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Practical social media for real estate by howard chung
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Practical social media for real estate by howard chung


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Howard Chung teaches on the use of practical social media, scripts, and strategies to make more money in the real estate business. …

Howard Chung teaches on the use of practical social media, scripts, and strategies to make more money in the real estate business.

Published in: Real Estate, Technology, Business

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  • 1. More Appointments and Referrals with Practical Social Media for Real EstateWednesday, January 25, 12
  • 2. Wednesday, January 25, 12
  • 3. Categories of Leads A, B, C, D • Sphere of Influence • SEM • Social Media CRM • SEO • Local Community / eFarms • Search Engines • Publishing • Advertising 3Wednesday, January 25, 12
  • 4. Paying for Leads 4Wednesday, January 25, 12
  • 5. More Appointments and Referrals What if... ONE Listing Appointment per Week ONE Buyer Appointment per Week 5Wednesday, January 25, 12
  • 6. Increase Your Conversion Ratio ONE Listing Appointment ONE Buyer Appointment per Week per Week • Avg. commission (3% x $300,000): $9,000 • Gross Closed Commissions (33 x $9,000): $297,000 $675,000 $450,000 What could increase your $297,000 conversion ratio? 33% 50% 75% 6Wednesday, January 25, 12
  • 7. Image Refreshment 7Wednesday, January 25, 12
  • 8. Image Refreshment 8Wednesday, January 25, 12
  • 9. Image Refreshment 9Wednesday, January 25, 12
  • 10. Understanding Web 2.0 Wordpress vs. Traditional Websites (microsite) 10Wednesday, January 25, 12
  • 11. Blogsites That Are DIALed In • Decision (Web 2.0 blog for instant credibility) • Information (Lead Capture Device) • Awareness (Marketing Strategies, Stats, Search) • Links (Resources and Partners) 11Wednesday, January 25, 12
  • 12. Blogsites That Are DIALed In 12Wednesday, January 25, 12
  • 13. Blogsites That Are DIALed In IDX – Internet Data eXchange • Leverage MLS Listings for credibility • MLS Powered Map Search • Your ‘Featured Listings’ In Real Time • Neighborhood and Target Preset Searches • Lead Capture for you (Not your Company) • Keep People On Your Site… Longer 13Wednesday, January 25, 12
  • 14. Becoming a ‘Publisher’ Facebook Linkedin Your Content Blog Twitter RSS 14Wednesday, January 25, 12
  • 15. Constant Contact with Clients Syndicated blog posts: • Real Estate Information • Human Interest Articles • Videos 15Wednesday, January 25, 12
  • 16. Email Publishing • - FREE • If You Can Email; You Can Blog, Post, Share • Email Subject = Post Title • Email Body = The body of the post • Attach a Picture = Photo on post • Youtube URL in body = Video on post 16Wednesday, January 25, 12
  • 17. Your Old CRM 17Wednesday, January 25, 12
  • 18. Your New Social CRM 18Wednesday, January 25, 12
  • 19. CRM using Facebook Client Relationship Management • Get a Facebook Personal Profile: • Create A Fan Page • Customize your vanity URL • Syndicate Your Blog Posts To Page and Profile – Posts on FB à Takes Them To Your Blog – Your Posts Keep You Top Of Mind – Remind Your Sphere of Influence… • You Are An Active, Capable, and Open For Business Agent 19Wednesday, January 25, 12
  • 20. Social Media Time Management 5 Minute Facebook Strategy The 3 C’s of Facebook: 1. Connect – To those you would sell a house to • When You Do Know “People You May Know” Add Them • Go through your email archive of past clients • Re-connect by checking friends’ profiles then comment and compliment 2. Comment – Wish Happy Birthday, Find Posts You Relate To and Add a Positive Comment • Check “Events” For Today’s Birthdays • Scan the “Most Recent” “News Feed” For Posts You Can Comment on • This Will Send Your Friend an Email With a Positive Comment 3. Compliment – Click the “Like” Button • This Will Send Your Friend an Email With a Positive Action 20Wednesday, January 25, 12
  • 21. Personal vs. Business Facebook Pages (aka ‘Fan Page’)• Separation of Business and Personal (Pages are ‘Facebook Websites’)• Pages are Open to the public (even for those without a FB account)• Allows You to connect B2B– You Can Visit Other Fan Pages and Post as a Fan Page (Business Name)Getting Fans:• Suggest To Your Friends• Pay For Facebook Ad• Promote on Email Signature, Print Ads, Website• Create Niche Pages that would Naturally Attracts Fans– Golf Buddies– eFarm community (365 things to do . . .) 21Wednesday, January 25, 12
  • 22. NYTimes, WSJ, NPR, Realtor Mag. . . • Mavens, Connectors, Salesmen! ( • Trending Topics: News In Real Time • Create a Twitter Account – • Syndicate Your Blog Posts • Share Interesting Content From Related Sources • Follow People: – Past, Current, Potential Clients – People That You Admire • Follow People That Follow You • Don’t worry (too much) about who’s following you 22Wednesday, January 25, 12
