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Evaluation main task

  1. 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? Before I produced my own music magazine, I carried out research on other music magazines and the conventions they have used. My magazine has some of the conventions of music magazines but challenges others. My music magazine contains conventions of Vibe, XXL, and The source magazine Some of these conventions include color schemes which I maintained in all my pages- black, white, yellow, and red. I also replicated the same font styles from my front cover to all my pages. These fonts are; Amperzand, fake smith, bad grunge which I downloaded from dafont.com and I also used some ready photoshop font styles like Arial and Arial black.
  2. 2. • For my front cover, I ensured I had the main conventions like; the barcode, social media links for the magazine which helps to build that personal relationship with the reader, a date and price, mast head which is crucially important as it is the name of the magazine. I also added an issue number, cover lines and strap lines. The idea of using another image on the mast head was influenced from how used the microphone on their mast head. The font styles I used was similar to The reason I used this is because it is very clear and outstanding I placed my magazine’s barcode the same as the source magazine did but I positioned m social media different to my magazine of inspiration. From research, I found out that the mast head is the biggest and most catching text on the magazine. It also gives an insight to what the magazine is about or how interesting it will be. My mast head “DOPE!” is an adjective and it means something excellent, cool, outstanding or awesome. The reason I chose this name is because after carrying out my research like survey and questionnaire, I realized that the other ideas of names were not very outstanding and did not really match the type of magazine. So I did some brainstorming and realized that dope best defines my magazine as it brings out how special or excellent the magazine is and what it is bringing to the audience. The exclamation sign at the end makes it sound exciting other than making it look like the name of a drug as the word dope has several meanings. Every magazine needs a strapline as this makes the magazine unique and different to other magazines. From my research, most magazines turn to have their strapline at the side of the magazine page or close to the mast head. Magazine targeting similar music genre to mine mostly have straplines like ‘world exclusive’. I challenged other magazines by making my strapline different. “The rebirth of dope music” which connotes that dope magazine brings all the best artist with great albums. So it is like a rebirth of something amazing and also bringing back how hip hop music should be but still maintaining the music culture. A main image of the magazine is the first thing that draws the attention of a consumer. I know this because of research from questionnaires and survey I carried out before producing my magazine. The appearance of the image attracts more people to buy it especially the male gender as the clothing looks provocative. And , most of the people who my magazine is targeted at said a sexy and informal main image will be suitable for the type of music genre. This the reason I used an image lie that. Also, looking at and magazines, their main image always represents the type of music genre.
  3. 3. For my contents page, I replicated most of the things I already had on my front cover, like the font styles, promotion, and I also added page numbers, sub lines to the stories on my front cover and a web address/social networking sites. I also used another image of the artist gracing my front cover and mostly importantly the editorial which I used a friendly and polite language as it was addressing the audience. The main feature of my contents page is the celebrity who graced the front over. This is because the celebrity who is in the front cover is always the model of the main pages of a magazine such as the contents and double page spread especially in music magazines The idea of placing my magazine name underneath the content came from the XXL magazine From research, I found out that all the cover line stories from the front cover must be included in the contents with a more information added to it or sub stories. As you can see above I have replicated this convention to my contents page. I also included an editorial, my signature, name and my website as this build a good relationship with my target audience. I gave a brief introduction to the model in the front cover. Most popular magazines do not include an editorial in their contents page so this is what I did different from other media products. I also added a promotion of the magazine on the content page. Music magazines rarely include things like this in their contents page. Bu the reason I did this is to increase my audience since its my first issue. It’s a method of attract customers and also from my survey research, many people stated that promotion included in a magazine will entice them to buy it
  4. 4. The main image repesents what kind of From research, I found out that the main artist featuring on the front cover is always the one on the double page spread, so that is why I used Female Weezy as the main image on this page. I decided to present my story in a 3-column layout due to the way that other hip-hop magazines do. I felt that it provided me with more possibilities to manipulate the text around an image manifested within the column. I added a quote from my artist as I found out from research that all magazines do this on the double page and also to let the readers have an idea or hint of what is going on with the artist. This quote was taken from a line in the artist interview. I added the social media links of the artist under her main image in other to keep that personal relationship between her and her fans. This is something I did different to other media products as they do don’t include their artist social media links on the double page spread of their magazines
