Technology Addiction


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It warns you about technology addiction ,its causes and how can we overcome it.

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Technology Addiction

  1. 1.  Definition Types  Addiction Candidates & causes     Symptoms Effects How to overcome
  2. 2. Technology addiction is a disorder studied where the subject has a compulsion to use technology based equipments. The compulsion can be extremely difficult to control in many cases. It has many parallels to other forms of behavioral addiction, such as addiction to drugs, which create an altered mental state in the subject, while disrupting the more important things in life, like personal relationships, schooling, or jobs. Needing anything in order to feel normal and free from panic ,whether a phone or three glasses of wine, is a disability . It can occur at any age.
  3. 3.      Computer Addiction Cell phone Addiction/Nomo phobia Television Addiction Internet Addiction Video games Addiction
  4. 4. ◦ Teenagers ◦ Those with a lack of support from their peers or family. ◦ People coping with depression are the biggest candidates to find solace in excessive computer and Internet use. ◦ Hopelessly Addicted to Messaging ,People who are shy and have low self-esteem are more likely to become cellular addicts because, with text messaging, you can make 'texting friends' that you never actually have to meet, very much like internet chatting.
  5. 5.            Does browsing your favorite sites make you feel better than anything? If you crave more time online and are restless when away from a Technology? Are you spending more and more time with Technology? Do you have less self-control than you used to? Failure to control behavior is also a symptom. Are you neglecting family and friends so that you can get your obsessive fill of the Web? Do you zero in on the Net and lose interest in other activities? Lying about your usage of Technology is another sign you're in too deep. "No television," Mom said, "until you finish your homework!" But you couldn't resist. Is the technology interfering with your job and school responsibilities? Do you think about the Internet when you're not on it? Are you always itching for a fix? Sleeping in or staying up through the night? A change in your sleep pattern is a sign that something's wrong. Have you gone through a weight change, or had backaches, headaches, accompanied by other symptoms.
  6. 6.    These constant interruptions take a toll on our bodies and our mental states. But if you're not getting away from it enough, it could become dangerous.“ Multitasking can cause the brain to overheat, like a car engine. "The brain needs time to recover, not just sleeping at night , but during the day, [it needs time of rest and recovery. It simply can't run straight out all day long at peak performance." The Technology addiction has been dubbed 'the new cigarette' and 'one of the biggest non-drug addictions of the 21st century. Any type of addiction can totally isolate its victims, ruin them economically and even turn them into criminals. People spending too much time on computer solitaire and as a result, neglecting meetings and staying up too late.
  7. 7. ‘Have you asked yourself 'what is it that u really want to do here?' If you don't prioritize your work and give importance to time, you'll go in many directions at once and you won't do anything well. You really need to be very clear about what matters most to you, It won't happen automatically. If you don't take your time, your time will be taken from you. I'm not anti-technology, Some is good for you, but too much is really, really bad.