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Vous êtes spécialisé-e dans le global mobility management? Gagnez du temps dans la gestion de vos projets en utilisant les réseaux sociaux !

Prenez la route des réseaux sociaux !

Nous vous proposons un “roadbook” sous forme de livre blanc pour prendre la route des réseaux sociaux et avancer vers une réelle stratégie.

Un guide jalonné d’astuces, basé sur des exemples concrets et des statistiques récentes… Un outil facilement utilisable, clairement structuré et illustré !

Une solution “clé en main”, un premier pas vers du community management interne…

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RH, réseaux sociaux et expats

  1. 1. Social media & global mobility :essential tips to manage expats September 2012 A red hot chili paper by Tessy ROCOUR www.feel-content.com
  2. 2. What’s our white paper actually talking about ? HR relocation specialists, you can gain time on international projects by using social media in a smart simple way. Through several experiences, you’ll see What is social media ? how global mobility 1. Is it just Facebook ? Twitter ? LinkedIn ? Google+ ? 2. professionals and expats are already using social media. You’re going to shortly discover how micro- After analyzing these blogging, GPS-tracked interviews and and audiovisual confront them to 3. networks can also be statistics, we’ve useful in relocation extracted relevant management. methods and best practices for you !www.company.com
  3. 3. Why our social media roadbook is a must-have ?In the world of today, every company needs to beopen to international projects to develop itsactivity by exporting products and skills, recruitingtalents, creating new branches or simply exploringnew markets and get inspired.HR divisions must be at the edge of it ! If you’reinvolved in global mobility, don’t pass your way !Because it’s a path Our white paper will help youlined by tips,based on concrete examples understand how social mediaand fresh stats…www.company.com can boost your business.
  4. 4. HR, what’s the challenge ? What is “social media” ?It’s about meeting people, working, sharing,... and getting info ! SOCIALSocial media are online tools (websites) that allow you to contact MEDIApeople (family, friends, coworkers,... strangers), share content anddiscuss about it.Everyone knows Facebook but it’s not the only one and it’s not justa personal data playground ! Most popular networks are differentall over the world and changing every day. THE CHALLENGE We’re going to give you some social media tips to improve your work ! Managing people is the most sensitive point in the everyday life of a company. You have to know them, to set the rules, to be clear, understanding,… You also carry the responsibility to treat each case with the same attention and be efficient. So, building fast, adaptable and steady www.company.com procedures is one of your most important tasks.
  5. 5. Enter the network…Being social is having a vision, thinking a strategy !• stop seeing it like a game• use the most relevant media in each occasion• share rich content• trust the word-of-mouth info• extend your network• get testimonials• grow your communitySocial media areas useful as a pen and As HR manager or HR officer,you’ll find outhow to capitalize on it ! keep in mind social media www.company.com are tools, not toys !
  6. 6. Here’s (still) the most popular network. Surely, incoming expats Google+ have a Facebook account. If people don’t catch the utility of this social media yet, brands have ! If they want to keep it private, you can create a group including all Here, you can recommend and expats working in your company and share content from the web, followFacebook invite them to share just what they people and brands, group them in want. This group could become the circles, share these circles and good place to learn from each other discuss about business. You can and spread news, tips and info for follow famous brands and people the trailing spouse. to get inspired by some interesting visuals. LinkedIn Heres a professional network where HR and expats are really proactive. You cant miss it ! Dont hesitate to join groups about global mobility and discuss with your pairs. Your profile is filled with pro data and you need to know a new contact before being www.company.com connected, so, you can avoid a big part of useless info.
  7. 7. THE microbloggingFollow expat groups, HR news and other companies toget fresh info.If you prefer links to articles from blogs and websites,choose Twitter. If youre more visual, choose Tumblrand youll discover hundreds of pictures !Dont forget Be updated andto create lists andto use the # (hashtag) ! write short crushing messages, www.company.com enter the #world !
  8. 8. Twitter is the new black... Its easy to use, you can follow who you want and its quite addictive.Twitter This is the best place to get a quick answer from users to any question. « Hey @expats, #AirportTaxes in #Cairo #Egypt ? CC @HRcompany » With 140 characters including short links, abbreviations and weird symbols, you can spread specific info, catch scoops and keep watching... Tumblr There are tumblrs about so much themes, its like a jungle ! This is more a private compromise between photoblogging and microblogging but some companies have an account and blog « seriously ». The best thing to do first is to create a tumblr and share fun facts with your team (using well-picked hashtags). You can also follow some young bloggers tumblrs to keep updated on how generation Z communicates.www.company.com
  9. 9. Share informationFirst, using audiovisual social media is moreinteractive, more creative and sometimes moresuitable.You can adapt your communication to peoplewho dont speak your language, cant (whollyor partially) hear, talk or see because of ahandicap or aging.These rich media networksare also very intuitive and Everybody wants to gain time !mobile optimized. www.company.com Use audiovisual content.
