SLA CI Division Webinar: Using the Internet to Research Private Companies

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  • 1. Using the Internet to Research Private Companies August Jackson august (at) augustjackson (dot) net @8of12 #slacid
  • 2. Our Approach
  • 3. Decision-Focused Intelligence I need Competitor X’s price list, customer list and tax filings. I also need their CEO’s 4th grade report card, her mother’s maiden name and the book report she wrote on “The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe” in the 5th grade. #slacid
  • 4. Decision-Focused Intelligence I have an important decision that I need to make. There are some things I need to understand about Competitor X to help me make those decisions. #slacid
  • 5. Decisions Commonly Supported Strategic Planning Partnership Mergers & Acquisitions Business Development Research & Development Product Development & Life Cycle Market Entry/Exit Marketing & Advertising Planning Tactical Sales Activity #slacid
  • 6. Define KITs: Choosing Analytical Models Which analytical frameworks will we use? Choose The Right Analytical Frameworks #slacid
  • 7. Define KITs: Choosing Analytical Models Match Analysis to Your Business Decision Business and Competitive Analysis Babette Bensousan and Craig Fleisher Choose The Right Analytical Frameworks #slacid
  • 8. Define KITs: Common Information Requirements Product Revenue Pricing Profitability Market Share Strengths Weaknesses Marketing and Sales Partners Current Markets Market Position Supply Chain Capacity Facilities Employees Hiring Likely Strategies Financial Capacity Executive Decision-Making Industry Trends Opportunities Threats Financials Ownership Legal and Regulatory Kinds of Information Commonly Sought #slacid
  • 9. Plan Research Strategy Data Intelligence Primary Secondary Internet research Interviews Verifiable answers direct from a single source Diverse sources, analysis, varying levels of confidence A Framework for Research Planning #slacid
  • 10. Plan Research Strategy Data Intelligence Primary Secondary Hiring Locations Channels to Market Current Markets Company Revenue Ownership Legal Regulatory Industry Trends Employees & Skills Market Share & Position Capacity Opportunities & Threats Product Revenue Suppliers Product Profitability Supply Chain Decision Making Capacity to Act Strengths & Weaknesses A Framework for Research Planning #slacid
  • 11. Best Secondary Sources for Private Company Info #slacid
  • 12. Our Use Case: Raynor Garage Door Our use case: Raynor Garage Door of Dixon, Illinois Our Use Case #slacid
  • 13. Premium Sources #slacid
  • 14. Premium Sources #slacid
  • 15. Company Web Site Descriptions Offices Locations Identified partners Executives Job postings Press release Sales channels Corporate history Company Web Site #slacid
  • 16. Link Analysis Partners Distributors Philanthropic ventures Former employees Fans Critics Bloggers User forums News coverage Use Google’s link: Operator #slacid
  • 17. Filetype: Operator Extension Document Type PDF Adobe Acrobat DOC/DOCX Microsoft Word PPT/PPTX Microsoft PowerPoint XLS/XLSX Microsoft Excel
  • 18. Legal and Regulatory Filings
    • Regulatory Filings
    • Environmental
    • Employment
    • Building Permits
    • Export Permits
    • Shipping Records
    • Legal Filings and Decisions
    • Patents & Trademarks
    • Securities
    • Government contracts and proposals
    • Budget time
    • and funds!
    • Jurisdiction-Specific
    • National
    • State and provincial
    • City, county, municipal
    • Not all offices are Internet-ready, some may require an office visit
    • Search
    • + jurisdiction
    • +”public records”
    • +”probate”
    • +”legal records”
    • Directory of resources in the appendix
    Legal & Regulatory Filings #slacid
  • 19. Legal and Regulatory Filings #slacid
  • 20. Legal and Regulatory Filings
    • Location openings
    • Site growth
    • Hiring & firing
    • Near-term activities
    • Changes in management
    • Industry position
    • Execute profiles
    • Company profiles
    Location and industry specific Search + city +”newspaper” Search + industry +”journal” Search + industry + product + technology +”association” +”society” Local and Industry News Sources #slacid
  • 21. Industry Associations and Journals #slacid
  • 22. Industry Associations and Journals #slacid
  • 23. Industry Associations and Journals #slacid
  • 24. Legal and Regulatory Filings
    • Locations
    • Centralization
    • Employees’ skills
    • Outlines of organization charts
    • Targets for primary research
    • History of business initiatives
    • Perspectives of customers
    • Remember your ethics.
    • Don’t be scary or pushy!
    LinkedIn Ning Industry-specific social networks Search + industry +”social network” Directory in the appendix LinkedIn #slacid
  • 25. People Search and Social Networks #slacid
  • 26. People Search and Social Networks #slacid
  • 27. People Search and Social Networks #slacid
  • 28. Slideshare #slacid
  • 29. People Search and Social Networks #slacid
  • 30. Other Company Resources
  • 31. Legal and Regulatory Filings
    • New hiring
    • Skills sought
    • Location of new hires
    • Clues to expansion
    • Clues to new market entry
    • Clues to priorities
    • Postings reveal corporate culture
    Leading general job sites Monster CareerBuilder Yahoo Jobs Indeed Industry-specific job sites Search + industry +”job” +”career” Pay attention to sponsored search results and ads when doing a jobs keyword search Job Sites
  • 32. Questions? #slacid
  • 33. Appendix: Directory of Filings Databases
    • Fuld & Co. on-line resources:
    • BRB Publications Free Resource Center
    • State and Local Government on the Net (US)
    • Virtual Gumshoe (US)
    • International Organization of Securities Commissions
  • 34. Appendix: Directory of Newspapers and Industry Journals and Organizations
    • Google News
    • NewsVoyager
    • BizJournals (US city-specific business journals)
    • Scirus Scientific Journal Directory
    • Google Scholar
  • 35. Appendix: People Search Engines
    • Pipl:
    • Spock:
    • 123people:
    • Yo Name:
    • Masters of Criminal Justice Web Directory of People Search Engines