AT-LA-STAN REPORTER                                                          Issue 2                             BAGRAM, A...
ALPHA COMPANY— “TEAM MAXIMUS”                             Company Commander’s CornerMaximus Family,Greetings and hope all ...
B Co Spotlight    HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM      BRAVO COMPANY, TF ATLAS                                                        ...
So here we are again, spreading the        with their new toys in the background. It has        change in mission and miss...
Happy Holidays from Opinicus 6              Here we are already in January and the              one’s faces and is definit...
for his role in reorganizing Bravo compa-                                                      nies Hazardous Materiel sto...
Christmas stockings everywhere!                                                                   R and R tips!           ...
SPOTLIGHT SECTION                          Holidays can be     scored a 300, while CPT Toman and SSG           As the mont...
AAFES (A-Fees): Army, Air Force Exchange                 ASAP (A-sap): As soon as possible, also Army Sub-               t...
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At la-stan reporter jan 2012


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Task Force Atlas January 2012 deployment newsletter!

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At la-stan reporter jan 2012

  1. 1. AT-LA-STAN REPORTER Issue 2 BAGRAM, AFGHANISTAN JANUARY 2012 HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM TASK FORCE ATLAS COMMAND TEAM BATTALION COMMANDER LTC GEROW TF Atlas Families and Supporters: As I write this the snow continues to fall. While the snow brings a welcomed relief to the flying crews, TF Atlas Troopers still have plenty to get done. HSC and A Co begin to transition into different company command headquarters. Now all four of the companyheadquarters are on the same side of the airfield and only the Task Force Headquarters is left to move. A Co moves into a newly reno- vated, through their own labor, rotary-wing passenger terminal and continue to provide top notch customer support to hundreds of Soldiers and civilians a day. Our Forward Arming and Refueling Points (FARPS) throughout Regional Command East (RC-E) con- tinue to improve and in some cases, expand, everyday. B Cos phase maintenance support outshines every other ASB in the country and they only get better and this is an indisputable and documented fact. C Cos communications nodes spread throughout the Re- gional Command East (RC-E) are relied on by all the major units operating throughout RC-East and have been extremely responsive in their support. Our replacements will soon be here for their Pre-deployment Site Survey (PDSS) and we are beginning to talk about our re- deployment plans. We are keeping busy and I know for us that helps pass the time. For you the Families I know sometimes the days seem like weeks and the weeks seem like months. I cannot adequately express our gratitude and thanks for all you have to do with afamily member deployed. I would also like to extend our extreme thanks for all the packages and support sent through the holidays. It has been truly amazing. TF Atlas rear-detachment personnel also have an extremely important task ahead of them--preparing the battalion for its return.Yes, we have to start talking about that now so we can get the systems in place for a smooth transition upon our arrival. This deploy-ment is a team effort whether the Troopers are here at Bagram, some other Forward Operating Base (FOB), or at Ft Bragg. Our team has performed superbly and I could not be prouder. ATW! Maintien le Droit!BATTALION COMMAND SERGEANT MAJOR Inside this issue: CSM DUCHATELIER Alpha Company 2 Bravo Company 3 Hello Atlas Family!! First of all I hope that all of you have had an enjoyable holiday season, and are looking forward to a prosperous new year. The Troopers of Atlas are in high spirits and dis- Charlie Company 4 play a level of motivation during the execution of their duties that has earned them many lauda-tory comments throughout the theater of operation. Their commitment to excellence and resolve Headquarters Co 5to successfully accomplish all assigned tasks is without doubt the driving force of our units over- Safety / Medical 6all success. I also want to thank you for all of the support, care packages’, letters, and prayers that you have provided and continue to provide. Your support will always be greatly appreciated and Chaplain / Retention 7 serve as a source of encouragement to us all. We will keep you in our prayers and in our Spotlight Section 8 thoughts. Take care and God Bless Atlas 7 Photo Collage 9
