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Why and How Cloud Computing is so important for Healthcare

Why and How Cloud Computing is so important for Healthcare

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  • 1. Why and how Cloud computing is so important for Healthcare iCLOUD WEBPACS powered by RSO powered by RSO
  • 2. EMR EDR Lab Test RIS AccountingMedical records Office Documents PACS X-ray Images Emails EHR powered by RSO
  • 3. Definition of “cloud” Types of clouds Essential characteristics Service models DiagramHow cloud technology is changing MedicalPracticeiCLOUD WebPACS Highlights powered by RSO
  • 4. A model for enabling universal, convenient, on-demand access to a shared pool of configurableresources that can be rapidly provisioned andreleased with minimal management effort orservice provider interaction powered by RSO
  • 5. On-demand self-serviceBroad network accessResource poolingRapid scalabilityMeasured Service powered by RSO
  • 6. Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS)Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) powered by RSO
  • 7. Public - Hotmail, Gmail, Facebook, etc.Private - iCLOUD WebPACS powered by RSO
  • 8. Healthcare computing moves to the cloud andaway from individually controlled servers andsoftwareCloud provides an inexpensive, broad-reaching,sophisticated common meeting ground forconsumers/professionals alikeUltimately, mobile devices (e.g. smart phones)will be devices-of-choice for cloud computing;ideal for healthcare venues powered by RSO
  • 9. Storage of PACS already occurring in cloudbecause of computer storage demandsAbility to upload content from anywhere andmove content anywhere depending on trafficand demandCloud technology annihilates time and distance,allowing for remote diagnosis and treatmentBack-ups, software updates, and disasterrecovery automatic; costs reduced Powered by RSO
  • 10. Provides comprehensive web-based storage,exchange, and interpretation of images acrossthe continuum of health care providersMaintains and Tracks Patient InformationMaintains Digital and Digitized ImagesCreates and Issues Radiology ReportsManages and Maintains Billing for Your ServiceNetworks other facilitiesSaves time and Cost of Equipment powered by RSO
  • 11. Rich representation of medical scans availableto multiple facility authorized users unitinghealthcare providers globally potentially leadingto improved prognosesDICOM sender module offers the best of bothworlds: For physicians on the go, our zero-footprint viewer system allows for images to be viewed through a standard web browser For medical professionals who have an existing system, we can send native studies directly to a fully functioning PACS system powered by RSO
  • 12. DICOM system conformance ensures that everymedical imaging facility is a potential customer,because your equipment can work with anyworkflow or electronic health record systemsInformation exchange with Healthcare providerswith faster access to images and reports,enabling them to make informed patient carechoices from anywhere in the world wherethere is internet accessPatients benefit from efficient healthcare powered by RSO
  • 13. Green TechnologyReduces IT costsReduces paperReduce medical filmSaves the cost of storing X-RaysSaves the cost of sending images via messengerserviceSaves Cost on EquipmentGenerate revenues from other facilities powered by RSO
  • 14. Able to have your facility up and running in afew daysOur services require no special equipment andall data, images and information are stored atour server farms in Texas and AtlantaEliminates the need for computer storagefacilities and the footprint in your office spacetaken up by computer equipmentState-of- the-art and user friendly technology,much of it being done automatically, invisiblyand behind the scenes powered by RSO
  • 15. Cloud technology provides secure access tomedical records, PACS and other documentsanytime, anywhere you have access to theinternetMedical records management is rapidlymigrating to the cloudCloud technology is green and cost-savingiCLOUD WebPACS offers the mostcomprehensive web-based storage, exchange,and interpretation of images for healthcareproviders in real time powered by RSO
  • 16. WE stands for quality, value for money, innovation and a sense of competitive challenge. Our goal is to provide leading edge business solutions to the healthcare sector that increases funds available forinvestment in direct patient care. We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your facility and look forward to further discussing opportunities with you! Dedicated to creating opportunities for your success Medical Equipment, Surgical Instruments & Supplies, iCLOUD WebPACS, Biomedical Service www.7oceanz.com | info@7oceanz.com | msn: oceanzwebpacs@live.com | OCEANZ.SKYPE CAN: 647.955.6718 | USA: 817.400.6403 | CARIBBEAN: 592.668.7947 | TOLL: 877.880.3553 | FAX: 866.891.2953 | powered by RSO