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Impromptu speeches talk[1]
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Impromptu speeches talk[1]



Published in Technology , Education
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  • So what do you do for an introduction?
  • Zahra’s speech - intro – missing her friendHarmony Day conclusion – still missing her friend but has new friends from different countries.
  • Did you know a Big Mac has 25 grams of fat and to be healthy you should only eat 16g per meal?Do you think families should eat at Mc Donalds?Purpose -Cool to be different’ – argue a point of view.‘Who are the refugees’ – increasing our understanding and empathy towards refugees.
  • Questions – What choices did you make today? Do you find it hard to make choices?Story – choice - what I was going to have for breakfast. (Conclusion –make choices – food, job – you are responsible for your choices)
  • Did you know your principal did not have a computer in his/her classroom when he went to school?Past – big, Present – whiteboards, What could computers be i like in the futureConclusion – express message, or point of view


  • 1. Some Points You are not allowed to sing, dance, use props or pretend to be someone else. Only use hand gestures that you normally use when speaking. For Impromtu Speeches – 5 mins to prepare/ 2min speech Teach students to use palm cards straight away. First thing – Number palm cards. Eg 1-7 Write in point form. Use visual cues eg•Avoid saying ‘Good Morning Chairperson, My nameis ____________ and today I am going to talkabout____________-.
  • 2.  A Story about Your Subject. On 1st June 2010 I looked at my 5B class and guess what I saw? I saw Afghani, Chinese and Sri Lankan boys building a volcano. Another group of girls from different countries helping each other with maths games and teaching each other new strategies. I am so glad that my school A.N.P.S is a multicultural school which means people from different countries and religions attend the same school.
  • 3.  Conclusion On 1st June 2010 I looked at my multicultural school where people don’t tease each other because of their skin colour or the clothes they wear. I hope on 1st June 2030 I will look at a world where there is no racism and people care for each other. I learnt to respect other cultures and religions and not judge people because of the colour of their skin because I went to a multicultural school.
  • 4. Questions A question or a few questions to be answered in the middle of the speech. Topic – Education is the answerHow can we make the world a more peaceful place?How can you suceed in things you want to do and achieve your dreams?How much does success depend on education?Try to avoid – What does education mean to you? asthe only question.
  • 5. A Statistic ‘There are 35 different nationalities at ANPS. Fifty years ago there were only 4. In 2010 ANPS is a multicultural school’•Keep the introduction short.•The introduction should include some of thewording of the topic.•Should establish the subject and purpose of thespeech. HOW DO ORGANISE SUBJECT MATTER??
  • 6. Topic - Choices How will you introduce this topic? Story, ? •SELF - choices you make eg clothes you buy •FAMILY - •SCHOOL – using STAND, responsible for own choices, the principal •COMMUNITY •WORLD – election - great to include current events •ALSO KNOWN AS THE SCG METHOD – Self, Community, Globe
  • 7. Positive / Negative Strategy Good about making choices – get the food you like. Bad about making choices – sometimes it is hard to make choices, people may not like the choice you makeeg current events – going to war. In your conclusion you may present your point of view.Stress – You don’t use all the methods for a speech.•You choose the best strategy for that topic•In your speech –it is not a shopping list. Past, Present and Future StrategyEg Computers
  • 8. What Strategy will you use? Positive/Negative, Past, present, future or Self, school, Community, World Strategy and sometimes you just have to talk about the topic1. Homework2. Transport3. Leaders4. Being Part of a Team5. Zoos6. Friends7. The Best Things in Life
  • 9. For a Prepared Speech You may use the above strategies to help you. Usually – Main idea 1 – examples Main idea 2 – examples Main idea 3 – examples Remember -3-6 speeches without a microphone. When you have finished your speech – walk back to your seat so people know you are finished. NOW IT IS YOUR TURN! ONLY JOKING – groups