707th OD CO (EOD)                                  FRG Newsletter                                         Service Not Glor...
707th OD CO (EOD)                                  FRG Newsletter                                         Service Not Glor...
707th OD CO (EOD)                           FRG Newsletter                                 Service Not Glory              ...
707th OD CO (EOD)                                 FRG Newsletter                                         Service Not Glory...
707th OD CO (EOD)                                   FRG Newsletter                                          Service Not Gl...
707th OD CO (EOD)                                 FRG Newsletter                                        Service Not Glory ...
707th OD CO (EOD)                                FRG Newsletter                                      Service Not Glory    ...
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707th march newsletter


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707th march newsletter

  1. 1. 707th OD CO (EOD) FRG Newsletter Service Not Glory CommanderI would like to introduce the first installment of the 707th OD CO (EOD) company newsletter! We haveincluded a section in the battalion newsletters in the past, but with the deployment fast-approaching Iwould like to have a venue to inform all the Families, friends, and loved ones of all the accomplishmentsand efforts your Soldiers are displaying on a daily basis.As usual, the first and most important section of any newsletter is to welcome the new future EODoperators in our formation. I would like to congratulate SPC Kenny Johnson and his wife Jennifer on thebirth of their son, Madyx Johnson on 7FEB12. Raquel and I had the opportunity to go visit the three ofthem recently and he certainly looked happy and healthy!I am somewhat ashamed to say that it has been quite a few months since our last newsletter, but sufficeit to say, we have been busy in the interim. In November the company attended the National TrainingCenter in Fort Irwin, CA conducting Full Spectrum Operations. All participants displayed a high level ofprofessionalism and technical expertise and were highly praised from all organizations they supported.In December the company supported the battalion-hosted 20th Support Command Team Leader TrainingAcademy. Once again, the Soldiers that facilitated training as well as the participants in the training allperformed extremely well. In January the company conducted a small arms range shooting the M4, M9,and M249 weapons systems here on JBLM, and then travelled to Yakima Training Center where theyhad the opportunity to shoot the M2 and M107 .50cal weapons. February brought pre-deployment blockleave and then team member stakes. I am happy to announce that SPC Cleberg was the overall winner,but all participants performed exceptionally well. For more information on the team member stakes, readforward in the second platoon page. We began the bulk of our pre-deployment training towards the endof February with a Homemade Explosives course and then the company travelled back to YakimaTraining Center to conduct Post-Blast Analysis training. First Sergeant covers the remainder of thecompany training on the following page.The extremely rigorous and demanding job set requires that your Soldiers undergo a highly technicaltraining evolution. The unfortunate side-effect is long, exhausting days at work. I would like all theFamilies to know that myself and the First Sergeant will do everything within our power to ensure thatthere is adequate family time prior to our deployment. However, we would be failing as leaders if we didnot properly train the company to meet the multitude of threats that they will face while deployed in acombat zone. The positive side-effect of long days at work is the comfort you can take in knowing thatyour Soldiers are some of the most highly trained and well-prepared in the Army. The job is not easy,and it is not always fun, but the reward of saving lives is worth the price paid. Thank you all for your pastand continued support and please do not hesitate to contact myself or First Sergeant Leon withquestions or concerns. Dropkick! CPT Todd A. Bryant
  2. 2. 707th OD CO (EOD) FRG Newsletter Service Not Glory First SergeantFamilies, Friends and Loved ones, I want to take a few minutes and share some unit information andhighlights with all of you. First , we would like to take the time to congratulate CPT Bryant and his wifeRaquel on the birth of their son Gideon Allan Bryant.“To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift” and "Si vis pacem, para bellum" If you wantpeace, prepare for war, are two mottos that I use as part of our training program. Unfortunately theycome with a cost of long days at work and being apart from Family and friends. Your Soldiers arechallenged physically, mentally, and academically through vigorous physical training and full spectrumoperations training. At the end of the day know that they are some of the highest trained and physicallyfit.Upcoming training highlights:JATAC Tactical EOD, JBLM 19-28 MARWeapons Training, JBLM 2-5 APRFRG Expo and Easter Egg Hunt, JBLM 6 APRGATOR, AP Hill VA 8-21 APRCongratulations to SFC Sutton on being selected for promotion to Master Sergeant. SFC Sutton wasselected by the 52nd OD GRP (EOD) CSM to be a First Sergeant with the 756th OD CO (EOD). We wantto wish him and his wife Lan and two beautiful daughters Abby and Megan the best of luck on their futureassignment at FT Stewart, GA.On a lighter note, you are cordially invited to the promotion ceremony for PFC Rieboldt and PFC Bailey,02APR12 at the Company Headquarters at 0700. These Soldiers have worked hard and are welldeserving of their promotion to Specialist.Thank you, for everything you are doing to support your Soldier during our pre-deployment training. 1SG Alexander Leon
