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    The ocean The ocean Presentation Transcript

    • The Ocean: Life and Death Joshua Mendez, Melvin Sharma, and Zachary Wade Eastside College Preparatory School 6th grade Science 4/3/12
    • What does it look like?A large body of salty waterA major part of the hydrosphere71% of the Earth is salt water decomposerOver two million species of animals such asherbivores, omnivores, scavengers, decomposers,and carnivoresomnivore carnivore herbivore scavenger
    • Producers In the OceanProducers are organisms that can compose theirown food.Use photosynthesis create energyExamples are: Algae Phytoplankton
    • AlgaeA large group of non-flowering plantsContains chlorophyllLacks stems, roots, and leavesHas no vascular tissuesArent planted into the groundFound on trees and other plants in waterHas no vascular systemOne of the oldest plants in the world
    • PhytoplanktonMicroscopic plantsFloat around in waterSome are bacteria and most are single cell plantsContains chlorophyll and use photosynthesisLives for only a few days
    • Ocean ConsumersConsumers are organisms that contain energy byfeeding on other organisms.There are different types of consumers , Primaryand secondaryExamples are: Green Sea Turtles-PRIMARY and/orSECONDARY Manatees-PRIMARY and/or SECONDARY Great White Shark-SECONDARY and/orTHIRD Orca Whales-SECONDARY and/or THIRD Krill-PRIMARY
    • 1st ConsumersKrill is a shrimp-like planktonIt is a cannibal because it eats phytoplanktonIs a crustaceanKrill is a herbivoresA common known prayA primary consumer
    • 1st & 2nd ConsumersGreen Sea Turtles are salt water reptiles.They have a creamy white bellyThe algae they eat makes them look green colored.Eat sea grasses and algae.They are omnivores.
    • 1st & 2nd Consumers (cont.)Manatees are big aquatic gray mammals that arevery kind and gentle.They are herbivores.They have 4 nails and rounded tail flippersThey eat algae and sea grassThey adapt from freshwater to saltwater
    • 2nd & 3rd ConsumersOrca whales (killer whales) are tooth whales thatprefer to eat mammals instead of fish.Favorite foods are manatee, green sea turtles,seals, and walruses.They hunt in groupsThey are carnivoresScared of humans
    • Ocean DecomposersDecomposers are organisms that break down wasteand other dead organisms.If they’re weren’t any decomposers, the waterminerals and other raw material will run low in theecosystem.If these materials weren’t replaced, organisms willnot be able to grow.Some examples are: Brittle Stars Sea Slugs
    • Brittle Stars Brittle stars (serpent stars) are decomposersSpiny, hard-skin, long-armedLook hairy, but are pokyThey are invertebrate and as five snake-like armsHide under rocksMove by swaying their armsThey are also nocturnalIts amputated arms regenerate when cut offHave no brain or anusHave five teeth
    • Sea SlugsSea slugs have numbers of defense mechanisms.They have warning coloring bright coloredSnails with no shellHave tentacles that are sensitive to touch, smell,and tasteThey are called nudibranchesMany feathery extensions on many parts of theirbodyGrow up to be 60cm. from 0.4cm.They are both males and female
    • Food Chain #1 Orca Whales Sea Otters Sea Urchins Kelp Sun
    • Food chain # 2 Orca Whale Sea Otters Clams Algae Sun
    • Food Chain #3 Orca Whale Fish Diatom sun
    • Food Chain #4 Orca Whale Harbor Seal fish diatom sun
    • Food Chain #5 Orca Whale Sea Otter Sea Urchins algae sun
    • Food Web Orca Whale Sea Otter Harbor seal Sea lionSea Urchins Mussel Clams Fish Kelp Algae Diatoms Sun
    • Photography
    • Photography
    • All About Melvin SharmaMelvin was born on December 11, 2012.He is 12 years old.Goes to Eastside College Prep. In 6th gradeBorn in Redwood City in Kaiser Hospital.His hometown is in East Palo Alto.His family is from Fiji Islands.Loves school and learning.Loves Math and Science the most.
    • All About Joshua MendezI like to play soccerI was born on March 22, 2000I went to many schoolsI was born in Redwood City in Kaiser HospitalI attend 6th grade at Eastside College Prep.All my family is from GuatemalaI love to do Math and Social studies
    • All About Zachary Wade6th grader at Eastside College Prep.Hopes to graduate from Harvard Law SchoolWants to be a lawyer, sports superstar, or apaleontologist.Favorite quote is “Darkness cannot put outdarkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot putout hate, only love can do that” by Martin LutherKing.Favorite author of “My life My Life My LifeLove autobiographies