  2. 2. ALPHA COMPANY— “TEAM MAXIMUS” Company Commander’s CornerMaximus Family,Greetings and hope all is well. Your Soldiers are all well and doing a phenomenal job supporting the Companyand Battalion’s missions at numerous locations. Simply put, no rotary wing aircraft flies in Regional Com-mand East, Afghanistan without the direct efforts and support of your Soldiers. Your fine and brave MaximusTroopers have provided high quality aviation grade fuel for the fueling of many US and NATO aircrafts, aswell as countless ammunition for aircraft arming operations. In addition to the Company’s refueling and arming missions, the Transportation and Supply Support Activity AT-LA-STAN(SSA) Platoons’ contributions to the Battalion and Brigade missions have been enormous. The TransportationPlatoon through its Airfield Departure Arrival Control Group (ADACG) mission has moved numerous passen-gers and cargo throughout RC-East, Afghanistan. Their efforts have allowed Soldiers to rejoin the fight, criti-cal supplies to move across the battlefield as well as ensuring instructors travel throughout the battlespace tointroduce and teach new weapons systems to Soldiers. The Supply Support Activity Platoon through its mis-sion of providing class IX air supplies to support and sustain full spectrum aviation operations have per-formed remarkably well. The SSA has literally kept the blades of the aircrafts turning through processing andreceiving over one million dollars worth of critical aviation repair parts.Thanks for the support and the personal sacrifices that you make with your loved ones being away. The Com- mand team of 1SG Pickett and I are very grateful to have and enjoy your support. Happy New Year! Maximus 6 First Sergeant’s Corner Families and Friends, The Troopers of A Co 122nd are doing an outstanding job. Their hearts and prayers go out to each of your families during this time of the year. Knowing the task at hand, they continue to push forward and impress our leaders with their professionalism and hard work. They stay committed to job completion on every skill level. Every day when I wake up, I am more proud than the day before because I have been blessed with the opportunity to lead this well tuned company on the battlefield. I look forward to continuing to do so upon our return. Our numbers on what we have achieved and 1SG Arthur Pickett done is a reflection of this unit and what it is capable of whenever called upon. The Troopers give their thanks for all of your support during the holidays. Your contribution of selfless service and holiday cheer boosted the morale of each and every Trooper. A Co 122nd would like to wish all the Families of TF Atlas and especially the Maximus Fam- ily Happy Holidays. Again we say Thanks! Maximus 7 Alpha Company had their Christmas Party. Although many were working, the celebration continued on. Thanks to the efforts of SFC Shamiska Reese, those who could attend had a blast. AT-LA-STAN REPORTER Page 2
  3. 3. B Co Spotlight HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM BRAVO COMPANY, TF ATLAS B Co were not the only Sol- diers to get what they The Grinch was MIA this year in the B Co wanted for Christmas this 122 ASB hangar! With high morale and lifted year. The Brigade Com- spirits, every section seemed to have mander, COL Jamison, cer- Christmas decorations. While some tainly got what he wanted this stockings remained empty Christmas Christmas when the Black- morning, this all changed at 2130 when a bus hawk mechanics completed a arrived carrying an Operation North State PMI 1 phase in 5 days; an care package for every Soldier in B Co. It was entire week ahead of sched- a complete surprise to everyone when a bus ule. The Tango section from completely filled with hundreds of packages maintenance platoon has arrived. It truly felt like Christmas morning been running 24 hour opera- watching our Soldiers rush the bus and tions since they arrived in search for their gift which contained food, theater, yet they continue to candy, and sentimental items from home. maintain the motivation and momentum necessary to con- sistently perform phase main- “PSGDA” This month in fitness, the tenance ahead of schedule. First Annual Bostick Invitational was held 9 – 12 It has been said that it is im- December 2011. It was a hard fought match play possible for our Brigade to event which resulted in a sudden death playoff be- sustain this high of an OP- tween three new comers and one veteran to the TEMPO for the duration of “PSGDA” Professional Soldier Golfer Deployment As- the deployment, yet here we sociation. All players where decked out in the tradi- are; 31 phases complete with approximately 40,000 hours tional Scottish custom knickers as they challenged the flown. Four months into our demanding course. All four Soldiers tee’d off on this rotation, we have already nail biting 90 yard first playoff of sudden death completed more phases than match. The competition was fierce as all were hoping those completed in OEF XI for a victory before Christmas. and predict we’ll fly 30,000 hours more than those flown “WHATCHA BENCH” last year.This is a repository of all the fitness tricks and trades that you the Joe Can the Tangos’ keep it up?are using to stay fit. Today is a story of a man named Darrell he was Stay tuned to find out!not told to move away from there and go to Beverly he just decided to Thanks for your hard workjoin the Army and be all he can be. SPC Darrell Gatlin leads an intense and dedication to excellence!45 minute workout six days a week. His method of destruction is“INSANITY”. He begins this grueling workout with ten minutes ofwarm up exercises. Darrell has been known to break off a few Soldiersjust during the warm up. His dedication to fitness has started a buzzand his attendance has pushed to over 30 Soldiers a night. AT-LA-STAN REPORTER Page 3