  10. 10. Open A small picture is worth a thousand words... your Working mostly with women, maybe trailing spouses ? Pin eyes beautiful, inspiring and funny pictures ! Stats say Pinterest is the girliest network.Listen to learn Your corporate activity is about architecture, graphic arts,It’s all about ambiance. travels ? Take pics with your mobile and Instagram your company ! Adopt vintage and contextual filters, you’ll catchSpotify and Deezer can help the attention of your collaborators.you share cool playlists withexpats to help them Wanna share pictures and protect them ? Get pro on Flickr !understand the culture ofyour country.Soundcloud allows you to Video powerupload sounds like The most viral way to share info !conferences and otherprofessional audio data. You can use the network you want. The most important thing is to create a specific channel for your company and publish short videos (40 seconds for a teaser to 12 minutes max for a documentary). Professional videos will give credibility to your brand and fun videos should be use to www.company.com get in touch with the expat’s family.
  11. 11. Foursquare Be there or be square ! In global mobility management, this network should be the first to use. Create an account for your company and put every physical branch on the map to allow collaborators to check-in ! You can leave tips to reach the place, like and comment expats’ activity. Rewarding the mayor of your company or create special badges can be a funny way to boost your community !www.company.com
  12. 12. The user experience A focus group of 20 people responded to our survey in August 2012 : • 5 HR specialists • 3 expat network managers • 2 online expat support platform leaders • 10 expatsAll results were collectedvia social media Discover how people like you,in less than one week ! expats and other expertsDo you still doubt their usefulness ? www.company.com use social media !
  13. 13. Connected ? Do the group have a professional use No (2) of social media ? Yes (18) Of course ! Only one person said (s)he has no access to social media at work and one expat doesn’t see the utility of it. Wich social media do they use at work ? Tools for work LinkedIn and Facebook are still the winners ! We thought Yammer (social intranet) could be relevant but we choose not to talk about it after analyzingwww.company.com results.
  14. 14. Favorite one What do they do with it ? • 16 get professional info • 15 get / keep in touch with upcoming or former coworkers • 10 communicate in the name of the company • 10 are linked to relatives and friends • 8 relax • 7 discuss with other HR / expats • 5 work online on collaborative projects • 4 talk with other members of the companywww.company.com
  15. 15. Online tool of their dreams…• The ideal online tool ? A combination of all social media and online identity (Tara Agacayak, expat)• I’d like to read a blog about general HR practices, not just in one country but comparative articles. As an expat, the most difficult is to understand things so common for people in the new country they’re simply not expressed at all (Lilian White, expat)What about building Global mobility needs to begina big portal ? with simplicity andGreat challenge ! www.company.com be less specific !
  16. 16. • A global talent pool with all info necessary, split down by countries • A tool that allows you to keep track of your files (attaching email, sharing info documents, etc.) • Somewhere people can go to for information about everything they need to know when relocating around the globe • A network where pro and private data coexist but are clearly separeted • A website that lists all procedures to respect when arriving in Belgium • A forum / group for expats in the same neighbourghood to share tips • A search engine that browse websites to get info about events and activities aroundwww.company.com
  17. 17. General tips from users • Check confidentiality settings • Manage time spent on social media, don’t waste it • Keep in mind all is virtual and nothing is private on the web • Don’t say things you won’t say in real life, think before writing Complete articlesabout each social mediawill be spread year round www.company.com on our blog !
  18. 18. 5 best practices to get info 1. Watch on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, expats and experts are there 2. Talk more about collaborators than yourself, comment and like, help people,… 3. Let others share your own professional info easily 4. Learn to say thank you 5. Don’t forget other media Goodie !Colorful infographic !Download it for FREE www.company.com on our website !
  19. 19. 5 tips to get in touch 1. Ask for recommendations before contacting people 2. Stay professional, separate your private accounts 3. Be active in HR and expat groups 4. Share rich content about global mobility 5. Follow pages of companies like yours on LinkedIn Goodie !List of expat groups on LinkedIn ! www.company.com Find it for FREE on our website !
  20. 20. 5 strategies to build a community 1. Define the role of the mediator / facilitator 2. Interconnect your professional accounts and be mobile to stay present and gain time 3. Have a regular and targeted use, choose the right tools and build a media plan 4. Share info for your collaborators, not for you 5. Open and moderate discussions Goodie ! Media plan ! Like and share our www.company.comFacebook page to get it !
  21. 21. Tessy ROCOUR I Feel Content! ... and thats my brand new activity! At Feel Content agency, we help companies build creative communication strategies including social media, website content, mailing, etc. Travel is a passion, a mindset, a way of life for me! In the tradition of the traveler, after visiting more than 130 destinations and being a community worker/hospitality manager for 10 years, now I want to share my experience by helping expats and HR via social media!More social mediawww.feel-content.com www.company.com
  22. 22. Special thanks to • Stéphanie Sellier, expat network manager • Georges Bolle, expat network manager • Lilian White, expat • Tara Agacayak, expat • Carmen Millan Jimenez, expat … and all other people who responded to the survey and helped me build this guide !www.company.com