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Style, success & sales - getting the most from your affiliate programme
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Style, success & sales - getting the most from your affiliate programme



Founder Chris Bishop and Key Account Manager Fiona Gandy presentation from Sheerluxe Luxury Ecommerce Conference 2012.

Founder Chris Bishop and Key Account Manager Fiona Gandy presentation from Sheerluxe Luxury Ecommerce Conference 2012.



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Style, success & sales - getting the most from your affiliate programme Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Style, success & salesGETTING THE MOST FROMYOUR AFFILIATE PROGRAMMEPresented by:Chris Bishop, Founder & Managing Director, 7thingsmedia @cpbishopFiona Gandy, Key Account Manager, 7thingsmedia @figandySheerluxe SheerB2B 20th April 2012 @7thingsmedia #sheerB2B #successandstyle
  • 2. LONDON | NEW YORK Affiliates Display International Lead generation Mobile PPC SEO Social mediaCurrent holders of the UK’s “Best affiliate agency” award... ...plus we’ve been shortlisted for 8 awards this year! In-house affiliate trending software
  • 3. Contents• Industry overview• Affiliates: the basics• Hints & tips• Above & beyond• 7 takeaways to grow your programme – on Monday!• Questions (if we have time!) @7thingsmedia #sheerB2B #successandstyle
  • 4. Industry overview
  • 5. Affiliate marketing the growth•UK affiliate market worth est. £4.62bn in 2010*•Est. over £5bn by end 2011 @7thingsmedia•Est. £280m+ paid in affiliate commission #sheerB2B * Affiliate Marketing Econsultancy Buyer’s Guide, 2010 #successandstyle
  • 6. Size of the industryOne vouchercode affiliate receives four times as muchtraffic as Oasis, Karen Millen, Coast &Warehouse @7thingsmedia @sheerluxe #successandstyle
  • 7. Size of the industryThat same vouchercode site receives similar traffic toasos.com @7thingsmedia #sheerB2B #successandstyle
  • 8. Size of the industryThe same vouchercode site receives 8 times the trafficof Shopstyle, Polyvore & ASOS Fashion Finder– and similar to Pinterest @7thingsmedia #sheerB2B #successandstyle
  • 9. From the IAB affiliate council•Affiliate Best Practise • Affiliate Auditing • Ethical Merchant Guide • Re- marketing/targeting Guide (by 7thingsmedia) • Feed management • Voucher code management• Championing the channel • Lunch n Learns • IMRG, IDM, Econsultancy • National Press• ePrivacy Directive @7thingsmedia #sheerB2B #successandstyle
  • 10. Hitting the mainstream!• Affiliates now entering traditional media • TV • Print • Outdoor • Radio• Quidcos current £1m+ media campaign @7thingsmedia #sheerB2B #successandstyle
  • 11. Affiliate: The basics
  • 12. Complex landscape back Facebook me! her codes Or text, failing that call or vouc cash email, or PR or afftweet me if I iliateam not on bloggersSkype butdon’t IM me! a Fashion ggregator s SALE Needs to be managed effectively @7thingsmedia #sheerB2B #successandstyle
  • 13. Affiliate value Brand Relevance High Low High •Develop close relationships •Assess brand compatibility •Improve conversion •Bespoke strategy for mutualPotential •Identify new opportunities benefit •Tactical campaigns Growth •Maintain relationship •Automated approach •Evolve the proposition •Minimal touch point Low @7thingsmedia #sheerB2B #successandstyle
  • 14. Segementation Affiliate Marketing PUSH PULL Price Voucher PPC Content Email Incentive Comparison Code EACH TYPE USES A DIFFERENT METHOD TO GENERATE TRAFFIC AND SALES @7thingsmedia #sheerB2B #successandstyle
  • 15. Vouchercode• Getting the most out of your voucher affiliates • Communication is key • Share information and DATA • What are your competitors doing? • What are you looking to achieve? • Higher AOV? • Acquisition? • Shift stock? @7thingsmedia #sheerB2B #successandstyle
  • 16. Vouchercode• Monitor • Who’s saying what and where? • On brand messaging• Agent Provocateur saw a 115% yearly revenue increase by applying this @7thingsmedia @sheerluxe #successandstyle
  • 17. Loyalty / Cashback• Don’t instantly dismiss cashback sites • Ted Baker received 80%+ new customers from a campaign promoted on Quidco last year• Don’t make assumptions • Similar mosaic profile as a Selfridges consumer• Plus, tend to have a higher AOV• If not cashback consider • Nectar • Amex • BA rewards @7thingsmedia #sheerB2B #successandstyle
  • 18. Fashion aggregators• Timescales• Product feed• Budget• Commission @7thingsmedia #sheerB2B #successandstyle
  • 19. Bloggers•Very brand loyal• Traditionally a low converter • Find ways to work with this – EPC • Exclusive offers• Put yourself out there @7thingsmedia @sheerluxe #successandstyle
  • 20. TechnologyPlethora of technologies available to optimise your affiliate programme• Feed creation – Fusepump, Goldenfeeds• Content Units – Easy Content Units• Affiliate on the fly – Skimlinks• Multi-channel – Quidco in-store cashback• Video – Coull• Niche networks – RewardStyle, FashionTraffic @7thingsmedia #sheerB2B #successandstyle
  • 21. Hints and tips
