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My family tree

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    1. 1. My FamilyBy Chantel White
    2. 2. Mom (Jacki White)• My mom is 34 years old, she’s about 5’7 and has brown hair and blue eyes.• She is probably one of my best friends, I know I can tell her anything and she always gives me advice about things, My friends also tell her everything.• She has technically has 5 kids, but 1 was a miscarriage and a lot of my friends call her mom.• My mom is a single mother and does very well with it!
    3. 3. Dad (Robert White)• My dad just turn 32 on October 8, he is about 6’1 and has short brown hair and brown eyes.• He is married to Stacia White, my step-mom.• I go to my dad’s every other weekend, even though it gets really boring there, I always look forward to visiting with my dad.
    4. 4. Step-mom (Stacia White)• My step-mom is 30, she’s about 5’4 and has shorter brown hair and greenish blue eyes.• She is like my real mom in way, I know I can talk to her about everything and we’re like kids when we’re together.• She loves to cook, and so do I so we always cook the food together.
    5. 5. Me (Chantel White)• I’m 15 years old, and about 5’2. I have naturally blonde hair, but I colored my hair dark and green eyes.• I absolutely LOVE Justin Bieber and I’d do just about anything to meet him.• I love to listen to music, when I have my headphones in, nobody should talk to me.• I always try to be there for everyone, no matter what. I’ve been told I give excellent advice and I’m usually the one my friends go to when they need help.
    6. 6. Sister (Jada White)• My sister is 11 years old, she’s about 5’4-5’5 and has brown hair and blue eyes.• My sister and I get along, usually. Some people think that we never argue, but we do and quite a bit at that.• Even though we do fight, we’re really close and I don’t know what I’d do without her.
    7. 7. Brother (Jacob White)• My brother is going to be 10 years old October 30th, he is about 4’5ish and has shorter dirty blonde hair and brown eyes.• I honestly, don’t even know how to describe him. He can be the sweetest boy in the entire world, but once you get on his bad side you’re there for the rest of the day.• Jacob and I aren’t that close at all actually, but if I didn’t have him in my life.. I don’t know how I would go on.
    8. 8. Step-Brother (Ethan Reekers) • My step-brother is 9 years old, he is about 4’3 and has brown hair and brown eyes. • He is like a real blood brother to me. We argue, but we’re always there for each other in the end.
    9. 9. Step-Sister (Alexis Reekers) • My step sister is 5 years old, she’s about 3’9ish and has brown hair and big brown eyes. • She loves to play with her dolls, read books, color, and of course watch movies. • I love to do things with her!
    10. 10. Brother (Blake Moore)• My brother is 3 years old, he has blonde hair and blue eyes.• Blake is actually my half-brother, but he is my real brother.• I can honestly say, without Blake, I don’t think I would be as happy as I am each day. He is not only my brother, he is one of my best friends. You’d actually think he was my kid as much as I talk about him and how many pictures I have of him.• He loves Mickey Mouse and Thomas the Train! We have to watch at least 3 Mickey’s a day for him to be happy!
    11. 11. Brother (Colton White)• Colton just turned one in September, he has brown hair and big blue eyes.• Colton is also one of my half brothers and lives with my dad and step-mom.• I love him with all my heart.