  5. 5. The immediate dominant for hip- hop/ rap music has connotations of: Powerful Sassy performer – shorts unbutton. Attracts the male gender. Confident and posture. How does you media product represent particular social groups? As you can see from my front cover of my magazine, the representation is much more seductive. The magazine is aimed at mostly the male gender and age 17- 25. This allows it to have a wide audience and there it represented the music industry to appeal these ages. My masthead ‘Dope’ connotes several things in the music industry such as; drugs, appearance, awesome things especially hip hop artist who turn mostly to be drug addicts and have sexual appearances. I also used hip-hop language throughout the magazine such as ‘cuz’ instead of because which is popular amongst young people and also it makes the magazine more interesting. I did this because from the research I carried out, I found out that the type of music they listen to influences 60% of people’s styles. So mostly people who listen to hip-hop music, dress seductive or like people with a style like this are more likely to consume my music magazine. With evidence to back this up, from my survey results based on my magazine, many people wanted a sexy look on the front cover and throughout the pages as this represents the type of music genre. The sub stories of my magazine are hip hop/rap artists. For example the story ‘meek mill and Tyga rap battles ‘ already gives the audience so much information of what they will be seeing in the magazine without reading throughout the pages. So people who listen to hip hop/rap will be buy my magazine as they would to be involved in what is going on in the music industry. The interview with the artist represents this particular genre as down to earth and up for a laugh. This also helps increases the magazine target audience to people who are out going
  6. 6. What kind of media institutions might distribute your media product and why? • Harris publication is a good example who would distribute my media product as they produce magazines for similar music genres. • They are an American consumer-magazine publisher in New York City, New York, that publishes over 75 titles including juicy, XXL and king magazine. • These magazines are hip-hop but also genre of music that target a certain audience of young adults and also the male genre especially the king magazine. http://www.harris-pub.com/
  7. 7. What kind of media institutions might distribute your media product and why? Spin media which is the company that own vibe magazine . it might distribute my magazine as they as it also produces magazines with similar music genre.  L. Londell McMillan is the publisher of the source magazine which is covering hip-hop music, politics, and culture.  The publisher of this magazine might publish my media product because it is based on the same genre and target audience are very similar.  The source also focuses more narrowly on hip-hop/rap music which is the same with my media product.
  8. 8. Who would be the audience for your media product? • The target audience for my magazine are teens and young adults. It is aimed at students or young adults of the age who are young professionals and want to read about the latest gossips going on in the music industry. Also people who want to know about certain artist that is why my double page spread is an interview of the artist gracing the front cover. I used Slangs and other informal language as this makes it more interesting for my target audience and also from my research, I found out that these is the language spoken nowadays of young people and it is used in music magazines producing this kind of music genre. • From the questionnaire I carried out, many people are willing to spend £5 or more for a good quality magazine music magazine in a month and I believe that my magazine has those features. So my magazine is aimed at people with disposable income that is why I set a price for £3.95. This also comes from my market research the price of vibe magazines. I am 18 years of age. I am middle class I socialize a lot I like hip-hop /rap music I have a part time job. I like to read magazines. I use social networking sites My magazine is aimed at ABC1 audience. This is the lower middle class and upper middle class. A- Upper middle class B- middle class C1- Lower middle class My magazine is aimed at this audience because of their class. They can afford to spend £3.95 on a magazine and items other than their necessities
  9. 9. How did you attract/address your audience? • How my photo attract the audience. • From research, I found out that, to attract hip hop/ rap , a powerful main image is required. I used a good and seductive image to attract my target audience especially the male gender. The unbutton shorts connotes that the artist is a sexy performer. Also my images represents the hip-hop music genre from the type of clothes, jewelleries and poses of the main artist in my magazine. • In addition, the quotes which I used in the magazine such as: ‘Im not gonna hold back too much’ leaves the audiences thinking of what the artist means by that and also gives them the anxiety to find out especially for curious people.
