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Employee Engagement
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Employee Engagement

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for further information, please contact joanna eliopoulos, communications specialist, pr@5thbusiness.com

for further information, please contact joanna eliopoulos, communications specialist, pr@5thbusiness.com

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  • 1. energizing powerfulperformersthrough persuasive brandcommunications
  • 2. whats ahead?• employer branding: what is it?• show me the money• what’s the story morning glory?• mission possible• it’s a two-way dialogue• case study: Kuehne+Nagel• it starts with 5• questions?
  • 3. employer branding: what is it?• attracting and engaging employees around a brand promise that resonates, motivates and maximizes their performance to build trust with your customers and each other• people don’t think of a brand as a series of departments, they think of a brand as a whole entity• employees must feel comfortable being part of the brand, identify with it and live it
  • 4. show me the moneycompanies are investing in business-to-employee (B2E) brandingfor the same reasons they invest in business-to-consumer (B2C)or business-to-business (B2B) branding• helping employees consistently deliver a brand promise and value to customers strengthens the brand, impacts customer experience, and improves the bottom line• happy, satisfied customers become brand advocates
  • 5. increased growth and profitability• organizations with higher-than-average levels of employee engagement realized 27% higher profits, 50% higher sales, and 38% above-average productivity Gallup 2010• 88% of engaged employees believe they can positively impact the quality of their organizations products/services Towers Watson Study• disengaged workers cost the economy $300+ per year Gallup 2010
  • 6. customer retention• organizations with higher-than-average levels of employee engagement realized 50% higher customer loyalty levels Gallup 2010• 41% of customers are loyal because of good employee attitude MCA Brand Ambassador• 68% of customers leave because of poor employee attitude Parkington and Buston Study• 70% of customers’ brand perception is determined by experience with people Ken Irons, Market Leader
  • 7. employee attraction and retention• HR execs feel their corporate brand is highly important in recruiting and retaining employees• 56% of HR managers are concerned top talent will leave as the economy improves CareerBuilder and USA Today’s Job Forecast• a 5% increase in employee retention can generate up to an 85% increase in profitability Harvard Business Review
  • 8. employee attraction and retention• easier to attract top performers – get people with the right skills in the right jobs to drive growth• easier to attract talent that fits culture• people want to work for companies with great reputations• 50% of employees indicated their companies brand played an important role in their decision to apply for a job Maritz Research
  • 9. employee attraction and retention• people turn to family, friends or colleagues for advice and approval when making a decision about which employers to consider• 61% found their most recent job via word-of-mouth Cassidy C. and Kreitner R., 2010
  • 10. employer brand truisms
  • 11. Title slide for whats the story morning glory
  • 12. here’s the story
  • 13. here’s the story• a strong employer brand connects an organization’s values, people strategy and HR policies• a successful brand is not just a catchy name or phrase, or a memorable logo, but a personality or character that exists within an organization, and outside, to differentiate what it stands for• it starts at the top
  • 14. 5 brand elements
  • 15. Title slide for mission possible
  • 16. results of an engaged workforce• happy, fully-engaged, energized, more productive, more satisfied workforce• employees know how to interact with both internal and external stakeholders• they believe in the brand, live the brand, sell the brand… become the brand• they become brand ambassadors/ champions/ advocates
  • 17. engaged workforces• Google• Southwest Airlines• Apple’s Genius Bar• 5th business
  • 18. communication guidelines• align with customer value proposition• an informed workforce is an engaged workforce• employees must know, understand and believe in the brand• it has to be a two-way street: give employees opportunities to ask questions, express ideas, and provide feedback• keep it top-of-mind: communicate regularly + frequently
  • 19. communication guidelines• leverage every opportunity to communicate the essence of the brand and re-affirm the message• use media that your audience consumes• be consistent• be creative• make it fun• have INTEGRITY
  • 20. communication elements• employee events • promotions• team meetings • contests• website • recognition & rewards program• eblasts • dimensionals• posters • engage employees to engage• social media other employees• brand the work environment
  • 21. Title slide for case study: K + N
  • 22. Kuehne+Nagel: case study• a multi-national logistics giant based in switzerland ($26B)• north american divisions wanted to differentiate from competitors• goal was to deliver a more customer-centric and relatable brand message, both internally and externally• needed to engage workforce of 6,000 to support doubling the business within 5 years, after significant layoffs• highly competitive and somewhat non-differentiated market category
  • 23. Kuehne+Nagel: case study• how can one simple word be the common link for thousands of customers and 6,000 employees alike?
  • 24. Kuehne+Nagel: case study• how can a pair of flip-flops give employees renewed confidence in their job security after a round of corporate layoffs?
  • 25. Kuehne+Nagel: case study• how can a few pieces of LEGO engage a national workforce around a common goal?
  • 26. it starts with 51. make sure your CEO is on board and ensure cross functional commitment2. use employee AND customer data to create program metrics3. fewer rules, more brand ownership4. market to employees like customers5. give your program time
  • 27. questions? stuart lewis president & CEO 905-275-2220 stuart.lewis@5thbusiness.com