  4. 4. So here we are again, spreading the with their new toys in the background. It has change in mission and mission require-news and the Holiday cheer from given many of us time to reflect and be ments and your Troopers have per-abroad during our “Living the Dream” thankful. formed without fail.vacation in the beautiful snow-cappedmountains of Afghanistan. Despite being Continue to send all of shorthanded on your love and support to We are now in the second quarter of personnel, our these outstanding Troopers.our deployment and starting the grind Company has From all the Troopers inof our tour during the Christmas sea- truly stepped- Charlie Rock Company, weson. Many of us have the opportunity up to the plate wish you the happiest ofto make a morale call, Skype or webcam and made the holidays and a Happy Newwith our families, watching our children mission hap- Year.get excited about what Santa has left, pen. We haveand hearing the laughing and playing had several “LET’S GET IT” Seasons the CPN but also with the Army Engi- and SGT Greetings neers constructing and preparing the Dolan will be family, new location, which has been a cumber- moving to a friends and some task and they have been up to the new locationTroopers of Charlie Company. I hope this challenge. CPN team 77534 received a within the next month and are doing an out-holiday season finds you all doing well. new team chief, SGT Delarosa, who has standing job. We are looking forward to hav-Despite being in Afghanistan for a little made it a seamless transition for the CPN ing CPN 77537 on BAF for a little while. Weover three months, Soldiers of Charlie team and the supporting units. SGT De- have still not heard a peep from CPN TeamCompany are still going strong. CPN larosa, SPC Janey, PFC Messier, and PFC 77536 with PFC Merritt, SPC Miller, M., SPC77532, previously led by SGT Coffie, re- Waldman have received many kudos Ramos, and SGT Frazier but they are receiv-ceived a new team chief SGT Anstee and from the supported units and continue to ing many thanks from the supported unit.moved to a new location further south. do a great job. CPN team 77537, withThe team has been working not only on PFC Dunigan, SPC Lowery, SPC Janey, Happy Holidays! ORACLE 6 praises for the work and support they have given over the last few months from mem- bers of the Battalion Command team andTo all Family and friends of the Charlie supporting Task Forces. As busy as we areRock, I would like to take time to inform with this deployment, Troopers have foundyou that your Troopers have been perform- a way to embrace the Holiday Spirit. Weing outstanding while here in Afghanistan. have received overwhelming support fromCharlie Company has provided our Com- back home we will continue to work hard torades with exceptional communication sup- ensure the communication backbone isport throughout RC East. We have had solid throughout RC-East. Many of ourquite a few moving pieces over the last few Troopers are looking forward to a little R & R and are eagerly anticipating their oppor-months, but our Charlie Rock Troopers tunity to come home and relax. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!have embraced the bigger picture and areworking hard at making the mission hap- LET’S GET IT! ORACLE 7pen. Several of our teams have been given AT-LA-STAN REPORTER Page 4
  5. 5. Happy Holidays from Opinicus 6 Here we are already in January and the one’s faces and is definitely a morale booster time is flying by. I hope for the Soldiers. I also want to thank our that everyone had a wonderful FRG Leaders and all the Families great Holiday Season and a (especially SSG Horn’s mother-in-law, who Happy New Year. First had FED-EX bring the entire battalion stock-I want to start off by welcom- ings) for their support to the entire companying Hans Robert Burgdorf into the HSC in ensuring every Soldier received a presentFamily. Congrats to the Burgdorf Family on their for Christmas. Remember to keep an eye onnew addition! I also want to say that the HSC Sol- our Facebook Page. I am always arounddiers are doing an awesome job everyday here and taking pictures of our great Soldiers in actionwe could not do it without our Family and friends to and getting the pictures up as soon we us. I