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Healthy decisions
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Healthy decisions


Powerpoint on healthy decisions; cocaine

Powerpoint on healthy decisions; cocaine

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  • 1. Tara StevensPlanning-10 Period-A/E
  • 2. What is cocaine?• Cocaine is a drug.• Cocaine is typically a white-ish powder with a bitter, numbing taste. It is most often snorted, though it can be injected and used orally.
  • 3. Addiction.• Many cocaine users do get addicted which will cause long term and life threatening consequences.
  • 4. Street Names for Cocaine.• Powdered cocaine; coke or blow dissolves in water. Users can snort or inject powdered cocaine.• Crack cocaine; crack or rock is made at a form where you are able to smoke it.
  • 5. Financial Effects.• Cocaine is high priced, and addictive.
  • 6. Physical Effects.• dilated pupils• tachycardia• sweating• tremors• increased blood pressure, body temperature and respiration• appetite suppression
  • 7. Physiological Effects.• alertness• indifference to pain or fatigue• restlessness• excitement• paranoia
  • 8. Social Effects.• Risk losing friendships/relationships.• Some people will frown upon you.• It is known to bring out your “bad side”.
  • 9. How You Will Be Treated.• You will lose a lot of people who you care about because people that don’t do coke don’t like associating with people who do.• You will be treated very poorly.
  • 10. Reason People May Start Using.• People use it to block out personal worries.• Curiosity.If you have issues that you need to seek help forthan do that and don’t go looking for answers indrugs or alcohol!
  • 11. Rehab.• A place where people who are addicted to drugs go to seek help. It is live saving.
  • 12. Why People Sell Cocaine.• Drug dealers often sell cocaine because they make huge profit off of it considering that once they get the person addicted they will keep on coming back for more and maybe want to consider trying other drugs as well.
  • 13. People that do cocaine will come into some badchoices that can be life threatening.
  • 14. Percent of People at Certain Ages That Use.• 14% of U.S. adults have tried cocaine. One in 40 adults has used it in the past year.• Young men aged 18 to 25 are the biggest cocaine users, with 8% using it in the previous 12 months.
  • 15. What Organs Do Cocaine Effect.• Cocaine effects the heart and the brain is negative ways.
  • 16. Who Should You Talk To.• You should mention it to you’re family if they don’t already know. Only the people closest to you need to find out this information, then you will seek professional help with the support of family and friends you may choose.
  • 17. Cocaine Abuse and Pregnancy• Cocaine abuse during pregnancy can harm the development of your baby and have lasting effects long into childhood that include learning problems, behavioral problems and ADHD. It’s important for women who use cocaine during pregnancy to understand that every time they use, their baby is using as well. Toxins from cocaine will pass through your placenta and into the baby, potentially creating growth and birth defects in utero and painful withdrawal symptoms after birth. – pregnancy/
  • 18. Behavioral Addiction Symptoms• Craving the certain drug to feel “normal”• Not able to quit.• Risky behaviors; stealing, violence.
  • 19. Physical Addiction Symptoms• Last of interest in appearance.• Changes in relationships with family/friends.• Depression.• Irritability.• Concentration difficulties.• lack of appetite• memory problems• paranoia• weight loss
  • 20. Conclusion-You should never do cocaine because:-its illegal-its harmful to your body-causes financial problems-physical problems-behavioral problems