  10. 10. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? • Photoshop is a computer based software which used to make my magazine. I never used Photoshop before so completing this task was a big challenge for me. I have learnt so much skills which enabled my magazine to look realistic. I can superimpose photos onto one another, used editing tools on the photo such as magic wand, quick selection too and magic eraser. I can also edit the text such as adding the ‘stroke’ effect or making it look faded. More so, I can download different fonts of the internet and incorporate them into my magazine. • Using these tools, I was able to select and image, the use ‘cmd + I’ to inverse the selection then remove the background from the image. This made my product looked more professional. • I used the eraser tool to get rid of any errors that did not removed when removing the background using the selection tools.
  11. 11. Word press is a website that allows anyone to create their own blog. I have ever made a blog before , so during this media, I have learnt how to upload and categorize things on a blog. I also learnt how to upload different materials like Prezi and slide share rather than just images. Slide share . This is a website I knew nothing about previously. It allows a user to upload a PowerPoint then embed links unto the blog page. I used this to insert my questionnaire and survey results onto my blog page What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?
  12. 12. Photography planning-front cover The first image I took for my magazine. This was not a very powerful main image and also it did not stand out. This image was not clear and also the hair was a problem when removing the background. This is the final version of the front cover. I chose this one because it fits in well with the text and also the type of music genre. This photo was also a photo shoot which looked more professional.
  13. 13. Photography planning-contents page The first picture I took for my contents page. I did not use this image because the I took out the background of the image, it looked vey unprofessional. It did not fit in with the magazine style and also created irrelevant spaces. The final image I chose for my contents page. This was a photo shoot and also it is a very powerful image. The pose and colors represent the type of music genre. The facial expression and the clothing represent social groups at which my magazine was targeted at so that is why I chose this image.
  14. 14. Front cover analysis Color scheme of magazine changed to black, yellow, red and white. Larger main image to fill up the empty space and increase the dominance of the image and article as the MAIN FEATURE and the most important USP of my magazine. Included web address, social media links, price and issue number.
  15. 15. Front cover analysis Puff to win an ipad and free music download is another USP of my magazine to attract audience. Mast head dope was used to give audiences a hint of what the magazine is about and I made the font really big because it is one of the important conventions on my magazine.
  16. 16. Contents page analysis Added a subscription promotion in order to encourage readers to buy the magazine as it is its first ever issue. The editorial welcomes the readers and also gives a brief explanation of who features in the magazine. The signature of the editor and her contact details build a personal relationship with the readers of the ‘Dope’ magazine. Another image of the model on the front cover to show that continuity. Sub lines( secondary stories) from the front cover have little details added to them and also a page number so that the readers will be able to find these stories in the magazine easily.
  17. 17. Double page-analysis Positioned a unique quote to keep the audience interested with the interview and also give them a window to ‘Female Weezy’s’ world Keeping to the conventions of a magazine interview, I used a large drop capital letter to start the Introduction and Conclusion of the interview with female Weezy. Keeping convergence and synergy in mind, and to promote the article, I placed female weezy’s social networking links below her image so the audience can play an active role in keeping up-to-date with her and I also placed the magazines social Media. I added text encouraging the readers where to find the full interview with the model.
  18. 18. Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product? • I have learnt to use the pen tool and the quick mask tool to manipulate text around my images in my work to a professional standard. Through practice, trial and error, and training from the academy class I feel that I have been provided the skills to make my work look like that of an existing magazine. • I have also learned how to brighten images and manipulate them. There is evidence of progression that I feel particularly demonstrates how I met the demands of the production process, for example my double page spread originally had the background which I took the picture at and it was a bright color so I removed the background color by selecting the image and saving it the worked on the background using the adjustment tools. • Also I am able to take away background quickly using the magic wand and the magic eraser. • The use of keyboard shortcuts, quick mask tool and the pen tool have allowed me to meet deadlines set for my production work and therefore meet the demands of the process.