  3. 3. 707th OD CO (EOD) FRG Newsletter Service Not Glory Headquarters For the first segment of the HQ newsletter, I would like to introduce all ofyou to the HQ PLT folks. It is these individuals who are often behind the scenes makingsure the EOD Company is running smooth-even though many of them are not EODTechnicians. Your HQ soldiers are:1LT Rowlands OPS Officer SPC Cuaranto SUPPLYSFC Phillips OPS NCO SPC Frost MECHANICSGT Jones COMMOCPL Laccasio CBRNESPC Hensel ADMIN We in the HQ PLT are very much looking forward to the near future and allthe sensational training that is set to take place. Be sure to check the HQ section of thenewsletter monthly for new and exciting information about your HQ soldiers!1lt James Rowlands
  4. 4. 707th OD CO (EOD) FRG Newsletter Service Not Glory 1st PlatoonGreetings to all of the 707th’s family and friends!First Platoon has been working hard this past month in preparation for deployment. Our Soldiers did aphenomenal job competing in the company’s Team Member Stakes. SPC Fields, SPC Cleberg, andSPC Hodge all represented the platoon well by demonstrating their EOD and Soldiering skills. Duringlast week’s course on Homemade Explosives, our three teams had a great opportunity to run scenariosindependently, just as they will in the coming months. The teams showed that they work togetherextremely well to solve problems and our Team Leaders showed that our Soldiers are in great hands! 1LT Greg McClendon SFC Richard Culp
  5. 5. 707th OD CO (EOD) FRG Newsletter Service Not Glory 2nd PlatoonHey there Friends and Family of 2nd Platoon Soldiers!Over the past few weeks our Soldiers have been keeping busy participating in the Company’s Team MemberStakes and pre-deployment training. Team Member Stakes is a competition of rigorous physical activity andincludes tests of EOD technical knowledge to such as robotic platforms, explosive procedures, safeties, and x-ray use. 2nd Platoon was represented by SGT Hoeltge, SPC Lukehart, and SPC Leighton with SPC Lukehartplacing 2nd overall among eight Team Members competing in total. In regards to our pre-deployment trainingour Soldiers completed an Homemade Explosives course and a 10 mile ruck march.For all of you that are active on Facebook, you can “like” 707th’s OD CO (EOD) page and keep track of whatthe Company is up to!
  6. 6. 707th OD CO (EOD) FRG Newsletter Service Not Glory 3rd PlatoonHello to all the family and friends of 3rd Platoon, 707th EOD Company Soldiers! As you know the comingweeks are going to be extremely busy in preparation for our upcoming deployment. This week we spentour days learning about all aspects of homemade explosives. Next week we will be traveling to YakimaTraining Center for a course on post blast analysis. After that we will be back here at JBLM learningabout electronics and EOD tactics. We know there have been some long days lately and there will be afew more in the future, but we really appreciate all of the support we receive from those of you at home.For all of you Facebookers out there, please “Like” our 707th Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) page.On there you will find quite a bit of information as well as MANY photos of your soldiers doing everythingfrom receiving awards to conducting morning physical training.Recently, one of our 3rd platoon Soldiers, SPC Johnson, and his wife Jennifer gave birth to a brand newbaby boy. Congratulations! 3rd Platoon personnel: 1LT Kyle SSG Taylor SSG Campau SSG Matthews SGT Kilen SPC Engert SPC Henry SPC Johnson SPC Krouse PFC Rieboldt CPT Todd A. Bryant 1SG Alexander Leon
  7. 7. 707th OD CO (EOD) FRG Newsletter Service Not Glory Hails and FarewellsAs with any Army company the 707th OD CO (EOD) has received a number of Soldiers in the past fewmonths and will be losing a number in the coming months. We would like to welcome all the new arrivalsas well give our best wishes to those who will be departing.Incoming Outgoing1LT Kimberly Janicek NAVSCOLEOD PVT Jerlian Raymond ETS1LT Matthew Kyle NAVSCOLEOD CPT Richard Chew MCC1LT James McClendon NAVSCOLEOD SFC Benjamin Sutton 756 EOD1LT James Rowlands NAVSCOLEODSFC Richard Culp NAVSCOLEOD InstructorSFC Chris Phillips NAVSCOLEOD InstructorSSG Travis Roop 787th OD CO (EOD)SGT Joshua Boland NAVSCOLEODSGT Richard Hoeltge NAVSCOLEODSGT Rafal Stachniuk NAVSCOLEODSGT Tyson Weaver NAVSCOLEODCPL Brandon Lacascio 110th CM BN (Tech Escort)SPC Sammy Caranto KoreaSPC Kenneth Hodge NAVSCOLEOD