Amazing Facts Of Trees
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Amazing Facts Of Trees



To encourage tree plantation drive

To encourage tree plantation drive



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    Amazing Facts Of Trees Amazing Facts Of Trees Presentation Transcript

    • Amazing Facts of Trees
    • Trees are the longest living organism on the Earth. g g g
    • A mature leafy tree produces oxygen for ten people to inhale fy p yg f p p in a year
    • One acre of trees can remove up to 2.6 tones of Carbon- di-oxide each year
    • No t N tree dies of old age. They are killed by i di f ld Th kill d b insects, t disease or people
    • An average tree absorbs 2000 liters of water every year.
    • The entire tree grows from the top and not from the bottom
    • Tree leaves remove tiny particles of soot, dust which otherwise damages human lungs.
    • Planting 30 trees in a year offsets green house gases from home and car.
    • One tree filters up to 27 kg of pollutants from air.
    • The age of a tree can be calculated by its rings rings.
    • Trees absorb 90% of the nutrition from atmosphere and 10% from soil.
    • An average sized tree can provide wood for 1, 70,000 pencils 1 70 000 pencils.
    • 14 billion pencils are made by cutting 82 000 trees 82,000 every year
    • A single edition of Daily News paper uses wood from 500 trees to make the paper. p p
    • 850 million trees are cut down for making 50 million tons of paper
    • 25, 00 000 25 00,000 trees are used for publishing books books.
    • Every ton of recycled paper saves 380 gallons of oil
    • We save 17 trees when we recycle every ton of paper. y y p p
    • Each vegetarian saves one acre of trees. Follow vegetarian diet.
    • Every book we read was once a tree. .
    • Plant a tree for every book you read read.
    • Nurture Trees to Nourish Birds, animals and insects. N N hB d l d
    • Nurture Trees to Nourish Water and Air.
    • Nurture Trees to Nourish Earth Earth. KAUSALYA JANARDANAN Y