  • 22. Know your objectives “Scale the affiliate efine the value of “Trade the “D rketing” programme without the affiliate m a websiteuse ofvoucher “Increas aggressively e affiliatec odewebsites” sales thr fashion c ough a ga in st ontent si and blog tes competitors” gers”“Increaseco verage on fashion websites” @7thingsmedia #sheerB2B #successandstyle
  • 23. Get your house in order•Review Terms & Conditions • Use to assist in your screening process• Welcome email – branded HTML, concise information, include current promotion /banners• Contact information• Replace old banners / text links• Ensure product feed is working • Listen to requests @7thingsmedia #sheerB2B #successandstyle
  • 24. Commission• What could you afford to pay? • Think ahead to potential incentives• What do your competitors pay?• What do your re-sellers pay?• Different commissions for new /returning customers?• Tiered structures / category “item level” specific• Is your affiliate budget structured for scale (fixed, semi-variable, variable) @7thingsmedia #sheerB2B #successandstyle
  • 25. Recruitment•Recruiting your fashion affiliates: • Agencies • Events – be creative • Affiliate days • Networks – newsletters / own events • Gap analysis... (wait until you hear about Affiliate Manager Plus) • Affiliates4u – banner / posts • Google alerts ...segment @7thingsmedia #sheerB2B #successandstyle
  • 26. Communication• One to one and one to many approach• Segment by type of affiliate and therefore by type of content• If you want control then you have to feed affiliates• Work alongside PR team• It’s not just the fluffy stuff - trading style relationship with affiliates• Create an army of affiliates • Think outside the box ; look books, press day invites @7thingsmedia #sheerB2B #successandstyle
  • 27. OptimisationEPC = CPA & CTR & OSC • C o m p e llin g c r e a tiv e • D e e p lin k in g to s p e c ific p r o d u c ts •S tr o n g c o n s u m e r o ffe r s/ v o u c h e r c o d e s P a y a ffilia te s m o r e • R e d u c in g th e c u s to m e r jo u r n e y • S e c u r in g g o o d p la c e m e n ts o n th e • E a s y s ite to u s e a ffilia te s ite @7thingsmedia #sheerB2B #successandstyle
  • 28. Above & beyond...
  • 29. Planning and strategy Trading Plan @7thingsmedia #sheerB2B #successandstyle
  • 30. Segmented recruitment T o p a ffilia t e s •S tr o n g r e la tio n s h ip s •B e s p o k e s tr a te g ie s C o n te n t PPC C ashb ack V oucher •C r e a te b e tte r • I n v e s tig a te th e • T a c tic a l Code c o lla te r a l to ta c tic a l u s e o f approach as •D o w e w a n t to a llo w a ffilia te s a ffilia te s o n o p p o s e d to p la y ? to p r o m o te b r a n d + g e n e r ic “ a lw a y s o n ” •W h a t a re ou r m o r e e ffe c tiv e ly te r m s app roach r u le s o f e n g a g e m e n t? N u rsery P rogram m e •E n g a g e in a c tiv e a n d la p s e d a ffilia te s • D o t h e y n e e d a n a r m r o u n d t h e s h o u l d e r o r a k@7thingsmedia e h i n d ? ic k u p th e b #sheerB2B #successandstyle
  • 31. Stand out @7thingsmedia #sheerB2B #successandstyle
  • 32. Events @7thingsmedia #sheerB2B #successandstyle
  • 33. Events @7thingsmedia @sheerluxe #successandstyle
  • 34. Incentives• Identify your goals• Segment – every affiliate is differentCash; Commission on next month’s sales; Tiered structure; Exclusive vouchercode;Products; Previews; Champagne or chocolate; VIP events; Away days; Holidays• Attractive, Achievable, Fun!• Expectations...It’s not the lottery @7thingsmedia #sheerB2B #successandstyle
  • 35. Innovations• Content units • Social widgets / linking – everyone becomes an affiliate• Feed optimisation• Mobile • Rewarding check-ins • Location based offers in-store and online • Offline editorial / advertorial accountability @7thingsmedia #sheerB2B #successandstyle
  • 36. Innovations• Re-targeting• Re-marketing• Facebook shop• Innovative approach • Absolute focus on value as well as volume • Move away from the Affiliate Marketing ‘norm’ • Not just “affiliates @7thingsmedia #sheerB2B #successandstyle
  • 37. Not impressed by coverage? “7thingsmedia p by 208% has proven the worth of Orders u affiliatemarketing Revenue to thewidercompany” 8:1 ROI up 851% …traffic up 163% year on year @7thingsmedia Visit 7thingsmedia.com/clients/client-studies for #sheerB2B more downloadable client case studies #successandstyle
  • 38. 7 takeaways to grow your programme
  • 39. 7things…for Monday!7things to implement on your affiliate programme on Monday:3. Get your house in order4. Identify your key objectives and plan5. Segment your affiliates - By volume and type6. Review your EPC – how can you improve it?7. Recruit, recruit, recruit8. Strengthen relationships9. Innovate @7thingsmedia #sheerB2B #successandstyle
  • 40. fin. connect: chris.bishop@7thingsmedia.com fiona.gandy@7thingsmedia.com www.7thingsmedia.com @7thingsmediaConfidential InformationThis document is the property of 7thingsmedia LTD. and is strictly confidential. It contains information intended only for the person(s) and or Company to whom it is addressed. All information contained herein will be treated as confidential material with no less care than afforded by your own company’s confidential material.All service and product names mentioned in this document may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies and are hereby acknowledged. Copyright © 2012 7thingsmedia LTD.