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We are passionate in delivering world-class web solutions that builds your brand, business and customer relationship.

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Blaze dream corporate-profile

  1. 1. BlazeDream Corporate Profile
  2. 2. BlazeDream, a global IT solutionscompany with over 13+ yearsexperience supported by 90+employees, has been empoweringits clientele with path breakingaesthetic web solutions.We provide full-cycle services in the areas ofsoftware development, web-based enterprisesolutions, web application and portaldevelopmentCombining our solid business domainexperience, technical expertise, profoundknowledge of latest industry trends andquality-driven delivery model, we deliversolutions that go beyond meeting customerexpectations. 2
  3. 3. Overview// Who We Are? // What We Do? BlazeDream is an established web development BlazeDream delivers comprehensive web services company delivering web development services ranging from custom website design to of any complexity to clients worldwide. Being in development of complex Internet systems. Clear IT business for over 13+ years now BlazeDream understanding of clients’ business requirements has a strong team of 90+ skilled experienced IT combined with our domain expertise and experts. technological astuteness, helps us provide dependable solutions. Our domain expertise and technological ability pan a very broad spectrum. Some of our We deliver high quality, cost-effective results business verticals include educational giving you competitive advantage and institutes, logistics services, human resources, productivity. marketing services and manufacturing sector.// Our Strengths // Our Business Philosophy One-stop Internet Solutions Vendor We at BlazeDream work in partnership with our Thorough understanding of business and clients to create solutions that build tangible long technology term value for brands, business and culture for Dedicated, competent and technologically them. We deliver solutions that go beyond enriched team meeting customer expectations helping them succeed in a constantly changing and challenging Commitment to quality biz world. Our fundamental company values stem from understanding that our success is tied with success of our clients. Our key business principles are: Understand Clients Needs Partner with Clients Earn Clients Trust and Confidence 3
  4. 4. ? Why BlazeDream? Consistent performance and sustained growth is proof enough of our capabilities// Deep understanding of // Commitment to quality business principles Our development methodology takes quality checks completely into its folds. We consciously invest time Our cumulative knowledge of business and and efforts to deliver solutions that are have been technology helps us arrive at practical (yet aesthetic) thoroughly vetted for quality parameters. solutions that are business result oriented. We balance delivery schedules, costs of We have the know-how to develop solutions like development and quality without compromising on building-blocks that can be seamlessly integrated to any of them. expand to meet your growing needs.// Technological strengths // Perfection in design principles Our technological expertise spans breadth and Our commitment to deliver quality solutions that depth. Capitalizing on our design strengths, we surpasses customer expectation, begins early in the develop solutions that are not just robust, secure project life cycle i.e in the design phase. Our and functionally correct; they come with the added scientific approaches to design coupled with close advantage of aesthetic and user-friendly interfaces. user interactions and walk-thru, eliminate design glitches which could prove very expensive, if Our repertoire includes customized solutions, discovered later. customizations of third party and open source software and migrations. This coupled with practical and intuitive inputs, we include attributes to enhance user-experiences, easy maintainability and scalability, at this early stage itself. Indeed, small acorns grow into great oaks! 4
  5. 5. MethodologyDriven by Agile methodology BlazeDreamadapts and fine-tunes its processes todeliver best results.We have been consistently delivering The main foundations of our methodology are:quality primarily due to the strengthswe derive from the robust methodologyfollowed across the organization.Deriving experiences from the Strong Thorough Project Requirementsnumerous projects across verticals and Management Analysistechnologies, we have arrived at bestpractices.The openness in our working Constant Refinedenvironment encourages our teams to Quality Developmentshare knowledge and experiences. Monitoring Process 5
  6. 6. BlazeDream delivers intuitive web solutionsCapabilities loaded with features that surpass customer expectations. Our strengths come from thorough understanding of technology, perfection in design principles and ability to understand customer needs. So, our solutions deliver results and are innovative to cover future needs.Technologies// Microsoft .NET // PHP // Ajax BlazeDream has been using the BlazeDream technical team has BlazeDream harnesses the power Microsoft .NET Framework from accumulated experience and in AJAX related technologies to its first release in 2004 to deliver understanding to work PHP with create applications that are robust and scalable web, relational databases like MySQL characterized by modularity, enterprise and desktop on different platforms. LAMP ease-of-maintenance and applications. BlazeDream Our (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) seamless integration of new skills include ASP.NET, Windows platform is an effective functionality. AJAX combined with Forms, .NET Remoting/Web alternative to commercial DOM(Document Object Mode) Services, ADO.NET. Our services software for building and running renders request/response in a are available for customized dynamic and high performance non-interference mode. application development, web systems. We leverage the Capitalizing on this advantage, integration of web based time and cost saving advantages our solutions are assured of application with legacy systems of open source technologies to quality and optimal utilization of and mobile application deliver cost-effective information resources. development. enriched website/portals to full-blown scalable web solutions through engagement models most suited for your requirement.// Web 2.0 // Rich Internet // Html 5 With broad experience gained over 10+ years of our operations, Applications The technology has taken a remarkable leap through HTML5, BlazeDream is geared to help you Increased demand on enhanced which not only took web meet the requirements of the web-users experience together development to a higher degree new generation of the Web with interactive software but even gradually changed the delivering: development evolved into face of the mobile market. appearance of Rich Internet BlazeDream has an impressive Next-generation Portals Applications (RIAs). RIAs, track record of creating Rich Internet Applications according to Adobe definition, are successful applications using Composite Applications applications that combine HTML5 technology. We create Software as a Service improved user interface and feature-rich HTML5 compatible Applications functionality of desktop software, apps for all the major mobile accessibility and low-cost platforms, with our expertise and Enterprise Mash-ups deployment of web-based experience in application applications and the best of development and HTML5 web interactive, multimedia development. Our teams of communication. Compared to professional developers give a standard HTML-based new vision of mobile-life for your applications, RIAs empower your website. We are indeed one of the business with solutions that are few HTML5 app developers in the more consistent, targeted, market with good experience and responsive and intelligent. Team expertise in the development BlazeDream offers solutions that process. give your users enhanced user-experiences thereby giving you an edge over your 6 competitors.
