Quick Intro to 8KMiles.com


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Quick intro to 8KMiles.com, an innovative and cost efficient way to get the technology work done for small or medium businesses.

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Quick Intro to 8KMiles.com

  1. 1.
  2. 2. SMBOutsourcing Issues<br />Tailored technology solutions<br />Addressing staffing and expertise shortfalls<br />Managing and/or cutting IT infrastructure costs<br />Reducing security risks in outsourcing engagements<br />
  3. 3. Solution:8KMiles.com<br />Virtual outsourcing ecosystem connecting small or medium sized businesses with project managers, technology professionals and cloud infrastructure<br />Access to On-demand People + Remote desktops & Servers + Software + Tools<br />Assurance of Quality and Project Delivery<br />
  4. 4. 8KMiles.com<br />Capital<br /><ul><li>Verified and Assessed talent pool
  5. 5. No cap-ex cloud infrastructure</li></ul>8KMiles ecosystem connects distributed project stakeholders<br />
  6. 6. Value Proposition<br />8KMiles models real world outsourcing without the overheads. <br />Integrated computing infrastructure – Remote desktops & Servers<br />Workflow and user roles that provide assurance of quality and delivery<br />Benefits Summary:<br /><ul><li> End to End: Design, Develop, Test, Deploy & Maintain
  7. 7. Access to talent on demand: No internal IT staff
  8. 8. Access to infrastructure on-demand: Cloud delivered
  9. 9. Secure, reliable and significant cost savings. No cap-ex.
  10. 10. Hybrid model (use in-house and remote talent & infrastructure)
  11. 11. Green IT: Leverage virtualization & teleworkers to reduce carbon footprint</li></li></ul><li>8KMiles Features<br />Project Space<br /> Bidding, Milestones, Timesheets<br />Collaboration<br />Video Conferencing, Wiki<br />Infrastructure<br /> Remote Desktops and Servers<br />Quality<br />Assessments, Ratings, Reviews<br />Delivery<br />Project Managers, NDA, Contracts<br />Secure Payment System and a lot more…<br />
  12. 12. 8KMiles Advantage<br />Only integrated solution offering both people and infrastructure on-demand<br />Provides real time monitoring and collaboration<br />Only solution targeting development and testing environment<br />Only solution to offer assurance of quality and project delivery<br />Strategic Partnerships <br />Microsoft<br />Amazon<br />Others: Merittrac, ooVoo and Project Management companies<br />
  13. 13. 8KMiles ROI<br />Savings on <br /><ul><li> Space
  14. 14. FTEs
  15. 15. Training
  16. 16. Infra</li></ul>8KMiles Assumptions<br />
  17. 17. 8KMiles in the news<br />“8KMiles is a compelling story to highlight the disruptive nature of Cloud Computing” <br />“Startup of the day” – <br />“ Work smart with 8KMiles” <br />“Outsource your tech shopping through 8KMiles” – <br />“8KMiles is likely to turn software development upside down” – Prof. S. Sadagopan<br />
  18. 18. Get high quality work done.On Time. On Demand.<br />No matter what the size of your business is, you can benefit from the services of a distributed network of skilled professionals & cloud infrastructure, available to you on-demand, 24X7.<br />Get started –<br />Register on 8KMiles.com or send a mail to:<br />contactus@8kmiles.com<br />
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