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Switzerland’S Languages
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Switzerland’S Languages

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  • 1. By: Kelsey Huffsmith
  • 2. Switzerland's Four main languages are German, French, Italian, and Rumantsch.
  • 3.
    • 71% of the people speak German.
    • 21% of the people speak French.
    • 4% speak Italian.
    • 1% speak Rumantsch.
    • However due to massive immigration when sometimes asked for their mother tongue not everybody can speak one of the four main languages.
  • 4. Like any other countries there are different regions for different languages. German is mostly spoken in northern and central Switzerland, French in the Western part, Italian in the southern part, and Rumantsch in the southeastern part of Switzerland.
  • 5. German
    • German is the most widely spoken language in Switzerland.
    • The German spoken in Switzerland is not quite the same as the German spoken in Germany, for example the major cities in Switzerland have a different dialect than Germany.
  • 6. German Hello- Guten Tag! How are you- Wie Geht es dir? Thank you- Danke. Please- pitte Yes- Ja. No- Nein.
  • 7. French
    • Unlike German the French spoken in Switzerland doesn’t vary from the French spoken in France. French is mainly spoken on the Western part of Switzerland which is right next to the border of France.
  • 8. French Hello- Bonjour! How are you- Cava? Thank you- Marci. Yes- Oui. No- non Please- S’il Vous plait.
  • 9. Italian
    • “ Although the basic language is the same as that spoken across Italy, the dialect of Italian language spoken in Switzerland resembles that spoken in the north of Italy. People in Switzerland who speak Italian as a first language usually speak the German language as well because of the frequent contact they have with German language speakers. (Languages)”
  • 10. Italian Hello- Ciao! How are you- Come Stai? Thank you- Grazie. Please- Per favare Yes- Si. No- No.
  • 11. Rumantsch
    • This language is the least spoken of the main languages, but is still a very important part of Switzerland’s languages.
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