  7. 7. Solution Expertise Skill Sets Shopping Carts PROGRAMMING WEB & APPLICATION Product Catalogues LANGUAGE/TECHNOLOGIES SERVERS Customer Management Microsoft .NET Tomcat Order Tracking (ASP.NET, C#, VB .NET) Microsoft IIS Credit Card Processing PHP Apache Tax / Shipping Calculations AJAX MS Exchange Server Membership Management JavaScript Cloud, Web & File Management (Docs and Media Files) Application Servers VBScript Restricted Access Areas Ruby on Rails Electronic Newsletters C/C++ DATABASES Mailing Systems Integrated Search ColdFusion/Perl MSSQL Message Boards and Forums Flash (Actionscript) MySQL Online Chats COM/DCOM Oracle Blogs CSS PostgreSQL Polls and Surveys SOAP MS Access Ratings and Reviews SSL Event Calendars MAPI, TAPI, SAPI OPERATING SYSTEMS Back-end Administration Panels HTML/DHTML, XHTML Windows 9x/2000/CE/ Advertisement and Banner Management XML/XSLT ME/NT/XP Visitor Tracking and Website Statistics VML Linux Feedback Forms OLE, ActiveX FreeBSD RSS Feeds TCP/IP, HTTP/FTP, Web Content Management SMTP, POP3, IMAP Ubundu Business Intelligence Objective C iOS iPad, Android Tablet Presentations Cocoa Touch Android Core Location Map Services Java Windows Mobile Mobile Websites Shopping API Integration OPEN SOURCE SOCIAL APP FRAMEWORKS INTEGRATION Joomla Facebook Drupal Twitter Wordpress YouTube MOBILE SDK/ FRAMEWORKS iOS SDK Android SDK MonoTouch PhoneGap 7
  8. 8. Domain Expertise Through years of experience BlazeDream has built a solid knowledge base in various business domains: Business Process Automation Mobile Content, Application & Document & Presentation Media Solution Management DOMAIN B2B/B2C Communities & Web Portals Networks// Business Process // Content, Document & // Communities & // B2B/B2C // Mobile Application & Automation Media Management Networks Web Portals Presentation Solutions Customer Web Content Online Payment and Billing Book Publishing Relationship Management Communities Systems Management Business & Corporate Enterprise Blogs, Wikis and eMarketplaces and Workflow Information Internet Forums Auctions Social Management Systems Matchmaking HR and Productivity Enterprise Document portals Recruitment Portals 3rd Party Resource Planning Management Messaging and Real Estate Portals API Integration Sales Force Corporate Intranets Mailing Systems eShops, Product Web Services Automation and Extranets Catalogs Data Repositories Audio/Video Streaming Video on demand (VOD) 8
  9. 9. ServicesBlazeDream offers versatile solutions Our technology and business savvy team design solutionscustom-built to suit your needs and fortified to that meet your business objectives and enrich yourmeet the ever-changing business environment. customer experiences. We help you focus on your core business objectives by supporting your route to success. Translate St ision Operation rategy i red V Sha egy al Te n am to ea t pir of Stra s Ins s l Team tro h rm Hig iat on s rfo lop ing Init & C ive P e e ve age D Man T i ve ad ranf tiat ng e Ini lanni Le ers orma Chang rce P hip tion Deve al & Resou lopment// Advanced Web // Business Application // Business Enterprise Development Development Solution Application Development Content and Document Retail Merchandise and (Web Based) Management Assortment Planning Portal Development Secure Intranets/ Extranets Data Warehouse E-Commerce Development Customer Relationship Management Web Design & Development Management Product Management Web-Based Database Business Process Vendor Management Programming Management Production Management Open Source Customization Supply Chain Management Desktop Application to Web (SCM) Application// Independent QA // Maintenance and // Graphic Design/ & Testing Support Multimedia Functional and Regression On-going Support (bug fixing, Brand/ Corporate Identity Testing problems analysis and Flash Presentation GUI and Usability Testing resolution, on-call support) Flash Elements Accessibility Testing Adaptive Enhancements E-Cards Design Compatibility Testing (modifications to support Newsletter Designs Performance Testing business or technical Installation/Configuration requirements changes) Testing Perfective Upgrades (new // Mobile Application System/Integration Testing functionality/features) Development Security Testing Technical Improvement Book publishing Internationalization/Localization (optimization restructuring/ API Integration Testing rewriting) Presentation solutions User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Business apps Core Animation applications Custom app developments 9
