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STaaS~ The future of testing.

Software Testing As A Service S Taa S

  1. 1. Software Testing as a Service - STaaS bySmriti Verma – Hexaview Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Rahul Kumar – Element Infomatics Pvt. Ltd.
  2. 2. Software testing as a Service  What is STaaS  Software testing as a Service (STaaS) is an outsourcing model, in which testing activities are outsourced to a third party which specializes in simulating real world testing environments as per client requirements. In other words, STaaS is a process in which companies ask service providers to provide software testing services as and when required.  Services that are well-suited for the STaaS model include automated regression testing, performance testing, security testing, testing of major ERP software, and monitoring/testing of cloud-based applications.
  3. 3. STaaS “As a Service” solutions STaaS allows organizations to buy what they need and when they need. This means, organizations can use automation tools and skilled people on demand, as and when needed. Full testing services will be provided by STaaS providers to the demanding organizations. Hence, no matter how small or large an organization is, it can afford STaaS due to its simple and flexible approach. STaaS is becoming popular now-a-days, as organizations get the best of service without huge investments. Performance Functional Testing Testing STaaS Compatibility Security Testing Testing
  4. 4. When to use STaaS? It is critical for organizations to decide when they really want to use STaaS, to get the best possible results. STaaS is useful for:- 1. Performing specialized tasks which require a high degree of automation and quick results. 2. Performing tasks which require people with automation skills . 3. Performing testing efforts that don’t require in-depth knowledge of the design or the system. To be in the market, organizations have to compete, produce the best of products and deliver out of the box services. Market pressure is so high that no organization can compromise on the quality of products/services. To deliver out of the class service in limited budget and time constraints, STaaS is the answer.
  5. 5. STaaS model follows all phases of SoftwareTesting Life Cycle, confirming to international standards. Test Planning Test Analysis Test Design ConstructionSTaaS and STaaS Verification Test Cycles Final Testing and Implementation Post Implementation
  6. 6. Types of STaaS Types of STaaS Functional testing as a Service Performance Testing as a Service Security Testing as a Service
  7. 7. Software Testing-as-a-Service includes:-1. Functional Testing-as-a-ServiceSTaaS providers enable functional testing services for clients whichinclude, but not limited to, UI/GUI testing, integration, regression andautomated user acceptance testing (UAT). It brings down the cost ofregression testing, increases test coverage and gives assured results.2. Performance Testing-as-a-ServicePerformance testing is very crucial for an organization where multipleusers are accessing the application at the same time. STaaS simulatesreal world users’ environment by creating virtual users, thereby testingto check if the system can withstand the load and stress. It is a “pay-as-you-go” method for such tests.3. Security Testing-as-a-ServiceSecurity testing is very crucial for any web based application. With anincreasing number of websites and applications obtaining criticalinformation such as credit card or account number, the security forsuch information is of utmost importance. STaaS scans the websitesand the applications for any vulnerability.
  8. 8. STaaS Providers speak out  Bogdan Chernyachuk Project Manager & Resource Manager at EPAM Systems, Ukraine My team (40+ QA Engineers) executes functional, integration and automation testing services for a large customer. We are not developing products, only test them. We testvarious applications built by various development teams (which are teams on customer side or other outsourcing vendors) and testers need to adjust their work with the methodologiesand processes implemented in each of that teams (so it varies from true scrum approach to some kind of waterfall).
  9. 9. STaaS Providers speak out  Ethel Evans SDET at SEOmoz, Greater Seattle AreaAs a service, testing product is information about the development product. What you mightbe able to measure, then, is timeliness and quality of information about the product. With somany different project types, you might not be able to compare between projects or testers easily, but maybe you can get some trends over time.
  10. 10. Here are some thoughts about specifics, drawn largely from metrics Ive seen in the past when working with a "service" mentality - Ethel Evans, STaaS ProviderHow fast can you get testing results back to the developersafter a build?How thoroughly are failures investigated?How many bugs are detected by your testing on the first pass,and how many are found later through other means?
  11. 11. How accurate are your time estimates?How easy is it for the client to get information to and fromtesters?How many of your automated tests are running at any giventime, and how many are broken, blocked, or otherwiseunusable?
