Jyar temperate deciduous forest
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Jyar temperate deciduous forest






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Jyar temperate deciduous forest Document Transcript

  • 1. Temperate Deciduous ForestLocation There are always above theFound in the eastern 1/3rd of N.A, in equator above tropic of cancerWestern Europe, China, Korea, Japan, and over its located north andAustralia (very different). A little in south some parts a locatedsouthern tip of South America. below the equator the tropic of Capricorn.ClimateSummer27ºC to 30ºCWinter-1ºC to 15ºCPrecipitation90 to 150 cmSnowfall A small tree layer, with not only younger specimens of75 cm the tall trees but also with species limited to this layer such as Allegheny Serviceberry or Shadbush, Sourwood, Dogwood, and Redbud A shrub layer often with members of the heath family such as Rhododendron, Azaleas, Mountain Laurel, and Huckleberries A herb layer of Perennial Forbs that bloom primarily in early spring. A ground layer ofSoils Lichens, Clubmosses, and True MossesA tree stratum (60 -100 feet high) Lichens and Mosses also grow on the trunks of trees.Oak, Maple, Beech, Chestnut,Hickory, Elm, Basswood or Linden,Walnut, and Sweet Gum Long, warm growing season as one of four distinct seasons.Indicator animal species: There is abundant moisture.Toad - Denizen of the forest floor, The soil typically is rich.feeds on invertebrates. The leaves dropped from trees provide a steady source ofBox Turtle - also live here, as long organic material for the soil.as they’re not picked up or smash by Many species live in the soilcars. and break down the organic matter.Ground Squirrels - Feed on nuts Tree leaves are arranged in Strata : Canopy,and seeds. Understory, Shrub, and Ground. A great deal of light is therefore filtered out before it reachesIndicator plant species: the ground.Oaks - Dominant tree species (NA) With the dropping of their leaves during one season, treesHickories and Walnuts, Maples, Beech, stop photosynthesis and enter a dormant period.Sycamores. Three main types of trees are characteristic ofWildflowers - Unusual strategies to these forests : Northern Hardwood, Central Hardwood,survive on heavy shaded forest floor. and Southeast Pine and Oak.