Yachting newsletter summer 2011


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We are
delighted to announce that we will be
w o r k i n g a l o n g s i d e
Y a c h t G o u r m e t C r o a t i a
(www.yachtgourmetcroatia.com) this
season to ensure that you get the best
advice, service and, most importantly,
WINE & Provisions when you leave
the French Riviera and head off to the
beautiful Dalmatian coast.

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Yachting newsletter summer 2011

  1. 1. Volume 2, Issue 1 FWW—Wine Supply to Summer 2011 Yachts SUMMER 2011 You may already have been aware that Fine Wine Works has been offer- ing WSET® Wine & Spirit Training courses to Yacht Crew for the last 2 ½ years. This has spontaneously led to a number of our Graduates ask- ing if we could assist with their on-board wine requirements and so we launched our Winefinder concept at the end of 2009. Due to exceptional demand this has now evolved into a FULL Wine & Spirit supply business here on the Riviera for the Mediterranean season. FWW can offer a bespoke recommendation, quote & sourcing service based on Charter Guest Preferences for wines and without “forcing” you to take what we have in stock, we can give an unrivalled selection of the best from the World of Wine. We are now in full operational mode but we realised that as this has crept into being, without a big bang, that perhaps some of our potential cus- tomers & clients are not even aware that we are able to do this! What we don’t do is Provisioning, Soft Drinks and Beers – we are specialists in our field of Wine. So if it’s a Wine related FineWineWorks NEWS query—ask the experts!! Helen & Nigel BrothertonWWW.FINEWINEWORKS.COM Yacht Wine Suppliers on the Riviera www.finewineworks.com Food & Wine Matching—does it make a difference? An area in which our clients seem to really appreciate the FWW “little bit extra” is in our Food and Wine Matching recommendations. Where guests and charterers have selected food preferences or indeed actual event menus, we have tailor made the wine proposals to fit perfectly. Sometimes offering the quirky and unusual alongside the more traditional fare, we always try to stay well within the client’s budget and with Helen’s background in both cheffing and restaurant ownership, we can offer a tangi- ble and exciting in depth understanding of flavours whilst unravelling some of the mysteries of “food & wine matching” After sourcing just the right wines to match the menus at a Monaco Grand Prix event we received the following feedback comment from a Chief Stew “Your expertise has made my life so much easier! THANK YOU!” Inside this issue: Special points of interest: NEW— Croatia for 2011 2 • Yacht Gourmet Croatia: Winesave “serve and preserve” 2 a new alliance! WSET® Global Statistics 2 • Winesave - for keeping opened wine...perfectly! Winefinder 3 • Vilmart champagne—the on board FWW Treasure Trove 3 “house champagne” with a difference PYA Initiative & WSET ® 3 • 100% pass rate for WSET® Advanced Vilmart champagne on board 4 course!
  2. 2. Yacht Gourmet Croatia—a new alliance!Your Wine Supply & Provisioning ther to meet your needs on a very per-needs in Croatia solved!!! We are sonal level and who can offer a realdelighted to announce that we will be and refreshing alternative to the otherw o r k i n g a l o n g s i d e “big fish” suppliers here in the Medi-Yacht Gourmet Croatia terranean.(www.yachtgourmetcroatia.com) thisseason to ensure that you get the best We do not take a “slice” of their busi-advice, service and, most importantly, ness, but we share knowledge, con-WINE & Provisions when you leave tacts and goals. Knowingthe French Riviera and head off to the The dynamic duo of Alessia & Marin should be your first call for provisions and that we probably have morebeautiful Dalmatian coast. wines anywhere along the Croatian coast mutual and crossover yachting customers thanAs a small (but perfectly formed!) even we realise, here is an wine requirement. So, having knownenterprise and business in an indus- opportunity to make sure that at least how Alessia & Marin of have beentry that demands such high levels of some of your charter destinations this building a loyal and resolute cus-excellence, we here at FWW have Summer will be serviced and looked tomer basis for a long time in Croatia,recognised that where we can’t quite after smoothly and efficiently. If you we recognise ourselves in them. Westretch geographically in terms of are planning to visit Croatia with can see that, like us, they are a deter-service, a similar sized & focussed owners or charterers this season, just mined young and independent busi-company elsewhere in the Med could let us know: we will then alert Alessia ness, whose staff will go so much fur-take over to meet your every need & & Marin to your imminent arrival!FWW have been selected as Distributors in tics of colour and taste. broadens the opportunity to taste many dif-France for this new, revolutionary and in- ferent wines matched perfectly with different For the wine drinker, this means you cannovative “must have” product. winesave® dishes. winesave will ensure that every enjoy the luxury of wines by the glass atkeeps opened wine at its peak for weeks after glass is as pristine as the home. It also means that youit has first been opened. Oxidation and the first even if the bottle has will never again waste anyresulting spoilage of opened wine is now a been opened for days or wine because of oxidation, Legendary winemaker Philippething of the past. winesave protects opened even weeks. nor ever feel compelled towine by laying a pure, inert and odourless Guigal says “winesave actually finish a bottle just because it winesave® works just asgas called argon (which is heavier than air) has been opened. works perfectly…” well with Champagnes andacross the wines surface in the bottle, even has a use in the galleythereby protecting its complex characteris- For guests and owners thisWSET® Wine Courses and Training—the global picture:For the number crunchers amongst their paces since Sept with • We have a 95% Pass rateus—FWW the FACTS: over 88% of those directly for Level 2 Intermediate involved in the Yachting (against Global average 90%)For the Academic Year 2010 /11 and Wine related indus-(since Sep 2010) FWW have held 19 • We have a 100% Pass rate triesWSET® accredited Wine Courses (at for Level 3 Advancedall levels) Global comparisons: ALL at either Merit or Distinction (against Global average 80%)3 of these courses were on board • We have a 100% Passyachts rate with Level 1 Founda- FWW is a WSET ® FWW are there for Wine Training when and where theyFWW have put 83 students through tion (against Global average Certified Educator and Ap- 92%) proved Programme Provider are needed.Page 2 F I NE W I NE W O R K S N E W S
