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Qmt whtppr-hayleysaramaki

  1. 1. DRAM348 Administrative White Paper Company Overview By: Hayley Saramaki
  2. 2. “Queens Musical Theatre is a student run club at Queens University, located in Kingston, Ontario. We are dedicated to providing an outlet for students passionate about the art of musical theatre. Whether you have a passion fortechnical elements of theatre, want to join the ranks of our orchestra, or want achance to shine in the spotlight, QMT wants to make your dream a reality. QMT not only provides students a chance to get involved directly in a Winter and Spring musical each year, but also acts as an inviting club where members can meet new friends with common interests and enjoy great events.” The Rocky Horror Show, 2010
  3. 3. Hair, 2008Type of Theatre Company- QMT falls into three categories: non-profit, community, and academic(based at Queen’s University).- Formed in 1883 as glee club. Changed name to QMT in 1969, markingtheir focus on producing musicals.- QMT board makes decisions about the company; decisions concerningthe shows are made by the director/producer partnership.
  4. 4. PAST PRODUCTIONS2012: Spring Awakening 1997: Into the Woods2012: The Mystery of Edwin Drood 1996: West Side Story2011: City of Angels 1995: Me and My Girl2011: The Mikado 1994: Leader of the Pack2010: Little Shop of Horrors 1994: Kismet2010: The Rocky Horror Show 1993: Fiddler on the Roof2009: Man of la Mancha 1992: The Mystery of Edwin Drood2009: Jekyll and Hyde 1991: Camelot2008: Floyd Collins 1990: The Pirates of Penzance2008: Hair 1989: Threepenny Opera2007: Cabaret 1987: A Chorus Line2007: Into The Woods 1987: Grease2006: Blood Brothers 1986: Company2006: Urinetown 1985: Chicago2005: A New Brain 1984: The Pyjama Game2005: Crazy For You 1983: Lil Abner2004: Lucky Stiff 1982: Guys and Dolls2004: Gypsy 1981: Anything Goes2003: Bat Boy 1980: Maybe Next Time2003: Bye Bye Birdie 1979: Applause2002: City of Angels 1978: Kiss Me Kate2002: The Music Man 1977: Dames at Sea2001: The Rocky Horror Show 1976: Brigadoon2001: Pirates of Penzance 1975: Gypsy2000: Five Guys Named Moe 1974: Bye Bye Birdie2000: The Wizard of Oz 1973: Wonderful Town1999: A Chorus Line Gypsy, 2004 1972: Cabaret1998: Little Shop of Horrors 1971: The Pyjama Game1998: Guys and Dolls 1969: The Boyfriend
  5. 5. Bat Boy, 2003Intended audience:Queen’s students and the Kingston community; thebalance of the groups varies between shows.
  6. 6. Little Shop of Horrors, 2010Facility- Usually preform winter show in Convocation Hall or at The Grand Theatre, spring showis typically in the Rotunda.- Free rehearsal room arrangements are done anywhere on campus where Queen’s AlmaMatter Society allows.- Rents a 10ftx10ft storage space for large set pieces, lumber, and props for $79 a month.
  7. 7. The Music Man, 2002Programming- “School year season”: QMT produces at least one production annually each January, oftenanother in April.- Board hires director and producer, who pitch 3-5 shows to board; the board makesdecision on programming based on their pitches.- Educational outreach: This year they plan on organizing both a technical and an actingworkshop.
  8. 8. Bye Bye Birdie, 2003Staffing- There is no permanent staff, including the board (experienced members arereinstated and new members are elected annually).- Board hires producer and director, who then work with the board to hire crewheads for each area of production.- Artist hiring: open audition times are posted on AMS office door. The productionteam runs auditions and the board is not involved.
  9. 9. Governance- Production members go to producer with concerns, the cast goes to the director. If theissue isn’t solved, it is brought to the board.- Decisions made by the board are done through votes. If there is an inconsistency (tie)in votes, the president makes final decisions.- Board has minimal control over show once the production team is hired. QMT justowns the shows; producer becomes responsible. VP Treasurer Events Coordinator Alumni Relations VP Secretary Webmaster PublicityPresident
  10. 10. Gypsy, 2004Marketing Plan- Online presence: - Facebook, - Twitter (@QMTweets), - and Website (http://queensmusicaltheatre.net/)- Marketing plans differ between each head of Publicity for each production.- Distributes alumni newsletter, and has mailing list (made up of students who haveshown interest at AMS club promotional events).
  11. 11. Budgeting and Expenses- For each show the VP Treasurer andPresident decide on budgets for upcomingshows, which are handed off to theproducer. - Budget decided based on projected revenue and sponsorship, producer then generates a breakdown of the budget.QMT Bank accounts: 1. Board Account 2. Winter Production Account 3. Spring Production Account- Royalties and expenses per show all incontrol of producer for that show; boardwont pay for anything else once budget isassessed.- Sponsors generally don’t donate to QMTitself, rather they donate to each individual Cabaret 2007show.
  12. 12. Box Office Revenue and Other Income - Annual funding: AMS optional student fees: $0.50 per student = approximately $4000. - QMT members pay $5 fee for every school year that they are involved with the company. - Further revenues for productions come from sponsorship, concession, and fundraisers (managed independently by show producers). - QMT invests money made from events into activities run by the board such as workshops and fundraisers. Tickets often sold at the Grand Theatre box office (walk-ins, telephone, and online). Tickets also often sold at Tricolour Outlet. - Ticket prices vary per show. Often $15 student $ 20 adults + additional charges put on if sold through external source.Pirates of Penzance 2001
  13. 13. The Mikado 2011Future Plans- Highest priority is to maintain the positive reputation among Queen’s and Kingston: theyalways sell out, always gets top talent.- It is difficult to come up with a 5-year plan when each board member is only elected for 1-year terms = no concrete future plans.- QMT strives to be a multidisciplinary club and branch out to faculties other thanmusic/drama. Currently working on this: - Engineering: a client for the first year design project, happening this winter semester
  14. 14. Recommendations- Edit mission statement into a more concise message; it doesn’t capture the essence ofQMT as much as it could.- Update website: include much more content about the company and current efforts andconsider investing in a new website design.- Get a YouTube Account to link all applicable uploads to (for example City of Angles andThe Mikado interviews by TV Cogeco).Crazy For You, 2005