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Diamante Poem
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Diamante Poem



Here is my presentation. Enjoy :)

Here is my presentation. Enjoy :)



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Diamante Poem Diamante Poem Presentation Transcript

  • Diamante Poems
  • Diamante Poems By: Kristy
  • Diamante Poems By: KristyPo e ms
  • ContentStructureLinesExamplesMy poemsOther diamante poems by other people
  • StructureThere are 7 linesCan rhymeMay look like a diamondNeeds adjectives, nouns and words that end with ‘ingComma after each word (except first and last)
  • LinesLine 1: A subject or noun (one word)Line 2: Two adjectives (describing line 1)Line 3: Three words that end with ‘ing (describing line 1)Line 4: Four nouns (first two - related to line 1, last two related to line 7)Line 5: Three words that end with ‘ing (describing line 7)Line 6: Two adjectives (describing line 7)Line 7: A noun for the subject (one word)
  • Examples Pencil ny, in Sh arp,Sk ng, erasing, ri Pupp answe k, plastic Cute y, riting, lead, in g LickiW , Wood smudging, le, leakin Playf ng, chew , soft, ul, cu D , rawing le, comforta b Eatin ddly, ing, poun Durab Pen g, lov growing, cing, ing, f c Soft- eyed, ollow anine, frien ing Vacation Dog dly, Happy, fun Sleeping, dancing, traveling, Liberty, car, beach, night Exciting, interesting, moving Unhappy, boring Work
  • My Poems is, lar, or u B sc ng, , ki ul u , wor yf ll, m ying , pla Ta la g, p grow jo ing gging gin un, og , f g, , Winter J ht ng, lo spo vin rty Damp ai Skating, r, cold, B rig yi rt, ty sledding Pl a ho ris Wind, icSwimmi e, beach, park, , skiing, S K ng, surfi ng Bright, h , jogging, ot, Summer
  • Other diamante poems by other people Tim C larke: l, Ba sketbal g, Fu n, Tirin scoring, sh ooting, rass, Ru nning, e, court, g l , Ba ll, peop ping, jogging Kicki ng, stop citing, G ood, Ex Soccer
  • Thanks For WatchingAND LISTENING