Types of ac motor controllers


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Types of ac motor controllers

  1. 1. Types of AC Motor Controllers The Ac motor controllers that are available under about 200 watts can be available eight different categories. Each of these varieties are available with various qualities that are suitable for them to be made used with various applications. Consider each of these varieties and choose them according to the application that you are considering. There are various kinds of motors available in the market and choose the one that can be much suitable for the requirements. Induction Motors Induction motors are the ones that are designed in a simple manner as per the squirrel cage – rotor. It is one among the popularly used power units. There are many special features associated with this device that include the power factor with less vibration, noise, higher efficiency, higher starting torque, continuous rating and so on. These motors can be made used in the electronic copying machines, automatic vending machines, machine tools, electronic computers, optical equipment, pumps, graphics art and so on. Reversable Motors
  2. 2. These are device that have similar kind of performance and construction compared to the induction motors. These are motors that can be suitable to be used with applications that need frequent off/on and also in the reverse or forward control. Direction in which rotation can occur can be switchable under the various kinds of load condition. Overrun can be a minimal value which can be achieved by making use of a brake with simpler friction. This is capable of maintaining some grip even after the motor is stopped. These motors are commonly used in the power units of the equipments that are used in medial apparatus, automatic vending machines, cash dispensers, different types of the remote control. Reaction Synchronous Motors These are kinds of motors that can be helpful in eliminating the DC exciter. This motor is equipped with synchronized rotation in a constant manner without considering the changes associated with voltage, load factor etc. They are mainly used in the power sources of teletype machines, floppy drives, electromagnetic oscillographs, facsimile equipment, paper feeders, timers and so on.
  3. 3. Torque Motors Torque motors are the other kinds of Ac motor controllers that implement rotor made out of solid iron. The speed of the rotation can be something that is inversely proportional to load and so the stable operation can occur through the range of full speed. The various special features that are associated with the motor are operation with lower speed, dynamic range, locked rotor – torque etc. The changes in applied voltage can easily control speed or torque. The input of locked rotor can be something that is small or with a specific voltage. It needs continuous rating that are available with operating voltages that are normal. They can be made used along with the constant tension winders, closing and opening of devices, winder brakes, dividers, clutch devices, fasteners etc. Speed Control – Motors These are motors that are controlled by voltage with reversible design along with rate generators that are built in. It can be used along with the circuits that are available for speed control. http://www.utsource.net/Electronic%20components/en/A/ac-motor-co ntroller-1.htm