  • 23. Get • “Facebook With a Tie” • Syndicate Your Blog Feed • Complete Your Profile 100% – Use Your Keywords Early and Often • Make Connections And Accept Connections • Give Recommendations – Get Them In Return • Join Large Groups and Join the Discussions • Take Advantage of The Applications 23Wednesday, January 25, 12
  • 24. Your Very own Channel!• Create a user account• Connect it to your FB & Twitter• Create some Playlists – Some real estate, personal interests, favorites• Log in via your smart phones• Search for some good videos and click “favorites”• Take good, short, fun videos that create interest – Community, Schools, Parks, Events, etc.• Be sure to name and tag them to be easily found 24Wednesday, January 25, 12
  • 25. Google Plus? Do I really have to?• Do you use• Do you have a gmail address?• Do you watch youtube?• Do you have an Android phone?• Do your clients have or do any of the above?• Don’t stress• 25Wednesday, January 25, 12
  • 26. Time to Campaign! 26Wednesday, January 25, 12
  • 27. Convert Local Community with eFarms• Neighborhood, sub-division, or condo complex• Provide resources, active homes for sale, recent sold activity, links, videos, blog posts, etc.• Create Social Media Presence (Flickr, FB Fanpage, Twitter, and Youtube accounts)• Get Local Businesses to sponsor and provide coupons• Combine with local advertising and direct mail (postcard) campaigns• Email campaign with links back to your eFarm Blog 27Wednesday, January 25, 12
  • 28. Name:   Date: Manage Your Marketing Campaigns! TECHNOLOGY, TOOLS, AND SYSTEMS CHECKLIST YES NO 1. Calendar, Contacts, and Email synched on all computers, tablets, and smart phones 2. Email CRM Campaigns and Databases Uploaded ( • CRM: Email, Social Media, Blog, Craigslist, Print, Ads 3. Social Media CRM and Databases Uploaded (fb, fanpage, linkedin, twitter, youtube, etc) 4. Wordpress Blog connected to social media accounts (email publishing enabled) 5. Paperless Listing and Buyer Presentations customized and loaded to all devices 6. Listing Makeover Single Property Websites with sign riders on all listings 7. Personal/Professional Video(s) for buyers and sellers on Blog and Youtube Channel 8. IDX (internet data exchange) MLS listings enabled on Blog 9. Personal home search app for buyers 10. Personalized Journeybooks (home buyer guides) with Video integration & 2D code MARKETING CAMPAIGNS (Can be Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly) # of Contacts 1. CRM/Sphere of Influence/Networking Databases (Category A Clients) Includes: Social Media connections, friends, family, past clients, neighbors, etc. 2. Local Community and eFarm Databases (Category B Clients) Includes: Geographic marketing, target marketing (investors, business owners), Open house contacts, etc. 3. Craigslist / Classifieds Campaign (Category C/D leads) Includes: Personal/featured listings, IDX listings, community pages (events, garage sales), teasers, etc. 4. SEM and Paid Search Engines (Category C/D leads) Includes: vendors like Zillow, Boomtown, google adwords, facebook ads, etc. 5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO Category C/D) Includes: Activerain premium accounts, Wordpress, blogger, paid SEO, etc. 6. For Sale by Owner and Expired Listings Campaigns Details: 7. Other Campaigns: Details: Total Impressions/Connections Made: 28Wednesday, January 25, 12 PRODUCTIVITY ASSESSMENT
  • 29. In Summary . . . Outsource some of it!! “if you do nothing, how do you know when you’re finished?” - Nelson DeMille 29Wednesday, January 25, 12
  • 30. In Summary . . . 30Wednesday, January 25, 12
  • 31. Recap Referrals = Appointments Appointments = Conversions Conversions = Listings Listings = Sales 31Wednesday, January 25, 12
  • 32. How do I get started? How much?Wednesday, January 25, 12
  • 33. Northpoint Social Media Services Marketing You... Website/Blog Subscription: $299 / $39 Basic Blog and Content Marketing Your Listing... Includes: • Facebook Fan Page • YouTube Video Listing Makeover • Domain Name Registration • Custom Web Site $99 per listing • Sign Rider • Syndication 33Wednesday, January 25, 12
  • 34. Custom Design, IDX integration, SEO 34Wednesday, January 25, 12
  • 35. Technology Checklist Workshop $175 Includes: • Evernote orientation • Goals and affirmations • Time Management • Systems, scripts, strategies • Live or online options 35Wednesday, January 25, 12
  • 36. Paperless Listing/Buyer Presentations $175 Includes: • Paperless Listing Presentation • Paperless Buyer Presentation • Which apps to download • Orientation/Training • Live or Online Options 36Wednesday, January 25, 12
  • 37. Email Campaign Orientation $175 Includes: • Database Upload • Campaign Design • Step-by-step training • Live or online options 37Wednesday, January 25, 12
  • 38. 38Wednesday, January 25, 12