do believe in giving praise where it isdue, the friends and Families supporting us at home CPT Reeves —Opinicus 6have been loading the mail system down with their HSC received a banner from Fort Bragg Familywonderful care packages. Every day, we receive Readiness Group (FRG)more goodies from home. It keeps smiles on every- First Sergeants Corner Greetings to all the tion, a that we support. Thanks again for Families, I would like winning all the love and support you all have given the to take this time to say team HSC Family. My wish for you all is to have a that I hope everyone and a safe and prosperous New Year! had a wonderful and strong 1SG Wimberly Opinicus 7 Blessed Holiday Sea- Family son. The Soldiers here that leans to the left and right to support each are doing great things and are continuing to other no matter what. We are three months push forward with a positive attitude. We’ve into the fight and the time is flying by. I would grown stronger in our ranks and have welcomed like to thank you all for your support during the in seven new Soldiers, we have had four NCO Holidays with the care packages. They were promotions and multiple Soldiers receive recog- greatly appreciated and the Soldiers enjoyed all nition for all the great things being done in the of the personal hygiene, candy, cookies, and company in December alone. The Leaders, books just to name a few. We as a team (HSC) Officers, NCOs and the Soldiers of HSC are “In will continue to do what we do best and that is it, to win it!” We have an outstanding organiza- to provide support to the different Task Forces Merry Christmas from HSC Orderly Room Month of December... Happy Birthday!!! “There are no Promotions secrets to CPT Cantrell SSG Brodie SGT Beattie SGT Soto SGT-SSG ALVAREZ success...result of SFC Shepherd SSG Pellack SGT Chavis SPC Gibbs SGT-SSG FISCHL preparation, hard SFC Wyland SSG Zelada SGT Maddox SPC Ramsdell SPC-SGT KRUEGER work, and In the photo from front, left to right, and back: CPT PV2 Macomber learning from Reeves, SSG Alvarez, SSG Fischl, SGT Krueger, SPC-SGT JOHNSON PFC YoungAT-LA-STAN REPORTER Page 5
  6. 6. for his role in reorganizing Bravo compa- nies Hazardous Materiel storage and dis- posal program. His works enable the TF to store and dispose of HAZMAT properly. SPC Williams of HSC for identifying the CW3 (P) TURNER lack of chock blocks in the motor pool. He took it upon on himself to make chock SSG CARRINGTON blocks for all equipment lacking them.Engaged Leaders make PV2 Neer of A Co. for his overall safetySafer Troopers! consciousness. He has been able to foresee potential hazards and have them correctedAs we have now completed the first quarter of thru the proper channels. He has correctedthis deployment, We as leaders continue to and ensured that his peers are conductingmonitor the Safety of our Troopers during all operations safely, from wearing seatbelts in Safety Awardsoperations. moving vehicles to wearing proper personal SPC McCarty, Russell A. B Co. protective equipment. The actions of theseWe continue to have engaged Troopers being Troopers are force multipliers for keeping SPC Williams, Demitrius HSCrecognized for their contributions to the Task our Atlas. PV2 Neer, Jacob A Co.Forces safety program. SPC McCarty of B Co Tis’ the season to be Caring CPT Harris (Flight Surgeon) • CPT Jennings (Aeromedical Physician Assistant) • CPT Woodson (Psychologist) Combat Santa CPT Woodson delivers stock- ings and Christmas greetings to troopers. Get the Look you Want ….. Safely A closer look at DMAARecently, AAFES banned the sale of supplements. failure, fast heartbeat, heat injury, andproducts containing 1,3- muscle breakdown during exertion.dimethylamylamine (DMAA), also re- The Army is continuing a safety reviewferred to as methylhexanamine, after the deaths of two soldiers during Please consult withGeranamine, and gera- the summer and fall of 2011. your healthcare pro-nium oil or extract. vider before starting a Manufacturers report that the products new exercise programThese products include have been tested and are safe. The and/or health supple-many popular body- Army, however, has concerns regarding ments.building and weight-loss products leading to kidney failure, liverAT-LA-STAN REPORTER Page 6
