digital gastronomy: culinary + mobile culture


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A look at the role of mobile media and technology in the development of culinary culture. The growth of mobile and social media are changing the way we experience food, and holds promise for enhanced sharing, cooking, and eating. For FILM 315 at Queen's University.

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digital gastronomy: culinary + mobile culture

  1. 1. image by Sippanont Samchaiprepared by rachel allison digital gastronomy culinary + mobile culture
  2. 2. With so many flavours of technology… image by Marco Paköeningrat
  3. 3. and so many flavours of food… image by Julien Haler
  4. 4. How can mobile media be used in the culinary world? image by Alexa Clark
  5. 5. explore databasesshare recipes and opinions shop for ingredients cook with guidelines & eat well in restaurants image by Rachel Allison, personal collection
  6. 6. explore with ease as we transition from traditional… image by meedanphotosimage by penguincakes …to modern media
  7. 7. Go from apps to appetizers at the touch of a button. This app = 28,000 recipes at your fingertips image by Daniel van der Merwe
  8. 8. shareThe ability to instantly culinary experiences usingmobile devices fosters an interactive and dynamicenvironment.Widespread, mobile, social media facilitates and promotesinformation exchange. image by unsure shot
  9. 9. We can grocery shop with easethanks to recipe apps that produce a list of required ingredients. image by claravperez
  10. 10. Mobile media keeps up with the latestculinary trends, such as the local food movement. image by Brandon Roegner
  11. 11. Have a global lifestyle but want to buy locally? There’s an app for that. Locavore not only locates nearby retailers of locally-sourced food, such as farmer’s markets and specialty grocery stores with locally-sourced wares, but also tells you what produce is in season.image by The National Restaurant Association (
  12. 12. It’s never been easier to cook, with unlimited recipes reviews and video tutorials available at the touch of a button. image by doolloop
  13. 13. Is this the future of cooking? image by Neven Mrgan
  14. 14. Mobile technology is changing the way we eat; we canresearch restaurants, order food, and make reservations - anytime, anywhere. image by stephanie vacher
  15. 15. We used to be limited to ourknowledge of familiar haunts andadvance research of new places. image by Vilseskogen
  16. 16. On the go access to culinary resources can help us navigate the restaurant scene at home or abroad.image by malias
  17. 17. Does culinary culturekeep up withmobile technology? image by
  18. 18. The answer is yes. images from Diner’s Journel blog, The New York Times ( “At launching, there wereat least 10 interactive available that cooking apps were made to fit the iPad’s larger screen” Wilson Rothman, Diner’s Journel blog, The New York Times
  19. 19. The app market is booming App Market Value1 35 (in millions of $) 30 30 25 The number of apps available 20 on iTunes increased from1 15 10 7 10,000 150,000 5 0 (2009) (2010) 2009 2013 (predicted) 13% of restaurant customers use mobile apps compared to 8% of the general public 21. John Lorinc, Ivor Tossell, and Omar El Akkad, Globe and Mail, The age of the app2. National Restaurant Association’s 2011 Industry Forecast via Northern Virginia Magazine, Waiter? There’s an iPad in My Soup!
  20. 20. image by Jervis SalvadorHow connected are foodies??
  21. 21. “… frequent restaurant customers are morelikely than the general public to use various forms oftechnology on a daily basis.” National Restaurant Association’s 2011 Industry Forecast via Northern Virginia Magazine, Waiter? There’s an iPad in My Soup! image by Timo Arnall
  22. 22. 81% of frequent full-service and quick-service customers77% of frequent off-premises dinner customers “frequently used the Internet” compared with 72% of all adultsNational Restaurant Association’s 2011 Industry Forecastvia Northern Virginia Magazine, Waiter? There’s an iPad in My Soup! image by wenzday01
  23. 23. image by Michael WheetWhat has driventhe integration ofculinary and mobile culture?
  24. 24. Is integration youth-driven?Mobile-based restaurant ordering is more likely among younger adults.18-24s are 81% more likely than average to engage in mobile ordering Packaged Facts, Social Media and Technology in the U.S. Foodservice Industry: Trends and Opportunities for an Emerging Market image by Ken Yu
  25. 25. “Food is a category that just lends itself tovisual stimulation and interactiveengagement.” Lorena Jones, Director of Publishing at Chronicle Books Northern Virginia Magazine, Waiter? There’s an iPad in My Soup! image by cordyceps
  26. 26. Mobile media is establishinga permanent place in ourkitchens… image by Tim Malabuyo
  27. 27. …and at our tables. image by Alexa Clark
  28. 28. Image Credits Unless otherwise noted, all images arelicenced under the Creative Commons Non-Commercial Share-Alike 3.0 agreement and sourced from flickr. image by Snowy*****