of live consumer conversations to discover, explore and connect with • Social technologies offer the ability to collaborative in a scalable and more cost efficient way than ever before
  • Engage| Outreach • We see Influence as fluid. There are no single points of influence in social media • Rather we seek to influence the conversation overall by targeting those not necessarily with the biggest individual audience but instead those that are best connected with the furthest and most relevant reach 19/09/2010 37
  • Engage| Influence By providing them with our social currency (value they can share with their peers) we contribute to and grow their influence guaranteeing they work extra hard for the brand 19/09/2010 38
  • 90:10 Co-Creation Process OPEN Attracts more users more ideas, potential new customers Listen to Invite them Community Select key Outcome: discover into an Surface and influentials to those who open/closed validates best collaborate More share your bespoke ideas and key with internal efficient purpose community influentials teams marketing Private, Safer, faster; greater control CLOSED
  • Actionable Innovations • Business intelligence • Input to renegotiate with suppliers • Product improvement • Innovation Sourcing • Continuous Customer Experience Improvement // content strategy • Ownership of Customer Experience Value Chain • Real-Time Voice of Customer • Real-Time Support and Resolution • Prioritization for Program Improvements We believe investment in social media should be treated with the same levels of seriousness and measurement as any other
  • Action | E-Reputation and Co-creation DeeDee, an influential French blogger "The comments from my customers purchased a pair of Sandro boots, and have shaped the way I design my complained about the quality on her headbands, and even the way I've set blog. Sandro’s MD spotted the blog prices," she says. "I have lowered and post and spontaneously left a raised my prices based on customer comment, apologising about the feedback.“ incident and inviting her and a handful of her readers to meet him in person and discuss the Sandro quality issue. Are you really developping communication and marketing initiatives into business opportunities and both social / real currency for your customers? Deliver that to the right audience in the right way?
  • Final | KPI’s • We believe investment in social media should be treated with the same levels of seriousness and measurement as any other • Organisations need to be clear on what innovations they are hoping to achieve. • They need to continuously look at how. efficiency and effectiveness be improved and ROI increased • Audit Data, Assets & Operations 19/09/2010 42
  • Brand Collettivamente abbiamo lavorato per.. Agenzie ? CONFIDENTIEL – Page 43
  • THANKS For the complete report contact us or visit here http://ow.ly/2GqGn Contatti: Patrick Attallah Direttore Generale 90:10 France e Italia patrick@ninety10group.com @9010FR & @BZPAT Andrea Colaianni Social Media Consultant 90:10 France e Italia andrea@ninety10group.com @9010IT & @womarketing http://www.womarketing.com