  12. 12. STaaS BenefitsSoftware Testing-as-a-Service or STaaS is used in all spheres of theindustry. With the advent of testing an application on not just computers,it’s increasingly important to test on laptops, notebook PCs, smart phones,tablets, dual monitors etc. with different versions of the OS and differentversions of browsers In-Depth Coverage Low cost Quick & STaaS & Trusted timely Benefits result results Flexibility
  13. 13. Software Testing as a Service over Cloud  Cloud Testing is a form of software testing in which web applications use cloud computing environment to simulate real-world user traffic.  Cloud Testing offers effective unlimited storage, quick availability of the infrastructure with scalability, flexibility and availability of distributed testing environment reduce the execution time of testing of large applications and lead to cost-effective solutions.  Companies simulate real world Web users by using cloud testing services that are provided by cloud service vendors such as SOASTA, HP, Load Impact, Compuware and Keynote systems.  Once user scenarios are developed and the test is designed, these service providers leverage cloud servers (provided by cloud platform vendors such as, Google etc.) to generate web traffic that originates from around the world.
  14. 14. STaaS Over Cloud Deliver Monitor Goals Start Testing Leverage Cloud Services Setup Infrastructure Select Cloud service Provider Design test cases Develop User scenarios
  15. 15. Case Study 1 A dedicated offshore Software testing service centre provided end – to – end testing service to client realizing a cost reduction over 35% along with faster product launch and reduction in testing cycle time.• Client Situation – One of the world’s largest financial groups delivering service to over 60 countries across Europe, America, Africa and Asia. • The Challenge – For expansive growth in India and other emergingmarkets was facing excessive overhead and operation costs in itsproduct rollout for overall business plan. Lack of location specific domainknowledge and poor quality of product would delay the launch of retailoperations on multiple occasions.• The Solution – With incorporation of STaaS there was established adedicated testing centre which offered a wide spectrum of key servicesencompassing –
  16. 16. Case Study 1Test Consulting System Testing Integration Testing Performance Testing Functional Testing Regression TestingUAT
  17. 17. - Benefits• Faster resource ramp- ups through investment in training and knowledgemanagement of niche skills.• 33% improvement in time-to-market and faster product launch / roll outsthrough leveraging reuse & business process testing solutions , leveragingproduct knowledge & competencies and generic regression test packs.• 35% reduction in total testing cost through leveraging offshore team,extensive test automation and extensive reuse through libraries.
  18. 18. Case Study 2 : - An Agile ApproachThe implementation of managed software testing as service resulted ina 60% decrease in cost, spanning over a short period of two years.The planned approach to workflow was effective enough to have apositive effect on throughput of the projects.• Client Situation - In the autumn of 2007, a global telecom providerbased out of UK hot listed a number of challenges being faced with themanagement and supply of software testing services. The majorobjectives were outlined as:• Overall cost reduction of the services• Utilization of a cheaper offshore resource where appropriate• Reducing the cost of managing the service• Increasing the stability of resource base
  19. 19. • The Challenge – A crest trough pattern of testing demand resulted out of client’s dynamic and fast –paced environment. Ad hoc testing that was utilized as a reaction to the crest and troughs of demand resulted in the client dealing with a lack of accountability from vendors as testing was not being planned holistically.• The Solution – STaaS carved out a solution to the scenario and the proposed resolution included : • Depending on the amount of planned project over a rolling period – workflow requirements , tester infrastructure and costs were calculated • A year - on - year cost reduction competitive pricing model was devised • Wide range of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) ensured that both the client and solutions provider had agreed measures for success
  20. 20. - BenefitsCost reduction in services management as account/resourcemanagement was an integral part of service which was delivered to theclient at no cost.• Long term, localized staff commitment ensured the testing wascontinuous.• Efficiency of projects increased with appropriate mix of onshore,offshore and automation within the testing services undertaken.SummarySoftware testing as a Service is a model which allows organizations topay for what they need, when they need it. By using a flexible approach,STaaS allows organizations to get the benefits of automation testingwithout the risk of huge investments.
  21. 21. A graphical representation of evolution of the service(X – Time, Y - Staff)
  22. 22. ConclusionWith all the known benefits of STaaS, it’s a great way to lessen theburden on organizations and help them concentrate on developingworld class applications.Hence, STaaS solutions may be the answer to give your organizationstate-of-the-art testing solution without the high price tag.
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