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Marketing page Marketing page Presentation Transcript

  • Marketing PageHigher fidelityPrototypeProject developed under the guidance ofProfessor Chuck Eesley, TechnologyEntrepreneurship Programm 2012Stanford University
  • Present situation- existing low fidelity prototype (mockups)- information about user expectationsgathered from two surveys and 1 to 1interviews
  • What we want to achieve- run some marketing experiments and trackwhich of them seem to work better thanothers - evaluate what we can do to improvethe marketing aspect of the business model- build the alpha "live" version of theprototype (higher fidelity prototype)
  • How will we do it?- Build a marketing page with the purpose ofgenerating leads- Choose the marketing channels and run testcampaigns- Collect additional information to enable usimprove and better target future campaigns- Build a live prototype of the platform- Analyze results
  • Implementation: The Marketing page A marketing page with the purpose of collecting leads was set under: http://www.novigolabs.com/index3.php Given the target group (people interested in open innovation) and based on information gathered from previous surveys, we have decided to first concentrate our marketing efforts on direct contact and social channels.
  • Marketing channels of choice- Direct approach of peer innovators throughVenture-Lab (great resource for this project inparticular!)- Google+ social marketing- Specialized LinkedIn groups (focused oninnovation and collaboration)- Facebook marketing on relevant fan pagesand groups(paid ads a la adwords or Facebook wouldmake no sense for such a project)
  • CostsOur precious time and human effort so far.Those who follow also Tinas CreativityCourse (also here on Venture-Lab), shouldhave learned by now that the best way tocreate value is without spending a dime :)Not to mention also Prof. Eesleys advice to"Experiment on Someone Elses Dime" !
  • ResultsSome statistics & metrics
  • Results (cont)With a "Goal Conversion Rate of 32.00%" weare doing pretty well in terms of landing pageefficiency. Based on the feedback we havereceived so far, we will work on the designand try to increase the conversion rates.The new visits to the marketing pageaccounted for 72.00% the rest were returningvisitors.
  • Other valuable FeedbackOther than the numbers already mentioned, thesurvey we added on the "thank you page" of ourMarketing site has gathered some valuablefeedback for us.We have gathered information about thepublications the users read (from HarvardBusiness Review to AeronauticsMagazine), which sites they visit to find subject-related information (from Linkedin toentrepreneur.com) and which events theyattend.
  • What we have learnedWe are on the right track by pursuing thesocial media strategy, but will need todiversify to cover specialized channels (NewScientist readers and the like).Content marketing is what we should lookinto testing next.We have also learned that the best places toget closer to some top influencers are atoffline events.
  • Higher fidelity prototypeWe have moved from "mockups" to "the realthing" and developed an online version of thesite. http://www.novigolabs.com/index.phpWhile we are proud of what weaccomplished, it was not possible for us tobuild more site functionality within theassigned time.
  • Prototype - some detailsWe already have the first functional screensguiding the user through the registrationprocess, and requesting the most relevantinformation which will be later used for anoptimal profile & resources matching.
  • Whats next?- keep the interested users informed and upto date with new developments- organize and participate in local or virtualmeetings & events- keep the momentum going by involving asmembers as much as possible- organize regular local or virtual meetingswith early adopters
  • Dont miss ... ... your chance to be the part of the "next big thing"! Register on our marketing page! Thank you!