  7. 7. Christmas stockings everywhere! R and R tips! R and R has begun and some of our TF This story can fit 150-200 words. finished writing your newsletter, con- find inside. There was everything from ATLAS Troopers even got to be home for vert it to a Web site and post it. chap stick and beef jerky, to books, CD’s, Christmas! can most of us though, R and This story For fit 100-150 words. One benefit of using your newsletter as and video games. Many of the Troopers R is coming in the next couple months. a promotional tool is that you can reuse The subject mattertry to appears in particularly enjoyed receiving some current Because of that, I’ll that give a different content from other marketing materi- sports, car, and motorcycle magazines— newslettersnewsletter. I hope you find tip in each is virtually endless. You can als, such as press releases, market stud- especially our include stories that focus on current them helpful! ies, and reports. Troopers at our technologies or innovations in your outlying FOB’s. TIP #1: Proper Prior Planning Pre- field. While your main goal of distributing a vents Poor Performance. Because your newsletter might be to sell your product On Christmas Eve Trooper has been away for a while, there You may also want to note business or or service, the key to a successful news- we had the unique are plenty oftrends,that either need to be economic things or make predictions letter is making it useful to your read- opportunity of hav- done,your customers your family want to for or that you and or clients. ers.I trust that all of the Families back home ing the Battalion do during Rand R. Since the time homehad a wonderful Christmas season. We Commander, LTC goes by newsletter is distributed inter- If the “To catch the readers attention, place an interestingmay not have had anyuseful or very many A great way to add snow, content to Gerow, play his sentence or quote from the story here.” quickly,you might comment upon new nally, it’sChristmas trees here,to develop and write your newsletter is but one thing we did guitar for both of easy to get to or improvements to the procedures your own articles, or include ahave was calendar our Christmas Eve services at Warrior day 10 and Sales figures or earnings will business. of upcoming events or a special offerof plenty Chapel. It was a great experience bringing still have lots show how your business is growing. that promotes a new product. Christmas our hearts close to home as we sang ‘Silent of things you stockings! Night’ by candlelight. We all look forward wanted to do. Some newsletters include a column that You can also research articles Wefind or are This can leadevery issue, for instance, an is updated to frustration and disappoint- “filler” articles by accessing the World incredibly ment. The best thing to do is to make a advice column, a book review, a letter thankful Wide Web. You can write about a vari- plan for your time. This certainly doesn’t from the president, or an editorial. You ety of topics but try to keep yourall of to articles mean you need to be busy, you should can also profile new employees or top short. the plan lots of just ‘family time.’ You can be customers or vendors.groups that sent a combined total of well flexible with it—but it’s a whole lot easier Much of the content you put in yourover 1300 stockings filled with goodies to to be flexible with a plan than to have noall of our Task Force Atlas Troopers. As I newsletter can also be used for your plan at all. Make sure you get to do thehad the privilege 0f handing out many of Web site. Microsoft Publisher offers a important things. Have a great time —have THE AT-LAN-STAN REPORTER to spending next Christmas at home withthe stockings, to convert your newsletter simple way our Troopers were always a plan!grateful and curious to see what they might our Families! to a Web publication. So, when you’reSeasons Greeting Team ATLAS from your Retention Team, as you all know, the Retention Mission for FY12 (Phase I) is quickly coming to anend. Soldiers who have an ETS date from 1 January 2012 to 30 September 2012 eligibility window will be closing on 31 January 2012.Also, due to the drawdown of the Army, reenlistment opportunities are no longer unlimited; reenlistment is a privilege, not a right and theArmy will retain the best, and the most highly qualified Soldiers for Retention.Keep in mind that we are still planning to have a mass reenlistment ceremony for Soldiers who are eligibleto reenlist starting 1 March 2012. Time and place is TBD, I hope for optimal participation. “KEEP ‘EM IN BOOTS” AT-LA-STAN REPORTER Page 7
  8. 8. SPOTLIGHT SECTION Holidays can be scored a 300, while CPT Toman and SSG As the month of December comes to an the toughest Alvarez scored above 290 on their PT end and the new year begins... The firstpart of any deployment, as we are forced test. These guys and gal are definitely fit members of the team, SFC Wyland andto be away from friends, families, and and strong. SSG Kenefick, will reunite with theirloved ones back home. The S2/S3 Fam- Families as they go home for some muchily has decided not to allow this time to Besides Holidays being a reason to be needed Rest and Relaxation.bring our spirits down. joyful, we were excited to celebrate two birthday’s this month. SSG Zelada turnedWe first celebrated the month with a 42 on the 9th while SFC Wyland turnedpromotion ceremony, promoting Ser- 40 on the 19th.geant Alvarez to the rank of Staff Ser-geant. Congratulations SSG Alvarez on a As some grow older we have two mem-well deserved promotion.. bers of the team expecting new life to their