  3. 3. Winefinder and the “Treasure Trove”Our Winefinder service procures drink” wines (particularly Bor- to supply some top wines towines absolutely to order from deaux and Italian) at truly com- drink this Summer at truly un-the best sources in terms of petitive and exciting prices. paralleled prices!Price and Provenance. This supports our pioneering This is not a permanentIf you can, ideally, give us a few Winefinder ethic with an ability catalogue: it will change regu-days to search, we can typi- larly as parcels are acquired andcally save you 20% on your sold. Typically we would expectpurchases with no hidden to have a stock of 50 or morecharges. This of course, for different wines, which fit ourfine wines, can mean hun- particular brief of being bothdreds or thousands of euros. ready to drink and enjoy imme- diately AND at prices which rep-However, what we have also resent a shrewd investmentdecided to do is to pick up should you wish to hang on tosmall parcels of more mature them a little longer!Fine Wines around Europe sothat we can offer “ready to “...a thoroughly outstanding wine” Just ask Helen for details! Wine Spectator 92 PointsHow some of our little TT gems fare competitively!Here is just a snippet of some of the • Ch Palmer 2000 • Ch Pontet CanetTreasure Trove of Ready to Drink 3ème Cru Classé Margaux, Bordeaux One of the sexiest wines for drinking now 1996wines we now have available (in their FWW @ 377€ and over the next 10-15 years is undoubtedly 5 ème Cru Classé Pauillac, Bordeaux (nearest competitor @own air-conditioned storage facility) 420€) the 2000 Palmer. FWW @ 103€and where they compare price-wise 95 points (nearest competitor @ 116€)with some of the Major Suppliers here • Ch Lynch Bages Robert Parkeron the Riviera! 1999 • Sassicaia 2000 5 ème Cru Classé Pauillac, Bordeaux Tuscany, Italy• Ch Ducru Beaucaillou 1996 FWW @ 139€ (nearest competitor FWW @ 265€ 2 ème Cru Classé St Julien, Bordeaux @ 170€) (nearest competitor @ FWW @ 218€ 285€) (nearest competitor @ 262€)Wine Courses & Tastings planned for CroatiaFWW are now in their third year as an every crew migrates back to the Medi-Approved Programme Provider for the terranean after the summer season and We are delighted too, that the PYAWSET® and although there is the usual that many of the new marinas and ship- (Professional Yachtsman’s Associa-lull in the course calendar for the Sum- yards in Croatia are offering a strong tion) has instigated an initiative tomer season, we do still offer courses on alternative to the usual post season develop an industry standard of traininga bespoke basis to yacht crew stuck in berths. and certification for interior yacht crewthe yard, on a new-build project or which encompasses Levels 1 to 3 of theeven just with a gap between charters! So with this in mind we are planning a Wine & Spirit Education Trusts Quali- series of WSET and other training fication courses. We look forward to courses and tutored tastings of local this progressing!As part of collaboration with Yacht Croatian wines for a week in mid-Gourmet Croatia we are aware that not October.V O L U M E 2, I S S U E 1 Page 3
  4. 4. FINEWINEWORKS WWW.FINEWINEWORKS.COM NHB Riviera SARL 5, Allée des Pins 2618, route de Grasse 06140 Vence Phone: +33 (0)6 42 15 51 21 General E-mail: info@finewineworks.com Food and Wine- A winning Combination Check out Helen’s BLOGS on the websiteMake Vilmart champagne your “on board” ChampagneOver the last 18 months we have champagne, one which the Wine simple way of carrying through themade impressive headway with our Advocate refers to as incredibly refined and stylishelite artisan Champagne house, “breathtaking”. branding message that is aVilmart & Cie. Now listed by recurring theme of many Super- The next stage was to offer a por-several major Superyachts as their yachts. tion of the tiny quantity available as“on board house champagne”, this truly personal- Striking gifts for owners to bestowsmall grower champagne is ized with dis- on their guests on board and an im-“just different”. creet, elegant pressive opportunity to extol theUnlike most Champagne elipse shaped elite and unique experience that ishouses, Laurent Champs, labels showing yacht chartering where not only doowner of the family run house, the yacht’s you want to be “just different”...youhas 11 hectares of 1er Cru vine- logo on the want it to be “just perfect” as well.yards around Rilly La Mon- neck of the For more details on how to havetagne, south of Reims and bottle above your personalized on board cham-along with rigorous selection of the main label pagne from Vilmart contact:fruit and extended ageing peri- itself. This is info@finewineworks.comods, chooses to traditionally not a tackyferment the base wines in oak “Sunday sup- We tried the Vilmart last nightrather than stainless steel. plement” type and it was fantastic!! Thank you of self glorifi- for the heads up on that one ISo along with a select few, like think it will be the house cham- cation, but aBollinger & Krug, you get to pagne this year for sure!! pure andexperience an altogether richerand more complex style of Vilmart “Coeur de Cuvée” - acclaimed by critics as a “mini Krug” Head Chef MY Maraya