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Cape fear opening analysis
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Cape fear opening analysis


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  • 1. In this screen grab of the opening sequence we see an eagle superimposed overwater. This suggests that the main antagonist is a hunter and a killer just like theeagle hunting for its prey. An eagle is a predator, this is a pre cursor to the film andhas a hint of foreshadowing.
  • 2. The fragmented text of this screen grab is a example of things to come as after Cady isreleased he is a fragmented character himself. Also this screen grab shows murkywater this triggers an innate primal fear within us of the unknown.
  • 3. In this screen grab we see blood dripping down the screen and eventually immersesthe whole screen, obviously blood has certain connotations one of which being deathas in spilt blood.
  • 4. In this screen grab we see a young school girl. Which is very unusual considering theopening credits. We know she is a school girl because of her hair not being done, nomake up but most crucially of all she has her top button done up on herblouse, connotations of school girls are innocent, impressionable and good.
  • 5. In this screen grab the camera pans down Cady’s showing pictures of dictators suchas Stalin and Mussolini this shows Cady is an educated man which goes against theconventions of a prisoner as we expect a prisoner to be an uneducated moron whoresorts to violence. This also shows he is evil, as most people think that Stalin andMussolini are evil. So strait away we know that Cady is going to be the antagonist.
  • 6. When Cady is released the prison is in complete silence this hints at a certain amountof respect for Cady highlighting the fact that he has been inside for a long time. Andthe stereotype of prison suggest the most feared is the most respected.
  • 7. In this screen grab we see the weather change as Cady leaves this is has a hint of pathetic fallacywhere the weather changes to suit the mood. The fact that Cady is alone and no one is there togreet him and celebrate his release this shows his solitude. All he does is walk into the camera inan ominous fashion suggesting he has power.