6WINDGate™ - Enabling NFV for Telco Architectures


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Learn more about 6WIND's open networking platform for NFVI and 6WIND's networking data plane technology foundation for high performance VNFs.

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6WINDGate™ - Enabling NFV for Telco Architectures

  1. 1. V1.2 | ©6WIND 2014. All rights reserved. All brand names, trademarks and copyright information cited in this presentation shall remain the property of its registered owners. SPEED MATTERS
  2. 2. V1.2 | 2©6WIND 2014  Enable open platform ecosystem to replace dedicated hardware with commodity servers and virtualization.  Close the performance gap for Service Providers to upgrade their network architecture. The Promise Of 6WIND Network Architecture Transformation Dedicated Hardware And Software Platform White Box Ecosystem Virtualization Rigid Platform Long Time To Market Open Platform Inexpensive Rapid Services Creation $$$ Expensive $
  3. 3. V1.2 | 3©6WIND 2014  Best in class packet processing technology thanks to 6WIND deep expertise in networking and more than 150 man years of development.  Since the first shipment of its 6WINDGate software in 2007, 6WIND has been selected and deployed by Blue Chip companies to unlock hidden infrastructure performance.  6WIND is an independent software vendor and 6WINDGate is the only heterogeneous networking stack to support major market- leading hardware platforms.  6WIND is privately held and headquartered in France, with offices in Asia and the US. 6WIND Facts
  4. 4. V1.2 | 4©6WIND 2014  Fastest performance on the market; in both physical and virtual environments  Transparent, no change necessary to OS, hypervisor and management  Available across all major platforms  Native support for all major network protocols 6WINDGate on Standard Platforms: Paradigm Shift In Packet Processing Software
  5. 5. V1.2 | 5©6WIND 2014 6WINDGate Removes Performance Bottlenecks Performance (MillionsOfPackets PerSecond) ... Fast Path Cores ... Increase OS stability by offloading resource intensive mundane tasks Standard Linux Becomes Unstable Performance benefits scale with the number of processing cores 1 2 3 8 9 10 ...
  6. 6. V1.2 | 6©6WIND 2014 Generic Hardware Platform Network Architecture Transformation Towards NFV Proprietary Hardware Platform Application Proprietary Hardware Platform Application Proprietary Hardware Platform Application Application Application Application Virtualization Generic Hardware Platforms Application Application Application
  7. 7. V1.2 | 7©6WIND 2014 VM Any OS VM Any OS VM Linux (Guest OS) Application Software Hypervisor 6WINDGate NFV Solution 6WINDGate networking data plane technology foundation to develop faster high performance Virtual Network Functions (VNFs). … Linux (Host OS) 1 6WINDGate open networking platform for NFV Infrastructure (NFVI) based on virtual switch acceleration. 2
  8. 8. V1.2 | 8©6WIND 2014  High performance switching aggregated bandwidth for VNFs without any modification in the virtual switch  Hardware independent VNF network attachments for seamless network hardware upgrades and VNF migration  Low-latency inter-VNF communications  Enhanced features beyond switching (L3 forwarding, virtual routing, firewall, IPsec and more) for extended chaining capabilities  Support for multi-vendor VNFs based on different OSs 1 - 6WIND’s Open Networking Platform For NFVI
  9. 9. V1.2 | 9©6WIND 2014 Virtual Network Function Virtual Network Function Virtual Network Function Virtual Switch-Based NFVI Lowest Latency and Flexible Chaining PCI Express Local NIC External Switch Physical Switching Limitations • Hardware dependent switching (SR-IOV, RDMA, NIC embedded switching) • Throughput is limited by PCI Express (50 Gbps) and faces PCI Express and DMA additional latencies • Available PCI slots limit the number of chained VNFs • At 30 Gbps a single VNF is supported per node! Virtual Switching With 6WINDGate • Hardware independent virtual switching (NIC driver) • Aggregate 500 Gbps bandwidth with low latency • No external limit to number of chained VNFs 50 Gbps 500 Gbps 6WINDGate Accelerated OVS
  10. 10. V1.2 | 10©6WIND 2014 6WINDGate Extensions to Virtualization NICs DPDK (Intel and multi-vendor NIC drivers) Host Driver OVS Acceleration Additional Features (L3 Routing, Firewall, NAT…) Virtual Switch Fast vNIC PMD Virtio PMD Fast vNIC Linux Virtio Virtio Fast vNIC Virtual Appliance (DPDK- based) Virtual Appliance (Linux- based) Virtual Appliance (Other OSs) Drivers for Virtual Appliance • Fast vNIC drivers for high performance communications • Standard drivers for existing VAs • Extensible for all OSs Accelerated Virtual Switch • DPDK with multi-vendor NIC support • OVS acceleration • Extended network services • Host driver for high performance communications
  11. 11. V1.2 | 11©6WIND 2014 10 x 40 Gbps Full Duplex Traffic Virtual Switch Acceleration Accelerated Open vSwitch Open vSwitch Traffic Generator  No modification is required to OVS, OS, Hypervisor, Management  L2 switching capability on 10 cores using 40G Ethernet  52 Mpps with 64 byte packets  195 Gbps with 1280 byte packets OpenFlow Controller
  12. 12. V1.2 | 12©6WIND 2014  High performance Layer 2 – 4 packet processing software for generic servers providing over 10x network performance vs. standard software architecture  Extends DPDK with support for multi-vendor NICs and crypto acceleration  Transparently accelerates Linux and virtualized networks  No impact on management  Applications: vRouter, vBRAS, vEPC, vCPE, vIPsec Gateways… 2 - 6WIND’s Networking Data Plane Technology Foundation for High Performance VNFs
  13. 13. V1.2 | 13©6WIND 2014  Fast path-based data plane solution leveraging DPDK and extensions (multi-vendor 10G and 40G NICs, smart NICs, and more)  Comprehensive hardware cryptographic acceleration (Cave/Coleto Creek, Cavium NITROX and more)  High performance and scalable IPv4 and IPv6 forwarding supporting over 10 Mpps per core and including virtual routing support  High capacity firewall and NAT  Wide tunneling support: GTP, PPP, L2TP, GRE, MPLS, VXLAN…  Accelerated IPsec stack supporting over 190 Gbps on a server  Accelerated TCP/UDP stack supporting millions of concurrent sessions on a server High Performance Data Plane on Intel Platforms
  14. 14. V1.2 | 14©6WIND 2014 VNF Example Using 6WINDGate: vBRAS vBRAS powered by • Intel Sandy Bridge Dual Socket 8 Cores Per Socket 2.7 GHz, 64 GB RAM • 4 Virtual Machines, each running on 3 physical cores • PTA Mode (PPPoE ↔ IP) RHEL/RHEV Traffic Generator PPPoE: 256,000 tunnels 800 tunnel operations per second Throughput: 70 Gbps Traffic Generator
  15. 15. V1.2 | 15©6WIND 2014 Virtual Switch Acceleration + Virtual Router Appliance Traffic Generator Fast Path Fast vNIC PMD 6WINDGate DPDK OVS Acceleration Open vSwitch Hypervisor Fast Path Virtual Machine OpenFlow Controller Fast vNIC PMD 6WINDGate DPDK IPv4/IPv6 Forwarding
  16. 16. V1.2 | 16©6WIND 2014