  10. 10. Quality ManagementBlazeDream has always taken an uncompromising position in respect toquality. BlazeDream’s Quality Management System (QMS) is a complex setof engineering and managerial activities that ensures the delivery of highquality software through the entire workflow. The experiences from theproject are ploughed back to refine the process. Continuous improvementshelp us meet milestones with no compromise on quality.BlazeDream QMS Tasks and Objectives Elaboration and implementation of procedures and regulations for software development process based on the industry best practices and standards Product life-cycle monitoring to ensure compliance with established processes and guidelines Product quality verification and validation to ensure its correspondence with the client needs and expectations Establishment of an effective collaboration of all production participantsIndependent QA DepartmentBlazeDream’s QA department is an independent structural subdivision. TheQA team consists of skilled QA engineers and experienced testers dedicatedto a project or assigned based on requirement. The allocation of QAengineers depends on the project size and complexity. Being an independentbody, they are free from pressures from the development team.Key Processes Full-cycle QA Testing Document and Code Reviews Defect Tracking Configuration Management Process Monitoring Risk ManagementQA process includes different types of test to ensureincreased QA depth Functional and Regression Testing GUI and Usability Testing Accessibility Testing Compatibility Testing Performance Testing Installation/Configuration Testing System/Integration Testing Security Testing Internationalization/Localization Testing User Acceptance Testing (UAT)As we put our customer satisfaction first, we always strive for betterresults constantly improving our QA methods and procedures. 10
  11. 11. Outsourcing Dedicated TeamIt is a challenge to keep track of BlazeDream offers you an option to invest in IT without the overheads ofemerging technology and deploy it office-space, hardware or software. Dedicated offshore development modeleffectively to fuel your growth. is an engagement model that lets you chose our financial outlay andOutsourcing helps you manage this time-lines. This model offers you a tea of efficient developers andchallenge. BlazeDream is an ideal infrastructure (that you chose) who are dedicated to your project for a timepartner who can help you meet this span decided by you. This is a very secure, scalable and flexible option.ever-growing challenge of integratingtechnology with your business needs. The facilities offered include:BlazeDream offers a full range of Option to start with one dedicated expertsoftware outsourcing services from Possibility for pre-screening each DDC team memberend-to-end development of newsoftware and web solutions to Vast pool of IT resources with diverse skillsre-engineering and enhancement of Complete control over the team structure (involvement / replacement/legacy applications, application withdrawal)integration and on-going maintenance Team working time adjustment for your time zoneand support. Our vast pool of seasoned Rapid team scaling / involvement of specific subject matter experts onprofessionals with diverse skills is an ad hoc basisavailable to clients on a dedicated or Ready to use IT infrastructureas-needed scheme. BlazeDream putsspecial emphasis on training and Adoption of your process and methodologies upon requirementskeeping the team updated with the Transparent process and comprehensive reportinglatest technologies, industry standards Complete control over your projects flow (requirements/ schedules/and the best software development deliverables/ priorities)practices. Established intellectual property protection procedures and mechanismsKey Benefits of Outsourcing toBlazeDream are: Engagement Models Access to Expertise BlazeDream offers different pricing models to meet global clients’ diverse needs. High-Skilled Team Fixed Time / Fixed Price Flexibility and Scalability Time & Material Confidentially and Intellectual Property Protection Milestone Billing Cost Savings Dedicated Development Team Seamless Communication We also understand that customers are increasingly demanding the flexibility Location Advantage – we can customize a model to address your specific needs. 11
  12. 12. BlazeDream Technologies (P) Ltd Prince Towers, 9th Floor, 52 & 53, College Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai, Tamilnadu - 600006, INDIA Phone : +91-44-42047468 / 43508118Email : | Web: 24 x 7 Helpline +91 98401 90624, +91 90030 42323 12