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Ancient egypt Ancient egypt Presentation Transcript

  • Ancient Egypt
  • The Red land.• The Egyptians believed the Egypt was divided into two different lands the red land and the black land. The red land was a harsh hot desert that gave Egypt protection on the two sides. These two deserts separated Egypt from near countries and invading armies. This was a great advantage to Egypt and its people. The red land also provided the Egyptians with rare metals and precious stones.
  • the black land.• the black land was a fertile land this means it was a great place to grow crops. And a suitable place for the farmers to live. The only land in Egypt to grow crops because the layer of rich black silt witch washed up thereevery time the Nile flooded.
  • Children in ancient Egypt• In ancient Egypt children were the heart of the family every one had kids and you didnt have children the couple adopted a child. Children were taught to be kind and loyal to there family they were to help with the family business and to help and take care of the elders in there family. It was very important that the children were taught to be kind and caring in there life because the Egyptians believed order and justice. So it was important that they be faithful and kind at all times.
  • Farmers in ancient Egypt• Ancient Egyptian farmers grew many crops such as barley, wheat, figs, vegetables, pomegranates, melons and vines. But the most impotent crop was grain because the ancient Egyptians made bread with it and porridge and beer. Grain was the very first crop the ancient Egyptians grew after the flooding season. After the flooding they grew many crops such as leeks, onions, cabbages, cucumber, and lettuce. All after the grain was harvested. The farmers grew all there crops along the bank of the Nile and they planted fruit trees and vines along paths and to give shade as long as fruit.
  • Sphinx• The sphinx is a colossal stone statue that is next to the great pyramids of Giza in Egypt. The great sphinx is carved out of limestone, the great sphinx has different features such as a head of a man and the body of a lion. The sphinx is around 240 feet (73m) long and 66 feet (20m) high. It is said that the sphinx was built the same time the as the nearby pyramid khafre around 2540 B.C.E . The face of the sphinx is thought to be khafre.
  • Gods.• The Egyptians worshiped over 2000 gods and goddesses. Other ancient gods looked like people but the ancient Egyptian gods had the heads of an animal and a body of a man. The Egyptians built temples for they gods and so they can honour them. Each temple was the home of one or more different gods. The Egyptians prayed to there gods for any thing they needed or wanted . And if there prayer was not herd or granted they would give the temples statue a whack with a reed to let the temple god know they are up set with them. The ancient Egyptians where not afraid of there gods at all.
  • Pyramids.• The ancient Egyptians built there pyramids on the west side of the Nile and the temples for the gods on the east. The east of the Nile river where the temples where built signified rebirth while the west where the pyramids where built signified death. The ancient Egyptians strongly believed an after life and so they made a complete preparation for the pharaohs journey to the after life. The pyramids are tombs for the pharaohs. There are many different tombs but the best known tombs are the pyramids. They protect the very important person that rest with in the tomb.
  • pharaohs• The pharaohs where known to be mortal rulers. Not many is knows about the ancient Egyptian pharaohs , a long time ago the country was spilt up into two and there was about several different rulers at the time. There was problem many different kings before history was even recorded. Pharaohs ruled Egypt around ten years at a time then the job was handed down to there sons. The pharaohs made the laws and controlled there army. The kings even started planning there funerals before they where even born.
  • Mummifying• In order to go to the after life you have to mummify the king. First they slip a hook up tour nostrils and pull the brains out the brains of the dead king gently. Then they would put in a liquid and let it dry. Then they would take the organs out and put them in a jar but not the heart. Then they would put fake organs inside the body. Then they would wash the body in natron witch is a salty liquid. Thenthey would dry the body with tree sap liquid and make the body smell good. Then they would wrap the king with 400 hundred lines of linin strips. Then get a priest to chant spells to them and give them magic charms for good luck. Then they would mummify any of there pets cats or dogs.