A Chain Of Girl Goodness


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Stop the corporations that are killing your daughter's self worth!

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  • A Chain Of Girl Goodness

    1. 1. A Chain of Girl GoodnessStop the corporations that are killing your daughters self worth! www.AChainOfGirlGoodness.com
    2. 2. We are all sick and tired of what marketing and media are saying to our girls.
    3. 3. Sexualized dolls with huge lips, impossible waistlines and inappropriate clothing.
    4. 4. Lack of diversity in the portrayal of body types, skin color and racial features.
    5. 5. Girl characters being portrayed as weak, passive, dependent, shrinking violets…
    6. 6. shallow, objectified, sexualized…
    7. 7. Highly segregated marketing abusing the pink and bluelabels to peddle old definitions of gender to our children.
    8. 8. Girl equals pink and pink equals mostly products that tell her that her worth comes from her looks
    9. 9. The lack of stories where girls are Leaders…
    10. 10. Heroes…
    11. 11. Scientists
    12. 12. Athletes, Strong…
    13. 13. Independent, Courageous,Adventurous, Bold!
    14. 14. How can we be surprised when studies tell us that thereis a significant increase in body hate and eating disorders
    15. 15. How can we be surprised, when studies show that girls continue tostay away from leadership, science, technology, engineering…
    16. 16. Math…
    17. 17. Sports!
    18. 18. How can we be surprised when studies say that sexualviolence is increasing all over the world
    19. 19. My Name is Inês Almeida
    20. 20. I have been focusing on solving these problems for about a year. Raising awareness and providing literacy to parents and educators via our social media channels.
    21. 21. Creating empowering products for girls
    22. 22. Leading and being part of activist campaigns that push back on all threats to girlhood
    23. 23. But unfortunatelyI don’t think it is enough, when it comes to the future of all girls, I am ambitious, determined and fearless.
    24. 24. I want to change the world fast, and I want to change it now!Thought-out this year I connected with many thousands oflikeminded partners in crime.Parents, teachers, not-for-profits, subject matter experts or simplyloving adults that are as determined as I am to unleash our girls’full potential.
    25. 25. Since day one of this journey I had a dream, a dream that Icould somehow create A Chain of Girl Goodness , from west toeast, from 1st world to 3rd world nations. I have been thinkingabout this for a while and I think I have found the way to havethe most positive impact.
    26. 26. Find out more at: www.AChainOfGirlGoodness.com