Biodiesel Blending Retail Units
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Biodiesel Blending Retail Units

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Biodiesel Blending Retail Units to for biodiesel producers and transportation fleets.

Biodiesel Blending Retail Units to for biodiesel producers and transportation fleets.

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  • 1. Biodiesel Blending Retail Units
  • 2. Why is Accurate Biodiesel Blending Important?
    Poorly blended biodiesel may stratify into various viscous layers. In colder climates, the thicker layers of the fuel can congeal and plug fuel lines, injectors or filters, stopping an engine. Federal and state tax incentives are based on the amount of biofuel placed in the market. Companies that over report the amount of biofuel present in an advertised blend defeat the purpose of the tax credit and reduce government revenues. Biofuel advocates are concerned that inaccurate blending and poor press reports will lessen consumer confidence in their fledging industry.
  • 3. The Solution!
  • 4. How It Works
    This portable self contained fuel station arrives pre-assembled. Simply select a location, run power to it and your ready to dispense fuel. No holes to dig, plumbing to run or assembly. It's the hassle free way to introduce alternative fuels at your station, or use them for your fleet.
    Just like any fuel station pump, a customer can pull up, insert their credit card, and purchase any one of three blends to fuel their diesel vehicle. The fuel is blended by two electronically controlled pumps and metering valves before being sent through the filling hose to the customer's fuel tank.
  • 5. Expertly Blended Biofuel -Turnkey
  • 6. How it Works 24/7
    This Bio-Diesel Blending Station is a portable; above ground and self contained dispensing system that blends Bio-Diesel and regular Diesel onsite into B20, B50, and B99 products. The blend can also be programmed to suit individual needs as well. Packed with features, this blending station is suitable for almost any location. Retailers will appreciate the dispensing pump that includes a credit card reader with an interface to accept both MasterCard and Visa. This feature allows 24/7 un-staffed operation. Fleet operators will benefit by consistently using the correct blend for each piece of equipment. The eye catching design includes the safety of fireguard above ground tanks available in 5,000 or 10,000 gallons. Each tank is heated to offer the protection from gelling and the benefit of blending at temperature.
  • 7. Onsite Bio-Diesel Blending Station
  • 8. What to Consider?
    This is a stand alone unit that will scientifically blend any blend of biodiesel. It has the ability to put out biodiesel at 350 Gallons per minute and if running non-stop it could put out 180 million gallons annually. It uses an injection blending technology that surpasses any blending technology out there. This set up is a 30 thousand gallon gross set up which could be configured per customer’s needs. There is a one year manufacturer warranty with these units.
  • 9. Benefits of the Bio-diesel Blending Station
    The installation of alternative fuel stations offers several benefits. The federal government is offering a tax credits towards the installation alternative fueling stations. There are many states that also offer a credit or incentive for the installation of alternative fueling stations. In some cases fuel blending credits may also be available. Additionally, each station installed decreases our dependence on foreign oil and utilizes a cleaner, greener fuel. American Fuel Blending Systems goal is to increase the distribution of alternative fuels. This blending system provides retailers with a simple convenient means of providing alternative fuels to their customers. For more information please email us at info@70CentsaGallon.comor contact Victor Garlington at (941) 870-2306.
  • 10. Onsite Bio-Diesel Blending Station