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8i Services

  1. 1. Service Presentation Website Designing
  2. 2. We make faster & smarter websites All of our projects are hand coded to give the real touch to your site while making it clutter free and fast, which your clients will love. Darling! There is too much rush here. I want a free way.
  3. 3. We make faster & smarter websites Generally a web user wait for 7 to 12 seconds to download a webpage before closing the tab down. (in India) Our pages are 4secs faster than the others with same design and content.
  4. 4. Your best table less designer All our designs are made with CSS table less technology that makes your website lighter and faster. NB: Browser first reads the table layout and again it reads for content. But in table less CSS model, it reads the total layout and content at once and thus makes it faster.
  5. 5. A web architecture & flow that converts more visitor into lead A site architecture and flow is more important for user satisfaction and converts more visitor into sales ready leads. In the beginning itself we design the flow and site architecture and make your website based on it. We take the necessary suggestions from world leaders to prepare the best sales funnel possible while designing a site.
  6. 6. A site that is more Inbound Marketing friendly The days are gone when outbound marketing techniques had a great impact on sales process. But today people have more information. It’s a time to respect this information gaining attitude, helping them, connect with them regularly, let them speak about you and it is more and more important to let you speak about them. This is a more social time you ever had. Thus we develop your website to be inbound marketing friendly, making you more social online.
  7. 7. Testing and validating We test your site in real time. We observe your user clicks and how a user navigates through your site. That helps us to design a more effecting site not only for you but also for your visitors. We test your site in different visiting conditions and browsers and all our codes are properly validated by W3C.
  8. 8. SEO & SMO We make your pages more search engine friendly. We are expert in on-the-page and off-the-page SEO techniques. We give proper advice on how to use the site to gain a higher search engine ranking. SMO helps you to leverage the social media to help you doing business and gaining confidence of your visitor. Our SMO techniques are based on a year of detailed research. We provide continuous advice on how to optimize the SM in daily life.
  9. 9. We learn every day a new thing We are a learning organization and learn a lot daily that makes us to be more innovative while designing the best product for you. We not only study the technologies but also the different market shifts. These information can help you a lot while setting up your web strategy for 1year in advance. We discuss various new things each day with some brilliant tech geeks from Yahoo! Microsoft, Google, Hubspot, Marketo, Dell, IBM and others
  10. 10. Other Services Provided by 8i Creations Website Redesigning Branding & flow architecture (also available for web designing firms and designers.) Blog designing Web analysys Maintenance
  11. 11. For price related queries plese contact our consultant Plese give all the details about the project and your business. So that we can formulate the best suited price for you. The price may depend on technology usage. For more contact us at [email_address] or call us at: 06752-251754, 9742141346