families. CPT Toman is expectingWe also conducted a company wide PT his 5th girl in April, and SFC Felix is ex-Test, and although it was very cold out- pecting his 1st child in June, “Good Luckside the Soldiers in our section still ex- on those diapers.” CPT Toman may needcelled above and beyond as SSG West to give SFC Felix some advice. S2/S3 Christmas Picture Battlefield Circulation FOBITS are Sol- the Charlie Company move to Vulcan. Warrior for a site recon. CPT McGill diers that only re- eventually traveled solo to Bostick, fol- main at one loca- SSG Alvarez made his journey to Shank lowed by CPT Toman to Arian. tion throughout for a quick tour, so quickly he didnt get their deployment. off the helicopter. SSG West and SSG Kenefick went into Well...FOBITs the town of Bamyan to deliver humani- SSG Zelada stayed for a few days at Bos- tarian assistance by giving mattresses we are not!!! tick while playing CSM’s bodyguard. and winter clothes to the locals. They SPC Burkle led the also visited the Buddha Mountains. SFC Felix flew with the Brigade to Arian way by traveling on to inspect their operations. Lastly, our remaining FOBIT is SFC Wy-a convoy to East River Range. land ... He must really like Bagram!!! CPT Toman and CPT McGill didnt wantSSG West traveled to Ghazni to assist in to travel alone and went to visit FOB Members of the TeamThe S2/S3 Family works together as a team section monitoring enemy activities and Lastly, SSG Kenefick is a valued member ofto get the job done. trends. the team serving as our Land/Ammo NCO. He ensures allCPT Toman serves as the Battle Captain/S3 SSG West, SSG Zelada, and SSG Alvarez our SoldiersOIC overseeing all operations in the TOC. are the play makers of the team serving as remain quali-SFC Felix is the S3 NCOIC and SFC Wyland Battle NCOs. Each are responsible for fied on theirhandles the night shift, both ensuring that tracking all incidents and missions occur- assignedeveryone is doing their job. ring within the Battalion and/or Brigade weapon. involving any Task Force Atlas Soldiers.CPT McGill and SPC Burkle operate the S2AT-LA-STAN REPORTER Page 8
  9. 9. AAFES (A-Fees): Army, Air Force Exchange ASAP (A-sap): As soon as possible, also Army Sub- the Uniformed ServicesSystem stance Abuse Program CHPPM (Chip-um): Center for HealthAAM: Army Achievement Medal AUSA: Association of the United States Army Promotion and Preventative MedicineAAR: After Action Review AVN: Aviation CIB: Combat Infantry BadgeABT: Annual Battle Training AWOL (A-wall): Absent Without Leave CID: Criminal Investigation DivisionACAP (A-cap): Army Career and Alumni Pro- BAH: Basic Allowance for Housing (Army’s FBI)gram BAS: Basic Allowance for Subsistence (food allowance) CINC: Commander In ChiefACS: Army Community Service BC: Bradley Commander or Battalion Commander or CLT: Casualty Liaison TeamACU: Army Combat Uniform Brigade Commander CMB: Combat Field Medical BadgeAD: Active Duty BCT: Basic Combat Training or Brigade Combat Team CO: Commanding OfficerAER: Army Emergency Relief BDE: Brigade COA: Course of Actions or Certificate ofAFAP: Army Family Action Plan BDU: Battle Dress Uniform Appreciation/AchievementAFN: Armed/American Forces Network BEQ: Bachelor Enlisted Quarters (for NCOs) COB: Close of BusinessAFTB: Army Family Team Building BN: Battalion COC: Chain of CommandAG: Adjutant General BNCOC (B-knock): Basic Noncommissioned Officers’ COE: Center of ExcellenceAGR: Active Guard Reserve Course COL: ColonelAIT: Advanced Individual Training BOQ: Bachelor Officers Quarters COLA (Cola, like the drink): Cost of LivingAKO: Army Knowledge Online BSM: Bronze Star Medal AllowanceAMMO: Ammunition BX: Base Exchange (AF) – Army refers to it as PX (Post CONUS (cone-us): Continental UnitedANCOC (A-knock): Advanced Noncommis- Exchange) Statessioned Officers’ Course CAB: Combat Action Badge CP: Command PostAO: Area of Operations CASCOM: Combined Arms Support Command CPL: Corporal (E-4 pay with leadership,APC: Armored Personnel Carrier CBRNE: Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, or like a NCO)APDES: Army Physical Disability Evaluation High-Yield Explosive CPO: Civilian Personnel OfficeSystem CCMRF CBRNE: Consequence Management Response CPX: Command Post ExerciseAPFT: Army Physical Fitness Test Force (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, or CQ: Charge of Quarters (duty after regularAPO: Army Post Office High-Yield Explosive) hours)AR: Army Reserves CDC: Child Development Center CSA: Chief of Staff ArmyARCOM (Are-com): Army Commendation CDS: Child Development Services CSM: Command Sergeant MajorMedal CFC: Combined Federal Campaign CYS: Community Youth ServicesARNG: Army National Guard CG: Commanding GeneralARTEP: Army Training Evaluation Program CHAMPUS: Civilian Health and Medical Program forAT-LA-STAN REPORTER Page 9For inquires, ideas or comments regarding this newsletter, please contact CPT Elizabeth Cantrell, BN Adjutant, Publisher and Editor at