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Canadian public-relations-society-june 21-2011
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Canadian public-relations-society-june 21-2011


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Chris Breikss, President of 6S Marketing, presented to the Canadian Public Relations Society on June 21st on social media, mobile and how to use these mediums for your business.

Chris Breikss, President of 6S Marketing, presented to the Canadian Public Relations Society on June 21st on social media, mobile and how to use these mediums for your business.

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  • Near field communicationMicrosoft has joined Apple and Google on the list of OS providers rumored to be taking steps toward enabling mobile payments. Apple hired an NFC expert in August, while leaked patents suggest that the iPhone 5 may support NFC. Google, which released the first NFC-enabled Android phone in December, has reportedly teamed up with Mastercard and Citigroup to create a contactless mobile payment system for Android phones.Nokia announced last year that all of its new smartphones would be equipped with support for NFC, starting in 2011.
  • RFID will hook into point of sale with products shipping in Q3 of this yearRFID tags will communicate with an electronic reader that will detect every item in the cart and ring each up almost instantlyThe reader will be connected to a large network that will send information on your products to the retailer and product manufacturers. Your bank will then be notified and the amount of the bill will be deducted from your account.Outside the realm of retail merchandise, RFID tags are tracking vehicles, airline passengers, Alzheimer's patients and pets
  • The art of the check-in s a social media branding tool
  • Control InformationHave administrative access to the information being providedMarket ResearchSee who’s checking in at your and others’ locations and what they’re sayingInteractionAn easier way to interact both on and offline
  • When potential customers search Maps, they’ll find your business – address, hours of operation, and directionsAdd photos, videos, descriptions and promotions
  • Yelp is the largest social network connecting people specifically around locations. Although the site’s major focus is user reviews, some of the “elite” members have developed a strong following of fans, and conversations are encouraged.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Social Media, Mobile and Your Business
      Chris Breikss
      6S Marketing
    • 2. About Me
      President, 6S Marketing
      Founded 6S in 2000
      Expert in SEO, SEM, and Social Media
      Speaks at, sponsors, and attends industry events across North America
    • 3. Our Team
      6S Marketing
      Skilled, dedicated and industry-savvy team of 30 employees
      Project managers have 4 to 10+ years SEM experience
      Worked with 500+ clients
      BC’s Top Ten company to work for in 2010 (BC Business Magazine)
    • 4.
    • 5.
    • 6.
    • 7. Chris Breikss, President | IIMA Spring Fusion | May 6, 2011
    • 8.
      @jacklayton @pmharper
    • 9.
    • 10. Listen to What People Are Saying About: You Your BrandYour CompanyYour Clients
    • 11.
    • 12.
      • Canadian Company (Fredericton, New Brunswick)
      • 13. Costs $500-$1500 per month
      • 14. Listening tool
      • 15. Measures sentiment
      • 16. Records history
      • 17. Creates reports
      • 18. Was just purchased for $300+ million
    • 19.
    • 20.
    • 21.
    • 22.
    • 23.
    • 24. “It’s not just jobs. It’s also clients and services.”
      - Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn founder
    • 25.
    • 26.
    • 27.
    • 28.
    • 29.
    • 30.
    • 31.
    • 32. Mobile Marketing
    • 33. We are on the cusp of a mobile revolution in Canada for the 4th year running
    • 34. Do you sleep next to your phone?
      Each of your customers has a cell phone on them 90% of the time.
      If you forget your phone when you go out, you will go home and get it.
    • 35. Your phone is no longer just a phone
      It is your alarm clock, daytimer, email, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, camera, video camera, search engine…
      Next: it will be your wallet
    • 36. NFC Mobile Payments
      NFC technology will likely enter the mainstream in three years
      Small-value payments can be made by swiping an NFC-enabled handset over a contactless reader, without having to enter a PIN
      Being tested in the UK, while Japan has had the technology for years
      Source: Juniper Research
    • 37. RFID and Point of Sale
      UPC bar codes being replaced by RFID tags that talk to a networked system to track every product you put in your shopping cart.
      Imagine going to the grocery store, filling up your cart and walking right out the door. No lines, no waiting.
    • 38. Is your website mobile optimized?
    • 39. Implications
      Source: Google and Ipsos OTX
    • 40. Mobile sites apps
    • 41. What do you need?
      Native downloadable apps?
      Great mobile sites and content using HTML 5?
      WordPress theme?
    • 42. MobileAdvertising
      “If you only have so many bullets in your gun...”
      Ad dollars go where the eyeballs are, and eyeballs are on mobile
      82% of smartphone users notice mobile ads
      Source: Google and Ipsos OTX
    • 43.
    • 44. FacebookMobile
      There are more than 200 million active users accessing Facebook through mobile devices
      People who use Facebook on mobile devices are 2X as active on Facebook than non-mobile users
      Source: Facebook
    • 45. FacebookPlaces
      With tons of data, Facebook is well positioned to make location based services useful to business
      Best practice is to combine local, social, photo and mobile
    • 46. FacebookPlaces
      The review/peer conversations that will take place about your business after check in will be what matters the most
    • 47. Why do wecheck in?
      To share experiences
      To connect with and find friends
      To get deals
    • 48. Why do wecheck in?
      ‘Checking in’ or ‘liking’ a brand involves interacting with the brand in some way
      It defines who you are – personal cachet
    • 49.
    • 50. Google Places for Business
      Millions of people search Google Maps every day
      A simple and easy way to maintain an online presence
    • 51.
    • 52. Location-basedApplications
      There are 20,000 location-based applications in existence either with location as their core feature or with location weaved in.
      Source: San Francisco Chronicle
    • 53. Contact