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Multiply easily



To multiply easily

To multiply easily



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Multiply easily Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Whole Numbers Multiply easily!!!
  • 2. Multiply by 10, 100, 1000 1.To multiply any number by 10 simply add a zero to the number. Ex:36X10=360 2.To multiply any number by 100 simply add 2 zero’s to the number. Ex:36X100=3600 3.To multiply any number by 1000 simply add 3 zero’s to the number Ex:36X1000=36000
  • 3. Example : A box of pencils contain 48 packets. How many in 100 boxes ? 48X100= ???? Find the answer
  • 4. Divide by 10, 100, 1000 1.To divide any number by 10 remove a zero from the number. Ex: 55000÷10=5500 2.To divide any number by 100 remove two zeros from the number. Ex;55000÷100=550 3.To divide any number by 1000 remove three zeros from the number. Ex:55000÷1000=55
  • 5. Example : A box contains 1000 cups. How many boxes are needed to hold 7000 ? 7000 ÷ 1000 =? Find the answer
  • 6. How to multiply 44X30? Here is a simple and easy method: 30 can be written as 3X10 44X30=44X3X10 Step1: 44X3=132 Step2: 132X10=1320 Ans:-44X30=1320 How to multiply 600X35? 600 can written as 100X6 600X35=100X6X35 Step1: 35X6=210 Step2:210X100=21000 Ans:-600X35=21000
  • 7. Fill in the blanks: 7000X54=-----X7X54 Step1: 54X7=---- Step2:----X-----=------ Ans:-7000X54=------ Fill in the blanks: 600X95=-----X6X95 Step1: 95X6=----- Step2:----X------=----- Ans:-600X95=----
  • 8. How to divide 16000 by 200 200 can be written as 100X2 So, 200=100X2 16000÷200=16000÷100X2 Step1:16000÷100=160 Step2:160÷2=80 Ans:-16000÷200=80 How to divide 150000 by 3000 3000 can be written as 1000X3 150000÷3000=150000÷1000X3 Step1: 150000÷1000=150 Step2: 150÷3=50 Ans: 150000÷3000=50
  • 9. Fill in the blanks: 27000÷90 90 can be written as 9X--- 27000÷90=27000÷9X--- Step1:27000÷10=--- Step2:-----÷9=----- Ans:-27000÷9=------ Fill in the blanks: 9600÷600 600 can be written as 6X---- 9600÷600=9600÷6X----- Step1:9600÷100=----- Step2: -----÷6=----- Ans:- 9600÷600=-----
  • 10. 1.Multiply any number Zero is Zero however small or big the number may be. 100X0=0 1X0=0 2.We cannot divide any number by Zero. It is meaningless. 3.Multiply any number by the digit1 the answer is the number itself. 10X1=10 1X1=1 4.Divide any number by the digit 1 the answer the number itself 50÷1=50 78456÷1=78456 KJ