Introduction To Storyboarding - Eraser Head


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Introduction to Storyboarding module at university.
Hand in Part 2 - Presentation

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Introduction To Storyboarding - Eraser Head

  1. 1. Introduction to Storyboarding Eraser Head by David Lynch Reimagined by L.MacLeod
  2. 2. Screenshot Collages I decided to start my research process by taking screenshots of the original film and arranging these into a collage. I then noted down all the timings for the original opening sequence. I used the screenshots and timing notes to help me create new shots, which were in keeping with Lynch's style, for my opening scene.
  3. 3. Researching Eraser Head • David Lynch directed, wrote, edited, created sound fx, art design, production design, composed music, created special fx and produced Eraser Head. • Production began in 1971 and lasted 6 years. The film was completed and released in 1977. • Jack Nance – who plays Henry, kept his hair in the character’s style for the entire duration of the production. • Lynch was a student at the American Film Institute's Centre for Advanced Film Studies when production began. They allowed him to transform some unused stables on campus, into film sets for Eraser Head. Lynch also lived there during the production. • No one is certain how the deformed baby character was made nor manipulated. Lynch refuses to say how the effect was achieved. Some people think that it is a puppet made from an embalmed calf foetus or a skinned rabbit. • Eraser Head is Lynch’s first feature length film.
  4. 4. Henry The Baby
  5. 5. Main Characters in Eraser Head Henry • Main protagonist • Insular existence • Slightly naïve • Socially awkward • Very shy and reserved • Daydreams extensively • Carries a pupa in a matchbox in his pocket • Decorates his room oddly with a bowl of water inside a dresser drawer and bundles of twigs with mud on top of the dresser. • Owns one record which he listens to whilst staring at the radiator in his room. This is his main form of entertainment. • Has a girlfriend called Mary X, with whom he discovers he has had a mutant child.
  6. 6. Mary X • Henry’s girlfriend • Has mutant child with Henry • Introverted • Depressed • Dependant • Has some form of epilepsy • Feels she is not ready for motherhood Mrs X • Mary’s mother • Does not entirely approve of her daughter's relationship with Henry • Feels Henry and Mary should be married • Sexually inappropriate – possibly a nymphomaniac • May be schizophrenic • Married to Mr X
  7. 7. Mr X Grandma X • Mary’s Father • Friendly towards Henry • Appears to be bi-polar • Plumber • Seems to have the ability to make the plumbing shudder when enraged. • May be a hypocondriac • Married to Mrs X • Mary’s Grandmother • Cared for mainly by Mrs X which suggests she is her mother • In a catatonic state • Does not join the family at the table • Appears to still enjoy cigarettes despite her condition
  8. 8. The Man in The Planet Beautiful Girl Across the Hall • Linked to Henry – his actions mirror Henry’s • Disfigured • Mysterious • Could be a puppet master or God to Henry, however he could just as easily be a figment of Henry’s imagination. No one is entirely certain. • Lives on the planet that we see at the beginning of the film • Lives in the apartment across the hall from Henry • Shares a phone with Henry and sometimes takes messages for him • Mysterious • Henry is sexually attracted to her • Appears to be promiscuous
  9. 9. Lady in the Radiator The Baby • Is a product of Henry’s imagination • Appears in Henry’s visions. When he stares at the radiator in his apartment, he sees her • Has large growths on her cheeks that make her look a bit like a chipmunk • Sings and dances alone on a stage • Appears to long for Henry’s approval and attention • Becomes more aggressive as the film progresses • Henry and Mary’s child • Is extremely deformed • Mary mentions that the doctors “are still not even sure that it’s a baby” • Cries constantly and cannot be soothed • Will not eat • Suffers from breathing problems • Lower body is encased entirely in bandages, with only the head and neck free
  10. 10. David Lynch’s Influences • The Wizard of Oz books by L.Frank Baum and 1939 film directed by Victor Fleming • Alice In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll • Freaks by Tod Browning • Nosferatu by F.W Murnau • Un Chien Andalou by Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí • Metropolis by Fritz Lang • The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari by Robert Wiene • Ingmar Bergman • Alfred Hitchcock • Maya Deren • Andy Warhol's films • Middle class 50's America • Surrealism • Dreams • Meditation
  11. 11. David Lynch (centre) on the set of Eraser Head with Jack Nance.
  12. 12. Storyboard Artists David Lynch I tried looking for examples of storyboards by Lynch, only to discover that he does not use them. Shown here is a photo of his storyboard for Eraser Head, which just has shot numbers and some doodles. The rest of the storyboard is blank.
  13. 13. Emma Evans Evans is an artist, who did her final dissertation exploring the styles of a couple of directors. She produced the same storyboard in the style of three different directors. Her Lynch style storyboards are very similar to Lynch’s animation style, and I found them both helpful and inspirational.
  14. 14. Zack Snyder Zack Snyder produced the storyboards for the film Watchmen. Since there was already a graphic novel of Watchmen, Snyder decided to produce minimalist style storyboards. They show everything that needs to be in shot simply and cleanly. If greater detail of an individual shot was required then the original graphic novel served as a reference point.
  15. 15. Martin Scorsese Martin Scorsese inspired me to draw regardless of how bad at it I think I am. His style is accessible to even the most timid of doodlers. If he can get away with drawing trees for hands, then I feel that I am not doing too badly!
  16. 16. Saul Bass Saul Bass’ work is inspirational, but slightly intimidating in style for me. It’s meticulous and looks wonderful. I have chosen him as an inspiration to my style, mainly due to his inking. The ink washes that have been used in the above storyboards to add depth, is something I hope to emulate with my intended black watercolour washes.
  17. 17. Sketches
  18. 18. Watercolour Wash
  19. 19. Thumbnail Storyboard Sketches
  20. 20. Script
  21. 21. Other Works Similar To Eraser Head • Most of Lynch's other work, both in film and animation • The Machinist by Brad Anderson • Little Otik by Jan Švankmajer • Faust by Jan Švankmajer • Ringu aka Ring (original Japanese version) by Hideo Nakata • Liquid Sky by Slava Tsukerman • Riget aka The Kingdom (original Danish TV series version) by Lars von Trier • Kynodontas aka Dog Tooth by Yorgos Lanthimos • Delicatessen - by Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro • Carnivàle (TV series) by Daniel Knauf • Rubber Johnny by Chris Cunningham and Richard D. James (aka The Aphex Twin) • Shivers aka They Came From Within by David Cronenberg • Naked Lunch book by William Burroughs film by David Cronenberg • Xiu Xiu
  22. 22. Blog For further information on this project, please visit my blog at